up together

Hello rubbish grainy photos, although they kind of suit the outfit so maybe I shouldn’t be too hard on my inability to operate a camera just yet!
This was one of this week’s work outfits- Thursday I think? I picked up the tartan trousers in the New Look sale for Β£7 (with the bonus of having been wanting them full price) and teamed them with my Boden jumper and some Kate Kanzier flats. Determined to accessorise more I also added in this silk scarf which was a gift from the Bristol Blogger’s meet at Birdcage

I am SO glad it’s the weekend, yesterday was just about the worst Friday work wise that I can remember; everything happened/went wrong at once. We got through though so it can’t have been that bad. I’m looking forward to a couple of days of chilling out, coffee, friends and rubbish TV before it starts all over again.

What are you up to this weekend?


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  1. I really like those trousers. Today I’m heading back up to London, then tomorrow is a chill out day before work! Hope you have a nice weekend xx

  2. Trousers really suit you lovely πŸ™‚

    Georgia X


  3. Love your outfit πŸ™‚ xx

  4. Those trousers are delicious, an excellent sales find!

  5. Yay for January sales πŸ™‚ I love your scarf with this outfit, it’s so cute! x

  6. Love the tartan trousers!

  7. you look stunning, i’m in love with your pants <3

  8. I love those trousers, you rock them gurrrl! You always post so early in the morning. Have a lie in!

    Corinne x

  9. 7 pounds?? That’s close to nothing!
    Hope you’re enjoying your weekend so you’ll be full of energy and prepared for Monday.;)

  10. Yeah rubbish TV about sums up my weekend. I love those tartan trousers – inspirational to an ol’ gal, thanks x

  11. Thats a pretty scarf and your hair looks lovely. I like that colour. I’ve finally taken time working in blog posts – I did one titled A Briefs Update Part 4 – with Customer Lingerie Review Videosand re-edited it to add more photos. Now I’m working on a sequel. It’s been quite cold out (NorthEast U.S.) and I’ve used the holidays and weekends as a nice escape from it. Enjoy chilling out with coffee and friends, and have a wonderful year 2013 πŸ™‚

  12. Ooh, that jumper looks so toasty! x

  13. love the tartan trousers, and those snazzy shoes! xo

  14. I really like this outfit, the scarf is a nice touch. I want your shoes please!

    Janine xx

  15. Love this little ensemble, tempts me to experiment with cropped trouser, maybe not til it’s a bit warmer!

  16. aww I love this outfit! The trousers are a gorgeous shape (and such a bargain!!) and I really like those loafers

    Hope you had a lovely New Year πŸ™‚

    Hannah xx

  17. cute trousers! And love the price tag πŸ™‚ This weekend spending time with mom and some take home work. At least it’s sunny here. Hope you’re having a good one! x

  18. This is such a cute outfit on you, I love everything about it. xx

  19. Sad that you had a rubbish friday- we were all super glad that it was Fri in our office- weekend reset and back on it afresh next week!

    LOVING the cropped trouser and jumper combo, one I have become totally addicted to myself- when I actually get dressed at the weekend. The tartan suits you- don’t think it would suit me somehow.

  20. Love the trousers. I wore the lovely scarf yesterday that I got from from the Bloggers Birdcage meet too.

  21. Eva

    Great look – those trousers are lovely, and at such a good price! Hope you’ve had a lovely weekend – I’ve mainly been avoiding work and watching more films than I ought to, haha! X

  22. Trouser twins! You look lovely, such a cute outfit!

    Maria xxx

  23. Love these trews!

    Elspeth xx

  24. That silk scarf is so cute! xxx

  25. Love your trousers, the loafers are gorgeous too! X


  26. Great outfit , love the trousers xx