sunny intervals and explorations

Matalan dress (old), Shellys shoes c/o Sarenza…on the days I do my 7:15am start I have to chuck something simple to change in to once I’ve done my blood taking clinic so I don’t keep my colleagues on reception waiting as I change out of my uniform! Today it was my ever faithful floral Matalan dress, purchased for the bargain price of £16 and worn to death. Inspired by my Sarenza post the other day I dug out my Shellys “Whiskey Mist” shoes, embracing the non-forecasted sunshine and breaking away from the boots. As much as I love my collection of boots I am dying to break out the summer shoes!

Mae is loving this weather, exploring the garden! She’s calmed down a lot since we started getting her outside and by the time she comes in all she wants is some sleepy cuddles (especially when one is wearing black tights!)

Because I truly am besotted with this little beast, I am also sharing a video I got of her having a little play…excuse my lame voice and moments of dullness!

So glad it’s Thursday, the weekend is finally within reach!


19 comments for “sunny intervals and explorations

  1. Your dress is gorgeous! I love florals right now.

  2. awww so cute, cats just love the sunshine, i used to find mine curled up in the most bizarre places to get the sun!

  3. Your shoes are grogeous!

  4. This is so cute! they never look at the camera when you call them do they? Little critters! I have hours of footage of my cats ignoring me, but I love watching it all.

  5. I love the dress its so pretty looks lovely on 🙂 Can’t believe its from matalan may have to have a nosey X

  6. Awww Mae is unbelievably cute! Love your outfit too x

  7. That dress is lovely! My white cat loves to sit on black clothes, so I empathise with ya! x

  8. It hit me that I don’t think I own a single floral summer dress!!! …wait I have one!

    I envy your collection of shoes and dresses, you always look lovely!

    Mae is adorable <3

  9. Aw I could watch kitties play for hours. I always love how they manage to entertain themselves. We brought our kitties a new laser pen – wow does that drive them crazy trying to catch it!

  10. Cats are so cute, I’ve always wanted one as a pet!

  11. I love your shoes 🙂 They look perfect with the floral dress!

    Caroline x
    Caroline’s Catwalk

  12. Hard to believe that dress is an old purchase, it looks brand new! Mae is adorable 🙂

  13. adorable video! xx

  14. after years of following your blog (under another account) i finally hear your voice! it’s cute! haha and Mae is really cute and i completely understand about her wanting to rub on your legs when wearing black! hahaha my cat does the same thing. i think your purple heels are the perfect touch for that dress. btw, I’m having a 100+ Follower Urban Decay Giveaway! I hope you enter :)♥

  15. She is so pretty! A sweet, sweet video!

  16. Why are pets always so much more affectionate when you’re wearing tights!? My dog is the exact same, I swear he does it on purpose!
    Love the dress, Matalan dresses are amazing <3


  17. You know I love seeing Mae making regular appearances on here xxx

  18. Firstly I love that dress and those shoes are amazing.

    aww Mae is so cute I love watching Thomas in the garden playing and often video him on my camera lol.