Weekend Uniform

Skinny jeans and ballet pumps are a combination I never anticipated myself feeling comfortable wearing, but this year I seem to be gravitating towards them both at the weekends and learning to not hate the resulting effect. I usually only feel comfortable in jeans, or any tight trouser when I am wearing some kind of heel…but I think finally, at 27 years of age I have finally stopped hating my body.

Top: New Look | Jeans: Primark | Shoes c/o Shoe Zone

I’ve been on the hunt for some neutral colour ballet flats for ages and this bargain of a pair fit the bill perfectly, and unlike many a pair of pumps, don’t shred your feet on the first wear. I’ve had several pairs of shoes from Shoe Zone before and I am yet to be disappointed or notice that they are from a budget brand rather than somewhere a bit more pricey. I think I might get the black version for work- at only £9.99 it would be very rude not to.
I wore this outfit over a week ago now for a pub lunch with friends to celebrate my Birthday. The top was “borrowed” from Mum and was perfect over my Primark skinny jeans to hide a roast dinner baby. I seem to live in these jeans despite having gained a lot of weight since I bought them, I thought I would have long grown out of them but it seems that isn’t so, hurrah! Although at £9 it wouldn’t be a hardship to have replaced them.
I accessorised my outfit with my favourite ever watch by Olivia Burton and a necklace from the gorgeous Sushilla Jewellery, both of whom make the most beautiful pieces of adornment and I always get compliments on both the watch and the necklace every time I wear them.
Where do you shop for your flat shoes? Are there any clothing combinations you thought you’d hate until you wore them?


8 comments for “Weekend Uniform

  1. Looking great- and a really positive, well written post. I’m always surprised when I try a combo which I assumed wouldn’t suit me, but looks great. My cat suit for one…

  2. Rebecca Young


    I am so pleased that you are feeling happier with yourself. I just knew you would succeed.
    It is now nearly six months since I started to wear trousers and I can appreciate how you felt in getting used to jeans/pumps. I am in my 30s and never thought I would ever wear trousers but now I do without a second thought at least three days a week and I love them.

    Take care

  3. You look beautiful! <3

    Sounds like the perfect weekend go-to, and I love how you've accessorised it too (:

    I never thought I could get away with wearing a maxi skirt/dress, but I have a few now which I love!

    Sophie xo

  4. You look lovely! Nice photos, I love your top!

  5. SJ

    You look lovely 🙂 I want to like the ballet pump/jeans look but my feet are really narrow so unless I find shoes in a half size, ballet pumps always fall off my feet, boo!

  6. Those jeans look amazing on you. Loving your hair colour too

  7. Just scrolling through your blog and, well, Im SO proud to see how far you’ve come. If you lived nearer to Brighton I’d have to snatch you for a photoshoot, your wonderful lady and you should be proud of your body, its rockin’

  8. Katie

    I love this look and am jealous that you can wear certain things that I just can’t! lol I love the ballet flat look, but I have the opposite problem of you: I am only 5’5″, am short waisted, and have short corgi legs 😛