The October Degustabox

Another month passing means it’s time for another Degustabox review! The October box actually arrived about ten days ago and most of the contents are now long devoured but I’m pretty behind on blogging (just for a change) so my review comes a little later than planned…
I swear these boxes keep getting better and better, each month there seems to be more and more products that really get me excited! It’s a brilliant way to try new foods and has gone a long way in breaking me out of my comfort zone and improving my relationship with food.
There were two products from Bear in the box which really excited me as they are one of my favourite brands when it comes to snack foods and have been for a long time! The Bear Alphabites were a sample present, there was a full sized box in a Degustabox some months ago and they have easily become my favourite cereal- I’m not a cereal for breakfast kind of girl but I usually keep a tub in my work bag for grazing on the go. The Bear Paws are pure fruit snacks with no nasty ingredients. Aimed at children- with five paw prints to find in the pack these are also perfect for grownups and super tasty. At 55p for a pack these are cheaper than a chocolate bar and perfect for on the go!

Also in among the snacking selection was a Get Buzzing bar which due to a nut allergy I couldn’t sample but Ben has eaten it and given his approval. I love to have a few bars stashed away and Get Buzzing do some nut-free options too so I’ll be making the most of the 10% off your first order code and treating myself to some.

The Ken’s Kitchen meal kits are super cute and a really clever idea. Each pack contains three steps to create a delicious meal in just 20 minutes with the addition of just a few fresh ingredients. At £2.50 each and several varieties to choose from these are a great store cupboard buy- I haven’t tried the Bengal kit yet but I know Dad has his eye on it. What I have tried is the Blue Dragon sweet chilli sauce- I never used to like foods with even the slightest hint of spice but I’ve recently become obsessed with sweet chilli so this is going on everything from noodles to chicken to salads.
I always love the sweet treat selection in the Degustabox as I have a raging sweet tooth 24/7. The Dr. Oetker premium 90% extra dark chocolate has been stashed away with my baking supplies ready for some festive creativity (assuming I get time) as has the cocoa powder- christmas cookies anyone?!

The Jelly Belly jelly beans have long since vanished as they are my favourite sweet ever! The sour ones were so super tasty I couldn’t bring myself to share! I’ve been taking the Enhance Drinks pod in to work with me so I actually drink something other than coffee all day. I have the orange and passion fruit flavour which is highly addictive- and with no added sugar it makes a great alternative to plain water.

Brioche and Pain Au Lait (with choc chips) from Brioche Pasquier are both incredibly tasty products. I actually took these in to work to share with colleagues, alongside a jar of nutella and they didn’t last long at all- I’m not alone in being a sweet treat fiend. I love brioche at the best of times, but toasted with something warm and chocolately on it? Heaven!
As much as I have a sweet tooth I also like my savoury snacks and the Special K Cracker Crisps are a delicious alternative to “real” crisps which I’ve never really enjoyed. The BBQ flavour is strong without being over-whelming and they have a really satisfying crunch and 60% less fat than the average crisp on sale in the UK.
Possibly the most amusing product in the box was the Solo Marshmallow Creme– I haven’t dug in to this yet but there is a recipe for some fudge on the side of the tub which I plan to make ASAP so I’ll do a separate post on that.
Last but not least there was a coupon in the Degustabox Fridge section of the box for a four-pack of the New Greek-Style Yoghurts from Benecol which have a unique cholesterol lowering ingredient (plant stenols). These are thick, creamy and utterly delicious. At £2.39 a pack they are on the pricey side for yoghurts but as a treat, or for those who need to watch their cholesterol intake they are a really tasty dessert or snack.
So there concludes the round-up of the October Degustabox. Still haven’t tried the service out yet? For £12.99 per/month you can have your own box delivered to your door and get to try all these fab products (that would cost far more in total) for yourself! Sign up now to claim £3 off your first box when you use the code: L2K2O


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