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Right back as far as I can remember my family, and therefore myself have been big supporters of The British Legion’s Poppy Appeal. I can’t remember a year where I haven’t purchased a Poppy so when long time jewellery favourite got in touch to tell me about them teaming up with The British Legion I was only too happy to feature them here.
They’ve created this gorgeous and more than a little bit bling Poppy ring to help The British Legion boost their donations from the traditional paper Poppy. The ring costs £12 of which £3.60 will go to the charity. The Royal British Legion is the UK’s leading charity that supports serving and ex-service personnel in the British Armed Forces. They also provide care and support for the partners and families of those who serve. I think we all know of someone who’s life has been affected by the Armed Forces- be it 100 years ago or just a few days ago and this is a charity I will always have a special place in my heart for.
You can buy your ring online here and do your bit for charity whilst keeping stylish.
I’ll be sporting this ring alongside my paper Poppy this year and for infinite years to come. 

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  1. I adore this. My friend had a brooch and necklace from them last year and I am determined to get something this year. X

  2. You’ll know this is a cause close to my heart. We’re on major remembrance duty this year as T is part of the honour guard for the PM.

  3. dan

    Great post, this is a lovely way to support The British Legion xx

  4. That’s gorgeous and such a new fun way to raise money for them!

  5. I always buy a poppy and wear it religiously until 11/11. I may have to invest in this ring this year, especially since being in France I don’t know where I can buy a regular poppy!
    Cute post!
    Keep in touch!
    Andrea xxx

  6. I saw these yesterday and love them, will definitely be ordering something to wear for our Remembrance Day parade.

  7. This is lovely! I bought a brooch a few years ago and wear it every year, I still chuck change into the collecting buckets but don’t take the paper poppy that I invariably end up losing within minutes!
    I think it’s nice to have something to wear each year.

  8. such a stylish way to support! xx

  9. What a lovely way to support an excellent cause!
    Slightly Skint Blog

  10. Great post and I love that ring. I always wear a poppy and thats such a novel unique ring x