Softly Softly

You know when you get one of those days that REALLY doesn’t go to plan? Yeah, that would be yesterday. I got home from work expecting to be able to chill out and unwind but ended up with some unexpected stresses that had to be dealt with and it really dragged me down.

Pfft. The trials of being a grown up, eh? By the evening, thanks largely to the wonders of twitter and my ever understanding parents things were on the up and this morning I was able to dust my hands of the biggest problem!

It did give me some insight though, on how stress makes me view myself. Instantly I had gained 20lbs and was worthless. Instead of the strong, capable (and not every expanding) girl I had seen earlier that day.
A learning curve, for sure…and the residual negativity this morning I am pushing to one side and carrying on as usual.

Which brings me to my outfit,
the second item from Pixie Knitwear which no one guessed correctly! Most people thought I’d gone for the maxi dress, and whilst I did toy with that idea, I wanted to break out of my comfort zone a bit and go for something girly and feminine (and pale…I don’t do pale, I drink too much black coffee and eat too much ketchup to do pale!)




And a close up of the tights, which were on super sale in Accessorize and I was forced in to buying by my shopping partner in crime (who knows who she is!)


I mentioned on twitter last night that I’m expanding my blogging horizons a bit and shall be venturing in to some food reviews soon. This is something I have wanted to do for a long time and I finally feel more comfortable in making it a regular thing. I hope you’ll enjoy them and share some foodie favourites with me, too.

But before all that, comes a giveaway….that goes up tomorrow, watch this space!


P.S. Charli has featured me on her blog Feminine Bravery

56 comments for “Softly Softly

  1. That dress is GORGEOUS! The colour is beautiful and really suits you!

  2. That dress looks AMAZING on you…especially coupled with the tights πŸ™‚ Everyone has ups and downs, it doesn’t mean that you are an attention seeker at all. SO excited for a pixie delivery soon πŸ™‚ xxx

  3. Love this dress with the tights, looks great on you!
    I know all about crappy days – definitely having one today, le sigh
    Beth @ Baking and Brogues

  4. those tights are so sweet !

  5. Love the sleeves on that dress – hope you’re feeling more confident today after having dealt with your difficulties successfully last night. Look forward to the food reviews, nom!

  6. lovely dress, and tights!
    i look forward to the food reviews πŸ™‚

  7. i like that dress!! xx

  8. Angela

    Love that dress, it looks fantastic on you. Also love the tights! How cute are the flowers πŸ™‚

  9. Such a pretty dress and that colour looks amazing on you.

  10. Love this outfit, is there anything you cant pull off? Looking amazing! Especially love the tights!
    Looking forward to the food reviews!

  11. Becca

    As if I could ever force you into buying tights πŸ˜‰ Oh and I LOVE that dress!!!!

  12. The dress looks sweet – nice ruffles. Good luck not spilling anything down it… x

  13. Lovely dress, I love the ruffle detailing! Looking forward to the giveaway πŸ™‚

  14. That dress is so pretty Laura! Love the shoulder detailing!

  15. That outfit really suits you!

  16. LOVE the dress, I like pale, but always manage to spill something on it, making me curse and swear violently.

    Hate when things just seem to go constantly wrong, having a couple of days of that myself and it affects me in a big way. Onwards though, right?!

    Looking forward to food reviews, this sounds good!

  17. Anonymous

    You look awesome, Laura !!

    Caithlin & Eva

  18. The dress looks lovely! Stepping out of a comfort zone can be so rewarding πŸ™‚ Looking forward to your food reviews (and recipes as well I hope!) xx

  19. Lovely lovely outfit, the colours look fab together!

  20. Ooh I did wonder about that dress when I was looking at the site yesterday! Excellent choice – it’s so pretty on you.

    It’s crappy that you’re having stressy times to deal with, but on the bright side, at least you’ve realised the triggers and what it does to you and nipped it in the bud early.

    ps – a big yes to the food reviews!

