slower than a slow thing

I still don’t have my laptop but, and google reader still won’t load on this beast but with a little (lot) of patience I am able to update!
There is little else to do on a cold, rainy Tuesday afternoon.

First up is a couple of recent outfits.

The Cat print jumper dress was a present from my Grandparents and so baggy and comfortable that I want to live in it! It was £25 from New Look




(someone got jealous)

Next up is what I wore yesterday, I love these tights although they attracted a few sideways glances when I popped out.



And finally, when I have MY laptop back there are a couple of exciting posts to be done. Here’s a little sneak preview of what’ll be making an appearence!


(I’ll leave you guessing on that one!)


For now I highly suggest you follow Vero Moda on twitter and like them on facebook…there are fabulous times ahead.

And that’s that for now. I hope you are having a wonderful start to your week and are managing to stay warm and dry. Hopefully I’ll be back properly, soon.


70 comments for “slower than a slow thing

  1. Oooh the first sweater dress is tooooo cute, darling Laura!


  2. Do I spot different coloured hair in yesterday’s photo? It looks lovely!

    You look great in both outfits but the cat jumper is made of win. I want one.

  3. oohh i love that cat jumper!! and your floral tights are soo pretty sis!!

    xoxo Mode Junkie

  4. so sorry about your laptop!

    I love both outfits here, the cat sweater is amazing and that dress with the floral tights make me want to go dive into my own tights drawer right now

  5. Tights are fab with the boots, your hair is looking gorgeous!
    Kandi x

  6. Love love love the cat jumper, so cute x

  7. That cat dress is soo much nicer on than it looked on the website! And I love the bright tights with the muted outfit. Also loving the real-life cat apperances in your posts!

  8. Love both of the outfits…especially the second dress and the floral tights.

    I get taunted at work for wearing floral tights…but it’s all ok.

    The weather’s just horrid…am debating whether to venture out or not…and it won’t be on the bike!

    Have a good week and hope you get your laptop back soon.


  9. I say that jumper in New Look this week so cute, I love the grey dress though you look stunning in that second outfit xoxo

  10. Love the cat print sweater and hello new hair color!!


  11. your grandparents have good taste! or maybe they just know you really well, which is sweet : )

    lol i love how your cat got jealous of the cat on your dress…or just wanted to be the center of the camera’s attention?


  12. Loving your hair at the mo and check out your legs!! Wowser, you are looking fabulous. xxx

  13. dan

    Aww the cat jumper is so cute! x

  14. I totally love you in the cat look. Black and white with interesting details has always been my favorite slice of cake.

  15. Hey sweetie 🙂
    So glad to hear from you! Loving the sweater but in love with the dress outfit! The boots look amazing on both outfits ^^
    I’m very curious about this next post..hmmm***

  16. Jen

    I adore both these outfits! You look so cosy and snuggly – perfect for this cold weather we’ve been having.

    Excited to see what’s in that Vera Moda box too! 🙂 x

  17. I like your cat sweater it’s super cool, also I looked at your blog for a while, its cool how its eveolved from what your wearing, to reviews and things, like more representitive of your life.

  18. Love the cat dress. It looks so cute.

    And I’m really intrigued about your posts to come, especially the bluebeards revenge one.

  19. Love the cat jumper- quirky and cute, just like you and LOVE the new hair colour 😀 Gorgeous as always lovely

    Maria xxx

  20. Ooh vera moda box! Exciting!

  21. You have such a great knack for picking out the cutests sweaters! I can’t wait to see what is in the box

    Eternally yours,

  22. Love them both – especially the second dress – it fits you perfectly and you look amazing in it!

  23. I love your leggings- for a moment I thought your legs were tattooed…but you have great fashion..and ofcourse the kitty sweater is so cute…I love cats!

    anyways, I hope you can check out my blog ..mayb you will like it and want to follow it?..I like to take my chances.

  24. Cute dress and I love those boots (just bought a similar pair and am breaking them in – hopefully they’ll be quite comfy). xx

  25. cute outfits! love the cat print sweater!

  26. I love that cat jumper dress…I want I want xx

  27. I wish I could pull off the printed tights as well as you do!

  28. wow that cat jumper dress is soo cool! It’s so pretty and unique! And your cat is adorable!!

  29. That sweater is adorable!! Your kitty looks so sweet, aww I want a cat =(

  30. Yummy boots and gorgeous kitty! xoxo

  31. That cat sweater is adorable!! My favorite outfit is the second one. That dress is so pretty and those boots are FABULOUS! xo

    PS. I got your marmite in the mail today and it’s not bad!! I had a bit on toast with butter. You mentioned you enjoyed it other ways as well…

    PPS. You should get my package soon. I thought Rian took it to the post office but I found it in his car this morning. Silly boy. 😛

  32. Love the cat top so cute, I want one xxx

  33. The cat jumper is so cute!!And the knit-dress looks very cosy. Great looks. xxx

  34. Love that cat sweater!!

  35. <3 the boots. The cat jumper and real life cat are adorable too ;-)


  36. Oooh I want that cat jumper – so cute!!

  37. that cat jumper is so brilliant!!!

  38. i love long sweaters with dark tights! that’s got to be one of my most favorite comfy-outfits to wear. have a great week 🙂

  39. adore the kitty outfit.

  40. Thank you very much for your lovely comment! Amazing blog!

  41. loving those boots and the sweater from your grandma is so cute and the perfect lentgh.

    hope your week is going good. luckily the rain is letting up here and im getting good skies

    Vi from Cali

  42. Great blog, I like it so much, and this look has a great style!If you Are obsessed with glamour we could be followers each other, what do you think? tell me something!

  43. so impressive that you are blogging even without your regular computer! I really appreciate bloggers who are commited to their readers…even though its totally okay so fall off the band wagon sometimes, it these gestures like blogging even when computers crapped out, that makes me feel good to be following your blog!

    where did those tights come from? do you think they are still available?

  44. I love the first outfit!! How gorgeous is that and you look amazing! xo

  45. I love the top with the kitty. Way cute 🙂

  46. i love ur cat jumper dress ^^ and cute dress :3

  47. your cat is really cute (both sweater cat and breathing cat!) and those boots are incredible. What an amazing pair. Hope you are doing well with your lack of high speed technology.

  48. the jumper dress is divine…love it…
    and ur cat is so cute…wish I had one

  49. The tights would get looks – anything slightly different does. But I think you’ve styled them well and they look fab.

  50. Jumper is very cute….

  51. that cat print jumper is a-maz-ing!

  52. Love those tights!!! Who would give you sideway glances?? Love the kitty shot, so pretty. And men’s shaving cream, I’m intrigued…

  53. Your cat (and cat jumper) are so cute!

  54. Those boots are fab !

  55. Loving the grey dress sweetie. You’re looking amazing! Hugs, Xxxc

  56. I love your new hair and the boots are fab!

  57. I love the cat jumper dress- so cute and the last look with your gorgeous hair.


  58. I love the cat jumper dress- so cute and the last look with your gorgeous hair.


  59. The cat print jumper is looooooooooovely and you look great in it!

    I’m really looking forward for your next postings.

    Have a nice weekend.


  60. Love, love, LOVE that scooped neck dress, especially how you put your own personality on it with those floral tights. You’re looking amazing, lovely. 🙂

  61. LOVE those boots! You have such amazing tights too!

  62. You are rocking those boots!
    Really like that grey dress too.

    Hope you get your laptop soon!

  63. I love that cat sweater dress! You styled it perfectly!