the (almost) converted

Top: Next, Jeans: New Look, Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell c/o Sarenza, Bangle: Accessories direct

I fear I might have sung the praises of these jeans a little too high yesterday and people will be expecting some kind of miracle…
I can’t do magic, and neither can a pair of trousers…but there is something about these jeans that sets them aside from the rest.
I’ve learnt to accept that I have a long-standing issue about wearing fitted trousers and that I can’t shy away from it forever. These jeans, by being so soft and so damn comfortable help. A lot. New Look…I salute you (especially when you only charge Β£19.99)

I’d also like to talk about this bangle…this object of joy and beauty and a wonderful gift from the folk at Accessories Direct as part of their Glam Rock Chick boutique
I’m not usually a bangle girl, but when I saw this piece by Kate Benjamin I was smitten. I love how the bangles are linked together to make a super statement, and the mix of yellow and silver toned metals means it’ll go with everything.
Tempted? At Β£35 I think it’s a perfect reward for almost getting through the week (and if that doesn’t take your fancy…there’s a fabulous sale on at Accessories Direct, too!) I must also just mention how beautifully packaged this came, black box, black velvet pouch…sheer luxury (at a less than luxury price!)

What’s taken you by surprise this week? For me…that I could ever find an affordable pair of jeans that I don’t feel like a slightly mouldy sausage in,
and that I think I might be slightly obsessed by a bangle. Eek.


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  1. Wow, I wish I looked like that in skinny jeans! Love the top too.

  2. love love love the shoes. the bangle is cute, I am a bit of a magpie for necklaces so I will be checking their site out. xxx

  3. Those jeans look great on you and the bangle is stunning.

  4. These look great. Good for you. Embrace the stretchy comfort! x

  5. You look great. Love the jeans; so gorgeous. <3
    I wish you a great day,
    xoxo Britta
    My Bathroom Is My Castle
    My Wardrobe Is My Castle

  6. Angela

    Great outfit and you look fantastic in those jeans!
    Love the top too. πŸ™‚

  7. I don’t know why you shy away from wearing fitted trousers, you look great in the skinnies! I love the shoes too, but then I’ve got a soft spot for chunky shoes with edge πŸ™‚ x

  8. Completely working those skinny jeans Laura, your legs look amazing!

  9. The jeans look fab on you! If they’re a good fabric too- thats so much better! πŸ™‚ xx

  10. I am smitten with that bangle <3

    You have amazing legs girlie & look fantastic in those jeans xxx

  11. MJ

    I nearly bought these yesterday, they’re just a wee bit too thin for me though! I like jeans with a bit more structure.

  12. Can totally empathise about why you shy away from wearing fitted trousers, but i must say, you look great! xx

  13. You look great in those Laura. I always had some questions with jeans as well, but it comes to a point when one has to be brave ehehehehe πŸ˜‰ Most of our problems regarding clothes are totally unjustified anyway….as we can see fromn you wearing jeans πŸ™‚

    I have surprised myself buying a couple of pink tops this week. I am usually not a pink girl, but they are really nice and were a bargain. REAL bargain.

  14. Yay! They look fantastic on you (like I knew they would!)

  15. You look really good in those jeans!

  16. The jeans look fab and I love your bangle and boots x

  17. These jeans look fabulous Laura, and hello! to those boots!

  18. Loving those jeans! They look like they fit really well. I’ve recently discovered how amazing A Wear jeans are. Those jeans fit amazingly. I love them.
    And the bangles are so gorgeous!!

  19. What a great outfit! I am getting jean envy lately maybe it’s time to go back to them after two years…!


  20. Oooh your shoes are gorgeous, love them with the bright jeans πŸ™‚

  21. cat

    A.mazing. πŸ™‚ x x x

  22. i LOVe uyour hair.

  23. The jeans look great! I don’t think it would be possible for you to look like a mouldy sausage haha!
    love the bangle too though i’m not a bracelet kinda girl at all…
    Rachelle x

  24. You look so lovely in those jeans and the boots are fab too. Girl, you have legs that go on forever!

    A slightly mouldy sausage! Ha! Had to laugh at that expression.

    Nicki x

  25. love those boots. persevere with jeans missy, there is nothing to fear x

  26. Hun you look gorgeous. I love the bright colours on you. Yay to finding jeans you love. They will change your life.

    Jojo x

  27. I like this top- another teacher at school has this and it always makes me smile!

    I have been surprised by the fact that nearly all my class remembered their homework!!

  28. Stunning bangle! I love it when you buy jewellery and it comes all nicely packaged. Makes it more exciting when it arrives! Great blog, you have a really feminine style, I like it πŸ™‚ Following! See my blog too!

  29. i love your bangle! i usually get annoyed with bangles because they keep moving up and down my arm clunking, but this one seems to answer my problem by sticking all together!



  30. Those jeans are fab, I am so glad you have managed to find a pair of jeans you feel comfortable in! I love the shade of denim too xxx

  31. These jeans actually look fab on you! I’m going through a bit of an anti-jeans phase at the moment for some reason, usually I live in them :/


  32. They look great on you! It’s so hard to find the perfect pair so I feel your pain! x

  33. Good things come to those who wait and those jeans were worth it, they look fab.

    X x

  34. i love your hair color! and i’m lovin this pop of color
    …look closer

  35. Jo

    You look absolutely awesome in those jeans, seriously. Definitely the most flattering jean for you. Like you I avoided skinnies for ages because I always felt lumpy in them but now I realise that they’re actually really flattering.

  36. oh i’m absolutely gushing over those perfect boots of yours!

    if you’re interested – i’m hosting a pretty rad giveaway.
    xx //

  37. you look amazing in jeans, i’m glad you’re starting to see that! love the bracelet too πŸ™‚ x

  38. I’ve been surprised by my personality. That, sadly, I am not easily contented. Seeking that perfect thing. Forever and in many things. I’ve tried to be grateful for what I now have – professionally – and make the most of the positive points.

  39. Love this whole outfit! You’re certainly rocking those skinny jeans!!! πŸ™‚

  40. yes those jeans are rad! I love the slight slouch!

  41. They look great on you Laura! Saw on facebook you had bought a pair if skinny jeans. I love the print on your top as well. What’s taken me by surprise? That at almost being 29 that I wouldn’t be able to wear a tight fitting dress…. tried one today. So not used to wearing fitted dresses but got told I looked great in it….eeek!

    Hope you had a lovely Xmas and new year… I’ve been a little AWOL xxx

  42. Wow, love your boots! xx

  43. CUTE shoes! Enjoy your weekend babe x