Snacking Saturday; because I’m a child at heart

When I was a child, chocolate cereals were reserved for treats. Now I’m a grown up, I can eat them as often as I like…and trust me, that’s often! I have a bit of an obsession with sweet cereals; golden grahams, sugar puffs, cocoa pops, lucky charms if I can afford to pay the crazy import prices…

Browsing around online, as you do, I cam across Mornflake and their range of cereals; what really drew me in was their current competition to win a walk on part in Shrek the Musical (I do love that green Ogre) so I sent a quick e-mail to find out more and received a swift response asking me to pick a cereal to sample to review for Snacking Saturday!

I could have gone for something virtuous like oatbran, muesli or porridge (porridge being my staple breakfast) but as soon as I set eyes on the Chocolatey squares I knew they had to be mine.

(that’s only about half of what I put in my bowl!)

Despite being a cereal aimed at children, and being chocolate based, this wasn’t too sweet nor sickly. I’ve been working my way through a box as snacks, rather than breakfast and find it perfect for picking at when I’m at work or sitting at my desk.
You’ll find the cereal available in supermarkets (currently Morrisons and Sainsburys and fingers crossed for Asda and Tesco soon) if you want to try it for yourself (I recommend you do!) Next on my list is the Chocolatey Checkers and the Golden Syrup Oats. This sweet tooth is insatiable!

Have you tried this cereal?
Are you a fellow sugar fiend?
What, if anything would you like to see on Snacking Saturday in the future?

Stay tuned for a giveaway this weekend too!


15 comments for “Snacking Saturday; because I’m a child at heart

  1. I love chocolate cereal I bought some chocolate porridge the other day but got to admit it was yuck!
    I think I should have bought the more expensive one as it prob would have tasted better.

    At the mo I am eating Coco Pops love those things xx

  2. Looks delicious! I bought cereal like that in France only with caramel filling:)
    To be honest I haven’t eaten cereal for years except for the occasional muesli, but after this vacation I’ve been a bit hooked.
    Though I’m still looking for those cinnamon squares…

  3. My kids eat this a lot, its the only cereal my 10 year old likes and i have to agree that they are yummy xx

  4. These look very similar to Krave – I am addicted to Krave! You can buy two boxes of those for £4 in Iceland so I’m there quite often! x

  5. mmmm i love coco pops!

  6. Do you have try nutty cereals? Like the oats & more cereals or the clusters ( can’t remember the name) with almond clusters? Xxx

  7. Chocolate cereals are the best, my favourite is Nesquick!

  8. I love sweet cereals but tend to buy ones with raisins instead of chocolate. Sweet but healthy! I might have to check out the golden syrup oats though!

  9. These look amazing!


  10. I agree with ‘The Brunette’; I was super disappointed with chocolate porridge 🙁
    if i’m feeling the need for a chocolate porridge, I make normal porridge, then make some chocolate fudge icing, and bung that on top…. LUSHHHHHH

    But agree with you on the golden grahams… mmmmmmm

  11. Mmm I love sweet cereals… Currently been living off frosties! Yum! xx

  12. i LOVE this cereal – you can get it cheap in home bargains, if you have one of those near you. i buy it as a treat sometimes but only SOMETIMES because i find i eat it straight from the box..



  13. Give me chocolate mini weetabix any day ! Yummmmmmy !

  14. Anonymous

    I’ve found Mornflake Chocolatey Squares 500g for £1.79 in Morrison’s and Sainsburys whereas Krave was £2.59 for only 375g??!!

  15. Hi!

    I haven’t been in there for a while, but Lidl used to do the same type of cereal for a couple of quid, it was YUM! Like nutella filled little pockets of goodness!!!