sunshine for the soul

Uniqlo tee, ASOS shorts, Tesco tights and Converse c/o Sarenza
Not that you’d know it now, but Sunday was beautiful and I managed to get the first garden photos of the year. I wish now I’d embraced the weather a bit more and worn something at least a little bit summery; I spent the afternoon lazing in a deckchair in my Grandad’s beautiful garden feeling for once, relaxed. A quick look outside and it would seem that it really was a one off though, back to the winter apparell it is. Looking at photos of what I wore this time last year, it really has been a crappy Spring (in more than just the weather). 
Still, an appointment yesterday has bought about hope that things can change…I’d love to hear people’s experiences of CBT.


17 comments for “sunshine for the soul

  1. Yay, an outdoor post! So pleased the weather was better for you in Bristol. I love the converse with your outfit, will have to dig min out xx

  2. It was fantactic to have some sunshine on the weekend. Now fingers crosses we can have some more.

  3. Lucky you getting some nice weather at the weekend! I can’t believe how different the clothes I’m wearing are to this time last year.
    Good luck with the CBT. x

  4. I love these outside posts! It was so windy here on Sunday- literally couldn’t go very far!

    Your outfit looks lovely 🙂 xx

  5. It was a fab day Sunday wasn’t it?. I fail to incorporate trainers into my outfits. I must try harder.

  6. Vix

    Sunday was lovely, unlike this morning where it’s actually been snowing here!! I love those shorts, what a great buy they were. x

  7. Lucy

    We’ve had 4 seasons in one day so far today in B’ham!!

    CBT- lots of experience, as a patient and a therapist(though I now lean worryingly towards psychodynamic theories 🙂 ) gimme a yell if you want to know anything 😀

    Love, Lucy (and Arthur, sitting on my foot) xx

  8. Lovely to see you out in the sun =) I am still not ready to part with black tights!

  9. Really nice outdoor post and love to read about your Grandma’s lovely garden as well xo
    Your top is really cute <3 would you like to follow each other?

  10. Yeye for some English sunshine! Its getting a little too hot in Michigan for a Yorkshire lass, I’m not use to it!

  11. Gorgeous shorts and you always make me want to own a pair of converse xxx

  12. Mat

    the weather sucks doesn’t it, i got in the garden today for the first time too. nice bit of sun

  13. You have a beautiful smile! 😀 The weather in Liverpool’s been getting more erratic, so much hail in the last day, so I’m a little jealous of your sun.

    CBT depends a bit on who you get – the rest is all openness and dedication to just fixing one thing at a time, and you have both. 🙂

  14. I’m missing the weekends weather! Even had a BBQ, it’s a shame mr sunshine hasn’t stayed with us 🙁

    Karys x

  15. The first picture is so pretty – really lovely to see you smiling.

    Gems x

    Fashion, Well Done

  16. You look lovely, the weather looks amazing too.

    Jess x

  17. I’m still wearing my boots and it’s nearing end of May!