Snacking Saturday; crunchy munchy!

Woo, it’s Saturday again, which means SNACKING SATURDAY of course. This week will be a two-part review, with the second to follow next Saturday due to my OCD about only having one box of a certain thing open at once (please tell me I’m not the only one!)

This weeks top snack came courtesy of Dorset Cereals who’s products I have been a long time fan of.
Needless to say when they contacted me asking if I’d like to sample their latest offering I jumped at the chance.

Good Honest Crunch is the name, with the motto “life’s too short for boring breakfasts”…something I embrace heartily!

“Our brand new Good Honest Crunch is for those who like to live a little. Delicious rolled oats with crisped rice, coconut, sugar and runny honey gently baked to make a gloriously light, clustery breakfast. It’s perfect for those mornings when you feel like doing things a bit differently.

After all, time is precious – so why spend it drinking vending machine coffee, watching tired old repeats or eating breakfasts that are anything but glorious?”

Hello generous!

Good Honest Crunch is available in two delicious sounding flavours- toffee/pecan crunch and strawberry/raspberry crunch.
Being the sweet tooth devil that I am, I decided to start off with toffee/pecan.

Firstly, top marks for the gorgeous packaging! Secondly you’ll notice that my serving doesn’t look much like breakfast! That’s because I couldn’t wait and had some as a snack the same afternoon.
In a way I’m glad, this granola is every bit as sweet as it’s name suggests. This is no bad thing but even with my sweet tooth, there is a limit to what I personally can handle first thing in the morning…but we’re all different and I can see this being utterly incredible with ice cold milk, or thick creamy yoghurt!

The taste. HEAVEN! This stuff is addictive, incredible. Fresh. Crunchy. Everything you could want in a granola, really.
For me it makes the perfect afternoon snack, especially when I am at work and want something to pick at whilst I’m slaving away.

The only downside to this product is the price. At almost Β£3 a box in the supermarkets where I’ve seen it so far, this isn’t an affordable everyday breakfast.
That isn’t going to stop me buying it though, I’ll either take advantage of special offers or just splurge as an every-so-often treat.

If you see this on offer or fancy a special breakfast, I really do urge you to buy this. It’s probably not the kind of thing you’d eat for breakfast every day anyway, so why not save it up and make Sunday mornings special?

For those like me, who think that life is indeed too short for boring breakfasts, pop along to this page and share what else life is too short for.

Have you tried this yet?
Are you tempted?
What is your staple breakfast/favourite cereal/favourite granola?

My review of strawberry/raspberry to come next week.

Enjoy your weekend and stay snack happy

15 comments for “Snacking Saturday; crunchy munchy!

  1. OOHHHH my gosh YUM.
    I do love a bit of Granola, and am definitely going shop-bought next time due to my flapjack fiasco. Can’t wait to hear about the raspberry flavour..that’d definitely be my pick!

    oh, and granola slave is my ultimate aim. Funny that it brings no results on though πŸ™

  2. Yum, they look and sound delicious!xx

  3. yuummmy, it looks delicious :):)

    btw, check

    leave a comment or like this video, thanks :):)

  4. Ive been given some of these cereals – but the muesli type =] Im not a huge fan of cereals, prefer yogurt/fruit in the mornings, but if I had to choice it would be something bran-related!


  5. This is like my perfect breakfast mmmm

  6. I have seen these, I quite like their mueslis as they have so much dried fruit and seeds in. I do like some granola but like you would more be a snack.

  7. Ohhh this sounds lovely, i’m always looking out for things to encourage me to actually eat breakfast! x

  8. Oh these look good! Sadly I don’t have your OCD, I always have about 5 different cereals open at once and they inevitably go soft πŸ™

  9. I love your Snacking Saturday reviews, they’re brilliant! I have to say my favourite breakfast cereal at the moment is Fruit and Nut which is incredibly boring, but I need to stay away from the Coco Pops haha! xxx

  10. Weather is truly amazing, and this was a perfect day for shopping but I spent it reading all day in the back garden. I’m glad you like the photos πŸ˜€ xxx

  11. Oh they are so good! xx

  12. mmmhmm those look so delicious and crunchy!

    Eternally yours,

  13. I lov Dorset cereals. It is probably best that it is quite expensive so that I don’t eat too much. I like it without milk

  14. Those look SO good! I wish I could find some here in the US… :/

    You lucky duck!


  15. I was tempted to buy these, but the price did put me off. Love porridge sachets, mmmmm.