Together we have a Voice + Giveaway

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Check out this picture, isn’t it stunning? This was shot by the amazingly talented Jill for American Apparel. Jill is someone I am proud to call a friend, she is an incredible photographer who captures fantastic shots of street style around London, she is also an incredible person to know…so wise and insightful.

Right now Jill is on a mission, in her own words:

“I mean, let’s face it: most of us who blog are already doing our bit, for free, for our favourite brands’ PR. It’s just a fine line, really. I want to do this as a series, shooting YOU: the Dot Icons on the street. Together, we can transform how advertising works.

Together, I passionately believe, we have a voice”.

To find out more, and check out the rest of Jill’s amazing work, head on over to her blog: Street Style Pics By Polka Dot

And in other exciting news, I have a giveaway for you dear readers! Thank you to the lovely Sarah, creator of Karma Cards

Sarah has kindly offered up a set of 15 cards printed on luxuriously thick paper so you can spread some karma around the world.

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Would it not make your day to find one of these when you need a boost most?

Entering is simple, just follow these steps…

1. Giveaway is open from 11am today (22nd April) through to 11am next Thursday (29th April) GMT.

2. To enter leave a comment on this post telling me where you’d hide/love to find a karma card hidden. Here are a few ideas from Sarah’s blog:

“Now start paying it forward! Tuck those cards somewhere that someone will find them. Ideas?
* inside the bill folder at a restaurant
* inside a book
* in a bathroom stall at a bar
* under wiper blades
* in bike spokes
* on the window of a bus
* in a random mailbox slot
* in a napkin dispenser”

3. Once the giveaway has ended, a winner will be selected using a random number generator. Please make sure you leave a way for me to contact you when you comment- an e-mail or blog address is fine.

4. That’s it. If you want to become a follower, tweet etc etc that’s fine, but not essential!

To find out more and get inspired don’t forget to go and say hello to Sarah! And good luck!

(giveaway is open to ALL readers)


68 comments for “Together we have a Voice + Giveaway

  1. helllo, just saying hi 🙂

  2. thanks for sharing ^^

  3. I’d sneak a card into one of the local newspapers in the newsagent.
    The cards look really nice.

  4. Oh, your friend Jill sounds really awesome!

    And the karma cards are adorable! I’ll love to find one inside a favourite book or under my pillow before I sleep:)


  5. Such a cool idea!
    I’d like to find mine in a book in a bookstore. Imagine buying a new (or second hand) book and finding a little treasure like that!

  6. this sounds fun! 🙂

  7. the first place that came to mind was the fridge. i love to hide notes for my loved ones there because it is the place you would least expect. not really romantic, but what can i say.

    thanks for the love. mwah.


  8. Id leave one in the rose bush outside my next door neighbours house who is just outta hospital. to cheer her up! p.s Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog about my alice in wonderland pics ive put more up! check it out if uve time.
    vicki xo

  9. Kel

    Jill is very talented! Great shots.

    Those karma cards are such a cute idea.
    I think posting them out to someone you know needs a pick me up, then asking them to post it on to someone who needs the same…never ending good karma. 🙂

    X x

  10. Hi,
    Please enter me! I’d like to find a little card like this hidden in my overnight bag to find when I unpacked on a work trip away from home. x

  11. great ideas and the giveaway sounds like fun!

  12. how about inside my shoes?? 🙂 why not…..hihihi! that’d be cool i suppose.. x

  13. jill sounds inspiring,thank you for sharing the info on her project.

    the cards are wonderful,the one on happiness is brilliant.

    i’d like to find that one in an old beloved well worn book. You know the type that you read again ever few years.

    It would wonderful to have the card fall out of that book, when you’ve forgotten its there.

    I’m sorry to hear that you are having problems sleeping too. i hope it gets better.

    big hug

  14. Thanks for sharing. This is awesome!


  15. I already signed up for this giveaway, but I didn’t win it :/ So, let’s try again – he who dares, wins!

    I would hide them around the computers in the computer lab at school 🙂

  16. Fabulous cards!
    What a great giveaway, darling!


  17. Great shots, she is very talented! :]

  18. those cards are so cute! I’d definitely like to find one in a book – maybe from the uni library to cheer me up through revision, or in a second hand book just to get me wondering who last had this book!


  19. awesome karma cards!
    i’d love to stick one to my ceiling in my room, so as soon as i wake up and look up, it would put me in a good mood for the day!


  20. These are awesome!!!!! I think I’d love to find one in my bag not that I want people to go in my bag but just dropped in 🙂 or in my post since I hardly get any mail =) Or maybe hanging from a tree that’d be cool 🙂

    Shall definately check Jill’s blog out 🙂

  21. I love Jill… and it’s great to see friends supporting her. You are awesome!

    I’ll leave one karma card on top of my garbage can so that the garbage man can find it. I feel that he deserves some good karma since he’s been doing his “dirty” job for years without complaint.

    I’m a follower (though you said it’s not important)… just want you to know. 🙂

    Have a great day! xoxo

  22. I just superlove the idea of putting these cards in random places for people to have a little slice of happy in their lives,I know seeing those was todays!
    Also below you have some black suede shoes with the yellow tights, which are AMAZING!
    Also rocky roads is making my sugar addiction return, they looks so good!

  23. These are such lovely cards. Without sounding mopey I would’ve loved to have found one on my seat / in the programme / on the table under my plate at the funeral I went to last week. I truly believe little cards like these can actually make a huge difference, I know they can make my day and make me feel better … and it’s just a little card!

