Summer reading: “it” by Alexa Chung

Summer is the perfect time to sit down outside with a book and lose yourself in another world. I don’t get an awful lot of time to indulge in this, which saddens me because it’s one of my favourite past times and on holidays I get through almost a book a day! I did manage to get a few hours last week to sit down with a nice little read, “it” by Alexa Chung comes out in paperback in just a few days time (August 8th) and to celebrate I was sent a copy to have a browse through.
I resisted the hype around this book when it first came out. I’m not really one to follow celebrities, or have famous style icons- but if I did have to choose one it would of course be Alexa Chung. I knew several of my favourite bloggers had really enjoyed this book but I still managed to hold off…clearly book fate has intervened as I now own a copy, and as much as part of me didn’t want to be lured in or love it I couldn’t help but devour it whole, hooked.
Taking you through all aspects of Alexa’s world, from her style icons to her beauty regime this book was written in a chatty, friendly manner. I confess I do not know much about Alexa, other than that she dresses very well and is exceptionally pretty but at times I found myself thinking “I could have written that” or nodding in agreement.
Despite my reservations I seriously enjoyed this book and I’m pleased a copy came my way else I would have missed out on something that has actually inspired me, the usually un-inspirable. If you don’t already own the hard back version you can pre-order the paper back for £6.99 from Amazon, I strongly suggest you do as this makes for the perfect hand luggage holiday read- or for having by your side in the back garden.
Have you read “it” yet? What other books have you enjoyed lately?


3 comments for “Summer reading: “it” by Alexa Chung

  1. Lovely book. I bought it and thoroughly enjoyed it.

  2. I would be interested in this. I have heard so much about her but I don’t know much!

  3. Despite not being massively interested in Alexa Chung this book definitely appeals to me somehow! There’s something about it that just seems a bit more unusual, unique and capturing– plus the cover is oh so very pretty 😉 A fab review Laura, it’s great to know that you aren’t the biggest Alexa fan either, but throughly enjoyed the book <3

    Sophie | soinspo xo