This Is What I Want (this week)







Crown and Glory

I need to ban myself from looking on Asos. For real.

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  1. Love that second dress its so different and the daisy chain crown and glory is beautiful.

  2. that dress is super cute love it!!

  3. Arrrgh those purple pants & the shoes she’s wearing with the are amazing. I have a horrible obsession with asos, when I’m feeling bad I treat myself with something from my saved bag…

  4. Oh how pretty, love all of those pieces! I’m not supposed to look at any pretty things online either, but can’t help myself 😉

  5. I love the dress in the second pic! I can see why you would need to ban yourself from looking; everything is so tempting:)

  6. Ans


  7. Glad you had a good Easter Hun.

    I love the blouse. Infact i love all!

    X x

  8. MJ

    Awesome stuff as usual – mostly a comment to say my antivirus program (McAfee) is flagging your blog as a phishing site, for some reason!

  9. Wow love it all! I know I’ve had to cut down on shopping! xx

  10. Want the whole of the purple trousers outfit – muy chic! x

  11. That giraffe shirt is gorgeous and perfect for this kind of weather. The daisies are lovely!
    I have a pair of fuchsia harems that remind me a lot of these pants. Can’t wait to wear it again this summer:)

  12. I literally JUST went on ASOS and lusted after the exact same things haha x

  13. I bloody love that giraffe top and the head band , ASOS is ever so addictive ! xx

  14. I agree on all points – I LOVE the giraffe t-shirt!
    I tagged you in a post – a sunshine award…

  15. The last outfit is stunning. I must look on ASOS asap.

  16. The dress in the second pic is stunning! Really cute. You probably don’t need encouragement but it would look great on you 😉

  17. I love the second dress down, its stunning!

  18. That giraffe top is pretty amazing – my friend collects giraffe things, she would absolutely LOVE that top!

    My latest asos order just arrived today 🙂 Although I was pretty good, because it’s ALL sale stuff. Mainly jewellery. (because obviously I needed more jewellery. Ahem.)

  19. It’s so hard not to click onto ASOS. All these are gorgeous. Love the dress.

  20. Ooh, I like the bunting cape! So funky! I was thinking of sewing minature bunting on a white vest-top so I like that!
    ASOS did a similar daisychain headband around a year ago, which I bought, except it had a tiny pink butterfly poised on it as well! This one is much lovelier!

  21. Amy

    Love that second dress – and the kaftan top! WANT.


  22. I love all the colors!