Something Sweet

Way back before Christmas I had a package arrive from Pidy, a manufacturer of ready to fill pastry cases and veggie cups. I had the best of intentions to get a post up before the festive season ended but with one thing and another I failed.
Still, this didn’t work out so badly as one afternoon, craving something sweet yet light I pulled out the box of pastry spoonettes and got to work.
With January being the month of resolve I decided I wanted to make something on the lighter side. In the end I cooked up a punnet of fresh apricots in the microwave (using this recipe as a base) and let them cool. Once cool I placed a teaspoon of fruit in each case for a sweet but not naughty little snack plate. Of course if you wanted to make these more virtuous you could use a natural sweetener in place of sugar but I personally prefer the taste of the sugar. You could also add some greek or plain yoghurt to these for more texture and taste but I think they work perfectly as they are. I’ll be making these again, perhaps next time with plums or berries…or a selection of whatever is in the fruitbowl. Cooked fruits are a family favourite and although soft fruits work best, apple and pear are great as well as many of the dried fruits available (try prunes, I promise they’re good!)
Each pastry case contains only 16 calories so each spoon probably comes to less than 50 depending on what else you add. The contrast of the crispy pastry and the soft, sweet fruit works perfectly…a bit of a deconstructed jam tart perhaps? You can also warm the cases through in the oven but I decided to skip that step.
I am yet to come up with fillings for the rest of the range I was sent, which included a pack of Beetroot Veggie cups for which I am thinking houmus or something similar. At the moment the cases are available to order from Amazon but I expect it won’t be long before they roll out elsewhere.
What would you have filled them with? And what suggestions do you have for the Beetroot Cups?
Thanks to food PR agency CLIP Creative and PR for the samples

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  1. Anonymous

    Hi Laura, I usually enjoy reading your blogs and following your tweets but largely you have been really advertising and prompting companies. I understand you want free stuff (I mean who doesn’t) and as part of receiving it the conditions mean you need to advertise it but can you tone it down a bit as it’s getting annoying.

    • Anonymous

      Lately not largely!

    • Hi Anonymous, thanks for your comment, it’s something I have been aware of and had concerns over the frequency, it’s just the way it rolls sometimes. I would like to just mention that a lot of recent posts and the large majority of tweets aren’t in receipt of payment and free products, they are just because I like a brand or product and I haven’t had as much time to do outfit posts or be my usual self on twitter. Point noted though, and appreciated.

    • Anonymous

      Hi Laura. Thanks for replying. It’s just I generally come on her to read about you, your life and see your outfits but it just feels like I’m constantly having advertising thrown in my face atm. (I’m one of those who fast forward the adverts on TV)!

    • No worries, I understand. I’m going to make a bit more effort the second I have a chance!

  2. What a fun idea, love the plate too

  3. Liz

    They look really cute, they’d be such a great idea for parties.

    Liz xx

    Distract Me Now Please

  4. Those look fab! Though I’d probably blow the low-cal bit by eating the whole box!