What a Girl Wants; Diamonds

I don’t own diamonds, I can’t afford diamonds (that’s why cubic zirconia exists right?) but that doesn’t stop me dreaming.
I’ve seen online Diamond jewelry store  Anjolee pop up on several of my favourite blogs lately, so when I was invited to take a look too, I couldn’t resist!

My first port of call was the Diamond necklaces

This one in particular stood out…I’m not sure why. It vaguely reminds me of Audrey Hepburn and Breakfast at Tiffanys though.

And this one? A Diamond necklace called “life is great” simply spoke to me.

Should I ever revoke my “single for life” status (i.e. find myself a man…just NOT happening) then this ring would do nicely.

All the jewellery is customisable to suit your tastes and budget too, which I think is pretty awesome…

Are diamonds a girls best friend?


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14 comments for “What a Girl Wants; Diamonds

  1. Beautiful, but I dread to think how much they are! I love that second necklace, such a gorgeous design! x

  2. Ooooh I love diamonds, only have the one my mom gave me which hubs & I had reset for my engagement ring & now it sits in my cupboard …. back on my finger as soon as I am back in shape 🙂

  3. The ring is gorgeous, someone told me the other day that they’d upgraded their engagement ring 3 times as their husbands got better jobs, I’ve told my other half this, my expectations are high!!x

  4. what beautiful! i like so much this post!
    come to see my blog and my giveaway! iT is very glamour!
    i wait for you


  5. those are beautiful

  6. gorgeous!



  7. Ah, so beautiful. Is it sad to buy diamonds for yourself lol?

    Nat x

  8. They are all fabulous, now all I need is a sugar daddy to buy me them!

    Ant takers? ( mind you they would have to be around 90 so I think I might pass!LOL!)

    X x

  9. There’s always a place for diamonds in a girl’s life, on a finger, in one’s ears, or around one’s neck. I almost hate that diamond rings are all to do with marriage (although only since the early 20th Centruy) as I love diamond rings.

  10. They really are a girls best friend, but the type of best friend that is absent for most of your life unfortunately!

    Jazz xo

  11. Pretty but personally I’m not really a fan of diamonds. I prefer stones with more colour, rubies, sapphires, emeralds, amethyst etc. I like the idea of a Ruby engagement ring, such a pretty stone and it symbolises love 🙂

  12. Well this is good info for me. Thanks for sharing this!