Sugar Plum

Just incase any one had started thinking I’d gone off pastel shades during the entire, what…week? since I last mentioned them, this post is for you. I still can’t get enough of sugary sweet shades.

Jumper: New Look | Skirt: Matalan | Converse: Sarenza

I’d had a Matalan voucher lurking in my bag since before my back surgery, I suppose it was fate that by the time I was a position to head to a store and spend it this dream of a skirt was in stock. The second I saw it in an e-mail I was sent I knew it needed to be mine and I wasn’t disappointed when I tried it in real life. For £18 this is real quality and fits perfectly, the shape and shades are so on trend and I love the organza panel. Matalan have since bought it out in both plain pink and white and I’m trying to decide if I can justify getting those as well…well, you’d spend more than the £36 they’d cost on just one skirt from Topshop, right?
The jumper was an impulse purchase when I popped in to my local New Look to shelter from some rain whilst waiting for Ben one day. I was so close to returning it, but when I saw the colours of this outfit worn together I knew that just wasn’t going to happen.
The Converse were worn out of comfort rather than any sartorial decision as I wore this outfit a couple of weeks ago when I went along to the Bristol Blog Club and then further on in to town. It’s just as well really as I ended up walking for bloomin’ miles, and actually they do kind of work quite well. My legs look super tanned here but that’s down to tights rather than a date with a bottle, I can’t be doing with that and if I could find paler tights I would!
Have there been any pieces you’ve just had to own this season? So far this skirt has been the main one but with the highstreet (and virtual highstreet) popping out some real corkers I get the feeling it won’t stay that way.


7 comments for “Sugar Plum

  1. This skirt was one of mine, this season. I made a list in February of all of the clothes I wanted when they came out. Mostly Laura Ashley, Boden and Emily + Fin dresses – press day posts will be the death of me!

  2. Sian

    Hey Lovely that outfit looks amazing I love the skirt… should definitely get the other two colour ways 😉

  3. Saw this skirt in store the other day, it’s gorgeous!!! Love it

  4. This outfit is so stunning. I’m so in love with pastels all year round but especially in Spring. The skirt is particularly beaut! X

  5. Had to do a double take when I read your skirt was from Matalan, it looks designer-like! <3

    What a gorgeous piece for your S/S wardrobe, and I think you can justify the other colours too 😉

    Sophie| soinspo xo

  6. SJ

    That skirt is very pretty – the shape and sheer panel reminds me of a pale blue Topshop one I have – I always feel very ladylike whenever I wear it 🙂 x