Shopping the Sales: Stanwells

Lazy Sunday’s just beg to be spent trawling the online sales, especially ones that I really, really can’t afford (er, hello late night Mulberry drooling)
Today’s target is Stanwells, a designer clothing boutique that I don’t think I have mentioned yet on the blog; although I have shared their little sister Stanwells Re-run before now.

 Here’s what caught my eye this fine day…the appearance of some sunshine may or may not have influenced my picks somewhat!

1. Doucia Strap Wedges by Robert Clergerie, £255.50 down from £365

2. Collette by Collette Dinnigan dancing birds skirt, £136.50 down from £195.00 (I want this SO bad!)
3. Carpreena broderie anglais dress by Diane Von Furstenburg, £237.50 down from £339.00
4. Hoss Intropia chiffon maxi dress, £162.40 down from £232.00
5. The much coveted by many Ash Bowie wedge trainers, £98 down from £140.00

Have you taken a look at Stanwells lately? Their sale range is HUGE and their entire site is full of covetable pieces.
What’s your favourite sale item? For me it has to be the dancing birds skirt.


21 comments for “Shopping the Sales: Stanwells

  1. That maxi dress is amazing, a little out of my price range!
    Check out my new updated blog! (If you wanna!)

  2. Love the colour of those shoes!

  3. The seagull skirt is so lovely, I just want to be by the seaside wearing it! Definitely too expensive for me though, even with the generous discount

  4. Oh my godness, I want that bird skirt in my life!


  5. Great Stuff ,love the Skirt!


  6. The first shoes are really pretty!

  7. great choices!
    i really like the shoes, both pairs.

  8. I’ve never even heard of them but the dancing bird skirt is lovely and I’m definitely craving those Ash trainers. Good find. X

  9. I’m smitten with the Colette Dinnigan birds skirt too. Still well out of my budget, waaaah!

    Penny Dreadful Vintage

  10. The skirt is amazing, I wish had enough spare pennies to purchase! Xx

  11. Ooooh, I love the skirt. Definitely more than I can pay for a skirt regardless how pretty though 🙁 Shame. xo

  12. I’m sooo in love with that DVF dress, damn my tiny shopping budget!

    Nat x

  13. Totally agree- that skirt is amazing! Out of my price range by far haha, but we can dream 🙂 xx

  14. I love the maxi and the skirt, both I want 🙂 x

  15. Gorgeous picks, you were the one who got me addicted to Stanwells rerun!

    Maria xxx

  16. That skirt is gorgeous! I want it!

    Samma x

  17. That skirt is gorgeous! I want it!

    Samma x

  18. That skirt is gorgeous! I want it!

    Samma x

  19. That skirt is gorgeous! I want it!

    Samma x

  20. I’m with you, that dancing bird skirt is pretty fine.

  21. That maxi dress surely caught my eye. I love it! If only I can afford it. It’s way too expensive for me to be spending my money on.