seriously squidgy

When I was a child I remember think of Soreen’s Malt Loaf as a very grown up food, only ever seeing adults eating it I automatically assumed that’s who it was meant for and a kid wouldn’t enjoy it.
That impression lasted up until I got my first taste aged 8 or 9…now I knew why the adults didn’t want to share…it was too good!
Since then I’ve been faithful to this squidgy snack and enjoyed watching the brand launch new products such as those you see above- Banana loaf, Cinnamon and Raisin loaf, on the go snack packs and the Toastie loaf to name but a few.
I was recently sent a box of my favourites and in the name of blogging I decided to experiment with various toppings to see what complemented the flavours best (as a lover of somewhat odd food combinations at times it seemed like a win-win situation)
Salted butter
Banana slices (with or without butter)
Butter and jam
Peanut butter
Cream Cheese
Warmed in the microwave and dipped in custard
With a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top.
Not so Good:
Nutella- normally I’m a fan but it only really worked on the banana loaf
Cheddar cheese (some people rave about this)
Golden syrup
That was about all I managed to try over the course of a few days before running out of inspiration.
Fellow Malt Loaf fans, how do you top yours?

13 comments for “seriously squidgy

  1. Anonymous

    I love malt loaf but every time i see one I think of a time in school when one of my friend had a piece in his lunch box. Rather than eat it, he rolled it up into a turd shape and left it on a desk. The teacher had an absolute fit when he found it as it looks very realistic, He was convinced someone had crapped on the desk on purpose!
    (sorry for lowering the tone of your post ! :0) )
    Fashmr Paul

  2. Anonymous

    Malt loaf is one of my favourites. I have many happy childhood memories of eating with a cup of tea.


    Reminds me of doing the Duke of Edinburgh award when I was younger, it always used to be part of my rations 😀

  4. Just with some good old butter! I love soreen

  5. LOVE LOVE LOVE malt loaf so much. Alternatively to you, it’s such a childhood thing for me, my mum used to put it in my lunch box when I was small. I like mine slightly warmed through under the grill with butter pooled on top- decadent but brilliant.

  6. hello,

    i love food ! Amira Basmati rice is a fragrant, fragile grain that needs to be handled with a gentle hand.

  7. I love malt loaf, but I don’t even bother topping mine. I just hold it by the wrapper and take massive bites out of it! Peanut butter on it sounds good though…peanut butter works on everything!

    Sarah x / A Tuesdays Child

  8. I’m not a fan, but my mum always used to eat malt loaf! She used to cover it thickly in butter 🙂 xxx

  9. I love malt loaf, it use to always be a Friday night supper treat going up, always, always with a tonne of butter!

  10. Ohh mannn I love the banana loaf – it’s like catnip for me. It’s also really good for after my roller derby training. Gimmie some! 😉

  11. I’ve never even heard of malt loaf, but you make it sound good!

  12. Banana slices together with peanut butter on the Soreen’s Malt Loaf and either cream cheese or custard with a touch of cherry or blueberry preserves would all be yummy.

  13. I don’t know if I’ve ever had maltloaf. That one with cinnamon sounds tasty though!