This is probably the first blog post in which you can really see my new hair colour. After three years as a red head I decided it was time for a change and slapped on some purple dye. For the summer I’m planning to go lighter, a sort of lavender shade I think, but I’m really liking this for now- change always feels good.
Dress: Primark | Tee: Uniqlo | Shoes: Vans c/o Sarenza | Necklace: c/o Spoiled Brat
I think we should all just take a moment to appreciate how awesome this Chelsea Doll at Spoiled Brat Troll Family Necklace is. It’s one of the quirkiest necklaces I own and hands down my favourite. I was near on obsessed with troll dolls as a child so as soon as I saw this on the website I wanted it!
These photos were taken last Saturday when the sun was out and it was actually warm. This was the perfect occasion to pop on my new floral Vans and some bright tights. I seem to be living in this denim dress at the moment and it’s more than earned the £5 price tag.
So, this is the last day of my first week back at work and I’m feeling good. Tired but good. I have a post-op follow up this afternoon and I’m hoping I can be discharged from neurosurgery and focus on getting on with the rest of my life. I have no real plans for the weekend, Ben is staying for a while so if the weather is good we might go on a bike ride or a nice long walk…now it’s April it is only right the weather stays good. I love April, it’s my Birthday month and usually just has a good vibe to it.
What was your childhood toy obsession? Up to anything fun this weekend?


14 comments for “Troll

  1. My eldest would love that troll necklace, brings back a funny memory or two from childhood days.

    Is it really sad that I was a Barbie and Sindy girl? Yes it is very sad but true. (That was before skateboards, roller blades and boys appeared on the scene of course)

    Have a great weekend.

    X x

  2. This is just the perfect sunny afternoon outfit and I absolutely love this necklace! Glad to hear that you’re recovering well 🙂 xx

  3. Great necklace your hair looks fab xoxo

  4. Rebecca Young

    I love your hair.

    I am so pleased that you are doing well – and fingers crossed for good news this afternoon.


  5. That necklace is nuts! I remember having some of them, i used to cut their hair into neat styles.

    Buckets & Spades

  6. The purple looks gorgeous on you! <3

    That necklace is most definitely awesome, who didn't love trolls as a good old 90s kid? 😉 Actually.. my Mum didn't saying that, she said they freaked her out haha! I always adored their bright, funky hair styles. Oh, it's making me nostalgic now! My childhood obsession was Kenan & Kel, one of course I am long over today *blushes*

    Have a lovely weekend! xo

    Sophie | soinspo

  7. I had about 20 trolls!!! I loved them!!!!
    Your hair looks red to me?? Might be my phone though. Whatever colour it is, it is a beautiful vibrant colour!! Good luck for today’s appointment x

  8. Loving the new hair colour, I wish I was brave enough to try something different with mine. The troll necklace is fantastic. Hope all goes well with the appointment.

  9. I’m glad to hear you’ve had a good first week back lovely, I hope you were discharged at the hospital too. Your new hair colour is stunning and it suits you so much! I had many childhood toy obsessions, but my favourites were Polly Pockets and Barbies! I still have them all in my mum’s loft! xxx

  10. This is such a fun adorable look. I love the purple tights it totally reminds me to see if I still have mine and wear them again soon. Such a stand out incredible necklace too.

  11. Your new hair colour is gorgeous, great choice! Lovely floral Vans too x

  12. i love your kitty, so cute and your tights are gorgeous 🙂 x

  13. Your hair looks lovely here, I love the new shade! Can’t wait to see it lavender either!

    Maria xxx

  14. SJ

    Ooh, new hair really suits you and I think lavender would look ace – I really want to go for a similar ‘purple rinse’ kind of look (the kind Kelly Osborne had a while back) but I just don’t think I could pull it off!