  21. Ohhh Laura this outfit is just gorgeous on you. You look beautiful.
    I hope all the stresses have gone now xxx

  22. Ohhh and yes to food reviews, i love food πŸ™‚

  23. love the details of the dress and the stockings πŸ˜€ looking forward to your food review as well.
    im holding my first giveaway as well hope u come and check it out ?

  24. I think you made a great decision! I really thought you went for the maxi dress πŸ˜€
    But that pale tone is perfect on you, really!

  25. The pastel shade suits you perfectly! I have very few items in this color, but I’m wanting to get more.

  26. Anonymous

    Gorgeous girl!

  27. i really like this dress. when i saw it i thought it was different from what you usually wear but i like it on you

    sorry to hear about your bad day. glad you turned things around

    Vi from Cali

  28. That’s dress is too cute! I love the ruffle sleeves. Those tights are so fabulous, I can see why you couldn’t resist. I’m such a sucker for cute tights myself. You can never have too many!

  29. Isn’t it so sad how we can beat ourselves up so quickly? I hope things get better. I can’t wait for the food reviews!

  30. Thanks for sharing your story.
    You are amazing and beautiful.

  31. those tights are ammmazzing!
    looking forward to the food!

  32. Gorgeous choice, so pretty on you.
    You’re totally allowed to have a wobble, you have done absolutely brilliantly and every time I visit your blog you look more beautiful and positively radiant.
    Keep up the good work, you are such an inspiration. xxx

  33. that dress is fabulous! The pale colour looks great on you.glad to hear you managed to cope well with your stress, it’s horrible isn’t it! We all cope differentky with it but your spot on, those pesky gremlins come out and play havoc with our confidence.

    X x

  34. days that don’t go as planned are never any fun πŸ™ I am glad you got things worked out!


  35. I love this piece, such a perfect choice xx

  36. As I said earlier YOU ARE AMAZING! You look absolutely gorgeous in that dress and I cannot wait to hear your food reviews πŸ˜€

    Maria xxx

  37. you look great! the dress and leggings really flatter you πŸ™‚

  38. Such a great dress with those lovely shoulder ruffles! You look great πŸ™‚
    food reviews sounds good!

  39. That dress is GORGEOUS on you.


  40. I absolutely know what you mean about stress and its effects on your body image! Its nice to know its not just me. Love your blog and looking forward to your food reviews. Now a follower:)

  41. Hee hee, a self-confessed tights-oholic being ‘forced’ to buy tights!!! A likely story!
    Pretty pixie outfit! Before I even scrolled to the tights picture, I was like, “What’s that pinky pattern at the bottom of hte tights?” Sorry to hear about the bad day, but well done on your pragmatic and strong response to it! Oh and amazing interview on Feminine Bravery! You are fab!

  42. Bex

    Laura, that dress looks fabulous on you!
    I had a bad day too, think there was a general bad day feeling going around!”

  43. It is a good thing she made you buy those tights! I seriously am in love.
    But I also really like the dress. Pale works for you and that dress is so romantic and flirty, and you look so pretty!

    i cant wait for you to do food reviews ! πŸ™‚

  44. that dress really sweet and gorgeous, love it!!and your tights with the detail of flowers, really awesome!!i’m following you :):)

  45. Super cute dress, love the ruffle detailing πŸ˜‰


  46. I adore this soft lovely dress and pink and gray are perfect color combination.


  47. Loving this outfit- those tights are super cute! I think your friend was a good influence in helping you buy them haha.

  48. I really like the soft colours in this outfit

  49. Anonymous

    I think many of us feel this way sometimes, but good job pushing that negativity away.

    Can’t wait for the food reviews!

  50. so adorable! love the soft colours.. they work really well!

  51. Very cool floral detail on the tights. Very Girly, you look fab!


  52. Those tights are absolutely beautiful! I am in love! The one bad thing about summer coming i less tights, though you wouldn’t know it right now with the cold!

  53. i love your tights!

  54. Fabulous outfit, I love the tights especially xx
    Kittenish Behaviour Blog