What I want as a tenant in 2018*

Ok, so the title of this post might be slightly misleading in as much as I’m not currently a tenant, but hopefully 2018 will be the year where I once again move out of the parental home and in to a place with Bob and Pablo. It’s very likely that this will be a rental property rather than a purchase, which can be a drain both financially and with the limitations that being a tenant rather than an owner brings. With that in mind I’ve put together this post with Tenants insurance from HomeLet to explore what would make life as a tenant easier.

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A top priority for myself and Bob is of course finding somewhere that allows pets. This seems to be a huge limitation, and to some extent I can see why, but in a property that contains all of your own furniture, with an additional deposit paid against any pet incurred damages I do think that more landlords should be open to allowing a pet or two. I was lucky in my previous flat that I was allowed Tobias, and Bob had no problems getting consent to bring a kitten home (gratuitous photo of Pablo below) but we’re dreading searching for somewhere that will allow us to bring the fluff-ball with us.
Another consideration for me when we start our property hunt would be flexibility on putting our own stamp on the place- I’m not talking complete redecoration, but to be allowed to hang a few pictures or pop up a shelf or two would be a real bonus. Of course with the caveat that everything would be removed and holes etc filled in before we moved out.

I’d definitely like it as well if there was an online “hub” where you could pay your rent, bills and any other fees all in one place, with an easy to follow system that shows you/alerts you when everything is due. Maybe something like this exists by now, but it didn’t a couple of years ago and to be honest I found it a complete nightmare keeping track of when I needed to pay rent, water, council tax, gas and electric and it often got complicated trying to make the payments too- having it all in one place would make life a hell of a lot easier.

Finally I think it should be a thing where all rental properties are decorated in a neutral way. Magnolia walls might not be the most exciting (see point about adding own stamp above) but when I was viewing flats before I’d think I’d found the perfect place only to find that one of the rooms had blood red walls or a psychedelic carpet that I just couldn’t deal with.

Oh wait,
there is one more thing- PARKING!
This is such a bugbear and I don’t even drive! I do think it should be mandatory that all rental properties come with some kind of allocated parking- on road or off road it doesn’t matter…but it would be nice to be able to get home and park within a square mile of your front door!

What have I missed off my list of requests? A kitchen kitted out with all of the latest gadgets? A garden (and not only a garden, but one that maintains itself?) Affordable rent (hah!)
I’d love to know your thoughts below.


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