Thoughts on the Trainer Trend

I may live in a small town where fashion mainly passes us by but with the ever growing love for streetstyle photography and sources of inspiration such as pinterest and of course other blogs even I’ve not managed to escape noticing the humble trainer becoming a bit of a trend.
(image sources here and here)
I’m not really a trainers kind of girl, despite all the photographic evidence to the contrary I still see them reserved for exercise only. As a teen I lived in jeans and trainers but as I’ve grown up my love of the sports shoe has somewhat diminished.

With that said, trainers have come a long way lately and they can quite clearly be used to pull off some super chic looks. I think my problem is my memories of wearing trainers as an every day shoe doesn’t quite tally up with my style these days. Perhaps I need to get myself feeling brave and give this a go…having a mental flick through my wardrobe I can’t quite think how I’d incorporate them just yet but a bit of experimentation is fun and they’ll make a nice change to boots over the winter months- I’ve been having a little browse and quite like this pair.

What are your thoughts on this footwear trend? One you’re embracing or are you quite happy to let it pass you by?


9 comments for “Thoughts on the Trainer Trend

  1. love the nike trainers 🙂

  2. I have those black ones in the link actually, top banana!

    Buckets & Spades

  3. I love my nikes at the moment, not sure they work with what I wear but I don’t care. Hope your feeling a bit better sweetie xx

  4. Trainers are comfortable, but I am much more of a boots person. Or skate shoes for summer, heh. They are looking way more stylish now than before though!

  5. I’m still on the fence you know,
    Like I totally see how chic they look, but I just don’t think I can pull them off,
    Think i’ll be sticking to me old fashioned brogues 🙂

    Kelly from 🙂

  6. I have trainers more for comfort then style, plus they aren’t brand ones so i’m far from being fashionable! Haha

  7. Anonymous

    Must admit I’m not a trainer fan – I can sort of tolerate them in a sports based outfit but not a fan of them in street style or mixed with day wear -they are just scruffy!
    ( and perhaps a bit too unisex for my liking :0) )
    fashmr paul

  8. I thought that this wouldn’t be my thing at all but now I’m addicted to sneakers! They look so cool and are so comfy xxx

  9. I prefer sports shoes/running trainers for, well, running, but I love Converse style sneakers x