Sit Back, Relax

This is the last of my pre-op outfit posts so there may be a pause with those for a while; there’s not an awful lot of motivation to get dressed properly when stuck indoors but I think from next week I can venture further than the top of my road and should also be more comfortable to stand in front of a camera.
Anyway, this outfit is pretty typical of what I sling on after work, after a morning or day of being smart I love popping on something comfortable and perfect for slouching around in.
Dress: Monki at ASOS | Converse: c/o Sarenza
I wasn’t sure about this dress when I first got it. I’ve become a bit shy of tight fitting styles at the moment and I almost sent it back. After a couple of trial wears around the house I realised it wasn’t so bad and it’s something I’ll put on from time to time. My confidence has dipped lately, mostly due to being inactive. I can’t wait to build up a a bit of strength and fitness again!
Bonus shot of Mae just because she hasn’t appeared for a while. She’s a strange cat to say the least. One minute she’s crawling sideways trying to pounce on feet, the next she’s curled up sound asleep. Unlike Flash she is only affectionate when she wants to be and seems to go through phases of who’s in favour. Right now it’s me and Mae has spent a lot of time by my side. Give it a week and she’ll be clawing my feet or running away at the sight of me. She has a terrible habit of getting up on the table when we are eating too…(and is good at getting out of the room we’ve shut her in). You take your eye off your plate for a second and out comes the paw, scooping up what she can. Her favourite at the moment seems to be jacket potato.
Do any of your pets have quirky habits?
Oh, and Happy Valentines Day!


6 comments for “Sit Back, Relax

  1. Great outfit! This dress is really flattering on your figure and it’s a really versatile piece you could wear day or night. Love the pink converse! xxx

  2. I love the dress on you, but I know what you mean, I go through phases where I cant wear tight fitting stuff because my confidence is low – I feel like I have to suck in the whole time!
    Gems x
    Fashion, Well Done

  3. I know the feeling. My cat is only affectionate when she wants to be too. Cats are funny, aren’t they, but they know when you need a little TLC. Hope you’re feeling better šŸ™‚

  4. I think the dress looks gorgeous, I love anything stripy! Hope you’re feeling ok, I had spinal surgery a few years ago to correct scoliosis and I think it was the worst experience of my life haha so make sure you’re getting lots of rest and are being spoilt! Mae sounds like such a character šŸ™‚ xxx

  5. That horizontal striped knit Asos ‘Monki’ dress looks fabulous on you! I also like your poses (the second pose is my favourite) and the photo of Mae is adorable! I hope you heal up well and become pain-free soon.

  6. I love this outfit and I LOVE your new blog! Hope you’re doing alright after surgery.. xx