    Please enter me 🙂

  24. Argh…sorry, I’m being so retarded.
    My email is!
    It is actually on my blog too 🙂
    [you can delete these last 2 comments if you’d rather lol]

  25. How fun! I would stick one on a mirror in a public restroom, and perhaps in several of my favorite books at the local library.

  26. Amazing. I’d put it in my medicine cabinet so I’d see it and then see myself in the mirror lol.

    Otherwise, I’d put it in someone’s shoe!

  27. in a book!
    you’re friend is very talented!

  28. wow that is such a great idea!
    i love the karma cards!
    i would tape one on an elevator maybe or hide one in a desk at school!

  29. knk

    cool post
    you have great talented friend

  30. Oh wow, I love Sarah Von and saw hr karma cards on her blog. I’d like to find one casually tucked in with my change when I bought my morning coffee to make me wake up and smile!

  31. Oh those Karma cards are such a cute idea. Slightly off brief but I’d pop one into DH’s jacket pocket so he’d find it while at work and be happy.
    Vicki xxx

  32. I love the top photo. I need to know where the lacy top she is wearing is from!!

    I love the cards…I’d go with a bathroom stall at a bar. I hate getting stuff on my car window. On the other hand, after a couple of pints, I’m always taking the free cards at pubs!

  33. Jen

    What a great giveaway! I love something a little quirky and different.

    I’d love to find a karma card under my pillow when I woke up. 🙂

  34. Im sorry about not being around to even say hello, dearest! I promise I’ll start making up for that. 🙂

    BTW, thise karma cards are such a GREAT IDEA!! I mean, we could all use a little nudge every now and then.. It’d be such a thrill to find one randomly, no? I like tucking in bits of poetry in library books so Id probably do the same thing with her cards.. or posted in window buses.. that’s be nice. 🙂


  35. What a beautiful street shot, she’s certainly a talented photographer and I will definitely be checking out both Jill and Sarah’s work. I am also indeed entering this competition.

    I’d love to find a karma card waiting for me at college on my chair in my geography class. I had some slow starts at college and to find a lovely card like these there, just motivating me for the final push towards the end of the year it would be great.

    Brilliant give-away idea as usual Laura, take care! xxx

  36. They are gorgeous! I’d like to find one tucked behind the tea caddy when I wake up in the morning =) x

  37. Oh, I would love to hide one in a book at the library and hide and see how it puts a smile on someone’s face. =)


  38. I’ve been to her blog and I heard about those cards, they seem like an excellent idea!

  39. beautiful pic, jill is a groovy girl!

    hmmm. i’d want to find one in a horrid mathstextbook or something boring, so it lightens up the day 🙂

  40. i love jill’s work, been reading pics by polka dot for a while now, and yeah just just saw this over there yesterday – what an amazing idea!

  41. Good luck everyone on the giveaway… I will check her blog to see her pics 😉


  42. Haha! I love all of the ideas of where to leave these cards! Hmmm I’d want to leave them somewhere that would make someone happy…perhaps the DMV. Nobody is thrilled to be there haha!

  43. The last card – about a happy life – really hit a cord with me tonight. It is so true!

    I think I would leave one on a seat at the airport terminal. With people coming in and out of town from all over the world, who knows who would find it?!

  44. What an amazing giveaway!! I would love to get those cards and just randomly put inside random books at cafes or park benches! I could never be tired of streestyle! Love Jill’s photos! xoxoxoxxo

  45. very cute idea! Im having a giveaway too 🙂

  46. Wow, she looks stunning and so stylish!

  47. this is such a fabulous idea. i’d leave them around my school during finals week :p .. you know where to find me – ! 🙂

  48. I would love to find one either in my lunch box (Mum used to write us notes!), inside a book or inside the pouch I keep all my diabetes stuff in, it would be lovely to be greeted with a little bit of love <3

    Maria xxxx

  49. Fab giveaway! Love those cards, everyone needs a little pick me up! I would love to find one randomly posted through my door! Would certainly be better than bills and junk mail!

  50. Love those cards! I would leave one in my OH’s lunch box, or maybe on the pillow to find on waking up… I’d love to randomly find one, that would make my day!
    Just seen the awesome comic book leggings…they might be the coolest thing I’ve ever seen 🙂 x

  51. t

    Cool giveaway! I’d like to find one in a library book. 🙂

  52. Mat

    how nice.

    i’d like to find one on a supermarket shelf, you would never be expecting it!

  53. probably somewhere i wuddnt expect it .. maybe in under my napkin at a dinner table in a restaurant

    weweredamsels at gmail dot com

  54. cute!! might try my luck 😀

  55. it would be great to jsut slip it into someones mail box. so at the end of a long work day they can come home to find something inspirational.

  56. Slip it under someones door, or right under the door so that you see it when you go in or out. It’s cute ^^

    Love your blog, btw! It’s really good, and I adore your outfits. You’ve got a new follower 🙂

  57. those cards are wonderful : ) I’d hide one in my hubby’s lunch box so he’d find it at work. i’d love to find one sticking out from the flower bushes that i walk past on my way to school… xo!

  58. I would love to hide one on a grocery store shelf! Shopping can be a pain sometimes, so finding one of these babies while shopping would be lovely!

    heatheranne99 at gmail dot com

  59. hai, nice to see your blog,,


  60. Anonymous

    Ooh what a cute idea! I would love to find one of those cards in my locker at school.

  61. on my car windshield wipers after a bad day!

  62. oh! I’m too late for the giveaway!!

    anyway… under my pillow…

    by the way…you have an award on my blog!