Wash Out

This outfit is what I wore Saturday, the last of the decent weather I suspect for quite some time. Watching twitter, there seems to be a mixed reaction, mainly “it’s England, of course it’s raining”; I see that point, really I do…but local flooding and massive downpours aint the norm!

Dress c/o Miss Ikon, New Look tights and Georgia Rose boots c/o Sarenza.

I’ve gone from waxing lyrical over how happy I am to see Autumn and getting to snuggle up in knits and scarves whilst frolicking through leaves to kicking myself for even thinking that…let’s rewind to Summer now…

I hope no-one has been too badly hit by any flooding. I hate to resent a season that is often so beautiful!


29 comments for “Wash Out

  1. Im always envious of your prettiness! Love these tights Laura and your hair suits you so much this way! Happy Tuesdayyyyyyyy x

  2. Love this outfit, the tights take it straight into autumn. I usually love this season but it needs to stop raining! x

  3. love your hair like this! x

  4. You look wonderful in this outfit, and your hair makes you shine when you wear it like this! xo

  5. You look absolutely gorgeous Laura! Your hair looks fab and that dress looks so nice with those tights 🙂 xx

  6. I love the dress. You might have worn in it the nicer weather but your colours are very Autumnal.

  7. omg girly your hair looks incredible!!! serious hair envy right now! you look so beautiful 🙂 <3

    Love Holz oxo

  8. OMG – I want your legs! Your blog posts inspire me to wear more dresses….love the colours on today’s one, Avril x

  9. Yep, love the colours 🙂

  10. I always get the urge to wear pretty dresses whenever I see your OOTDs!
    It literally hasnt dtopped raining in 24 hours here in Bangor, it’s rediculous!

    Love, Elizabeth xx


  11. Oh wow, you are so skinny. You look pretty awesome and I really adore this outfit :)! <3

  12. Gosh your hair looks gorgeous lately Laura!

    J x

  13. Gosh your hair looks gorgeous lately Laura!

    J x

  14. It has been horrible weather lately hasn’t it! Apart from stupid amounts of traffic near me it hasn’t been tooooooo bad *touch wood*

    Love this ensemble, you look so chic! Especially adore your colour matching with your hair 😉 <3

  15. Love this dress/tights combo, I have a pair this colour that remind me of you (is that weird?!!)

    Maria xxx

  16. I love your hair like this! It looks totally effortless but would take me hours to achieve in my own hair! x

  17. your hair looks amazing! i want mine to look this full of life! x

  18. loving your outfit! and yes i do hope one is too badly hit by the flooding!

    x your newest follower 🙂

    susan (http://tea-diary.blogspot.com)

  19. S_S

    Dear lord woman,

    You are just too god damn GORGEOUS!!! Give me your face NOW!


  20. This really suits you, Laura.

    Take care.

  21. Looking good Laura. Love the dress, the print and shape are amazing.
    I am wishing for just a little more sunshine before the leaves start to fall…

  22. You make me want to stock up on lots of Autumn coloured tights!

  23. This is utterly gorgeous – I love the colours!

  24. Can I just how much I love your dress! Fantastic colours for this season too.

    X x

  25. Oh my! I LOVE that dress! It looks great how you have styled it with the red tights too. xo

  26. Eva

    You look lovely! X

  27. Just read your next post first about you needing a haircut then read this and your hair looks fabulous! That frock looks great any weather.
    It’s chucking it down up here today I had to work from home as all the roads were closed, eek! x

  28. Your hair looks amaze! x

  29. looking extremely autumnal 🙂