Snacking Saturday; eat natural

I’ve already proclaimed my love of bars, so when Eat Natural sent over some samples of their new toasted muesli bars (and more!) I was ecstatic.


The new toasted muesli bars fall under the website “stuff for breakfast” category. Not one to break the rules, I dutifully tested these for that all important first meal of the day. Crumbled in to whole grain peach yoghurt, as you do.

Out of the two flavours; multiflakes and marmalade, the multiflakes was my favourite. But both were delicious and to be fair, I’m not really a marmalade kind of girl. These are brilliant for either a quick breakfast on the go, or as part of a more drawn out affair. The bars are 198 calories each, and contain lots of yummy dried fruit and nuts so really are a good start.

Of the other bars, well, I have several favourites! They are all so good and FRESH tasting (ya know how some bars can taste…stale?!) The dried fruit was sticky and sweet and the chunks of nut were huge and generous.
If I had to narrow it down, I’d put my top three as:

Almonds, Apricots and yoghurt coating. Three of my favourite things in one bar. WINNER.

Cranberries, Apricots and yoghurt coating. This is the only nut free bar at the moment, and it made the perfect afternoon pick me up, instead of the handfuls of chocolate fingers I have been eating. Even without the nuts, it was a fairly substantial bar.

Dark 70% Chocolate, Brazils and Apricots. Described as Tropical Heaven….it really is so.damn.good.

I’m now on the hunt for the newly launched little bars so I can mix and match my snacks. Decisions are not my strong point. This way I can eat three at once!

Who else is an eat natural fan?
What’s your favourite?


18 comments for “Snacking Saturday; eat natural

  1. I’ve been a eat natural fan for a long time now. Love them. Could live off of them.

  2. *an, even.

    Have a good day, Laura!

  3. I really like ‘bars’ but I dislike nuts. I might try the nut free one, not tried Eat Natural bars before.

  4. I never eat natural bars, very difficult to get them on my country πŸ™

  5. I do love the eat naturals. The started selling them at the pop up coffee shop near my department at uni recently, I now find it difficult to leave with just my coffee…

  6. i’m really bad – i don’t like things like this. BUT I always buy them, though, in attempt to be more healthy. I fail everytime πŸ™

  7. They stock these at the Students Union shop on campus and they really are yummy. Think my favourite one involves some kinds of pistachio! Didn’t know about the mini ones, will hunt them out xxx

  8. I am a huuuge fan of eat naturals stuff! nomnomnom x

  9. You eat so healthily. xx

  10. Those sound delicious! I wonder if i can get them here in the states?

  11. I love Eat Natural bars. I spent loads on them in Holland and Barrett today, then came home and did an iherb order.

    Totally jealous of your stash.


  12. They are SO addictive it’s unreal! I love them πŸ™‚

    Maria xxx

  13. They’re good for hitting that snacking spot!

  14. ooh i need to research more into this brand :3

  15. Yep, I am an eat natural fan- my fave is the same as yours. It’s strange because I don’t really like muesli style bars but I like these and the dark choc one!

  16. Love that Zara dress – looks amazing on you. Your hair is looking gorgeous in that pic. xx