sunday loving

Just some things I’m loving right now.

Zara dress…probably my best sales purchase ever. It always makes me feel good.




Leather necklace by StillWithYou (earrings giveaway closes at noon)



(on that note, I also love makeup…I’m feeling ill and without it I look like this)


Poorly face is not amused.


This perfume smells like sweets. LOVE.


My Aussie Army. Not that I’ll ever be able to get my hair to behave like it did Tuesday. Ever.


This book is pure girly goodness, with some yummy recipes to boot.


And what would a love post be without this? Don’t let the angel face fool you. He’s been snoring and farting up a storm!

What are you loving?


40 comments for “sunday loving

  1. That dress is beautiful. I really love it. You look like you should be dancing around in a meadow in a Hollywood movie. 🙂 It is very romantic.

    I love your hair, by the way. You are stunning with that red shade. Like a model. xoxo

  2. That dress is stunning on you and I love the way you have styled it with the tights.

  3. Love your hair 🙂

  4. Your hair looks so gorgeous <3 xxx

  5. That dress is so pretty what a great little investment looks gorgeous on you I know I have said this before but I love your hair this colour xoxo

  6. i love ur dress soo much <3 i think your blog is soo lovely, ill be visiting it again very soon :)


  7. I’m loving skirts that just end below the knee…it seems to be the new skirt lenght for me! AND im also loving zara!

    ooo, the feather earrings are lovely…and i’m in for the giveaway…hope i can get my hands on them!

    Love, G

    P.S do drop by sometime if you’d like!

  8. Your awesome hair brings new life to that dress! You look great with or without makeup:) And you’re right, no post is really complete unless we get a dose of Flash:D xx

  9. Your new hair style looks fantastic my dear. Hope you feel better soon.

    X x

  10. gorgeous dress and i love your cat!

  11. That dress is amazing, and looks so good on you. It looks like it’s the perfect length.

    Hehe, I have an Aussie Army as well.

  12. You look fab in that dress – I’m all inspired to ignore the crappy weather and put on a pretty dress, even though I’m only going to the supermarket and Grandma’s.

    LOVE Aussie, love love love it! xxx

  13. nice outfit!
    love your tights!

  14. hehe, the last bit made me chuckle. My pugs are the same! x

  15. very pretty dress and your hair looks fab !!

  16. You look beautiful in that dress, it really brings out the colour of your hair. xxx

  17. That dress is beautiful! I still can’t get over your hair it’s beautiful. Wish I looked like that without makeup ~ you’ll have to let me know about that new mascara too.
    Kandi x

  18. That dress looks so beautiful on you – it must feel amazing on!

  19. Your hair looks truly amazing on these pics!

  20. i just got that book yesterday! ny friend lent me it for my hol. Love the dress I tried it on when it was full price def want it now its in sale!! 🙂 xo

  21. Beautiful! And I love how well your new hair matches your dress!

  22. lovely – very Florence + The Machine!

  23. Feel better soon. Having a tough day feeling rough too, shall we just feel sorry for ourselves in tandem?

    Today I’m loving The Guys Boxers which I have stolen for short PJ’s because I get so hot at night. Hello Comfy… I’m loving Vanilla Red Bush Tea which I’m drinking by the pint from ym jelly bean mug, and I’m loving not leaving my bed and listening to The Girl who Played with Fire Audiobook.

  24. I love sweet smelling perfumes, I might have to check that one out!

  25. That dress is very pretty, my hair loves being dyed then say two weeks after goes back to the nightmare it once was.

  26. Roz

    This is the first time I’ve seen your new hair colour – it looks stunning! And Aussie hair products – unbeatable. I have a similar antipathy to hairdressers (just read back a few posts) but YOUR trip was a great success.

  27. love that dress on you 🙂 Maxi dresses always seem to werk really well for you, I’ve never tried one but I doubt I’d ever look as good as you in it… :p

  28. The dress is gorgeous and I love it with your hair.

  29. I just have to say I LOVE your hair!

  30. I love that dres, I would love to wear it, it looks fab on you!

  31. That dress is so pretty! <3 xoxo

  32. I love your red do! And that dress looks way better on you than on me… I tried it and looked like a child in the dress up box!

  33. oo I just bought some Aussie bits today, I’m hoping they work the way I want them too!

    What I would be loving is sleep, I need to go to bed…

  34. love your gorgeous dress! 🙂

    dejoiss ❤

  35. gorgeous girl,

    I only returned from my holiday yesterday and log into my blogluvin to discover you have had a make over. I absolutely love it, the bright red. Really suits you.

  36. Hazel@Sarenza

    LOVE the new hair and as always the adorable cat pictures 🙂

  37. I love the dress! For some reason I can’t ever find anything at Zara online that I want, yet I see people blogging about the cutest Zara items all the time!

  38. I really love that dress! It’s delightful! I can understand why you feel great in it!

  39. i looked at that book in WHS the other day, but resisted..must read the pile on my shelf first x

  40. oo oim love with your dress! its perfect for summer