what’s in my bag?

I’ve noticed quite a few of these posts pop up on my google reader lately, so thought I may as well jump on board the bandwagon; if nothing else it gave me a kick up the bum to sort out the contents of my bag!

1. The Bag- Marc by Marc Jacobs, my best impulse/sales purchase to date. I’ve never used a bag for so long without getting fed up by it or destroying it.

2. Birds Eye View

3. The Essentials- Ipod (not sure where the ear buds are!), Wallet (Modalu), ancient Blackberry, Filofax (a.k.a. my brain), note book, little purse where I keep a mini first aid kit of plasters and pain killers.

4. The Mess- Spare tourniquet in case I don’t have my old faithful Daisy one on my at work and I’m needed to take bloods, Various sweetners/mints/tictacs (there is usually some gum and a cereal bar or two as well!), Business Card holder, Bunny coin purse, Keys (home and work), Memory stick (my other brain), MAC studiofix powder foundation, Revlon lipbutter and MAC tinted lip conditioner, mini perfume.

It never really changes, and I could probably stand to be a bit more organised. If I’m going to be out all day/travelling I change things round and swap my filofax for a book or magazine…sometimes I change my bag over for a day or so, but it always comes back to this one.

What’s in YOUR bag?


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  1. You put me to shame – it looks very organised! There’s no old sweet wrappers or receipts for a start!! Love the bag, I’ve been eyeing a lovely Marc Jacobs number for months now and keep debating whether to just take the plunge, tempting!x

  2. These posts fascinate me, I’m so nosy! Is that little purse a Disaster Designs job? I’ve got a few of their bits and love it!

    You need a little pouch to keep all your little odds and ends in, I’ve started doing that and it makes it so much easier to find a little packet of mints or a packet of tissues in a big bag. Your MJ bag is gorgeous btw xx

  3. This looks like my kind of bag, plus we have the same phone šŸ™‚

    Jess x

  4. Your bag looks so neat and organised, mine is filled with scrupled up bits if paper and about 5 lipsticks plus lots of stuff that the children put in there like hair bands, clips and sticky sweets. Plus my phone, purse and umbrella

  5. amen to the ancient blackberry!x

  6. Thats a very neat bag indeed. My is a tip! I tend to use the same bag day in day out for work and then change during the weekend to a much smaller one.

    X x

  7. AVY

    That little wallet is really cute.




  8. Love the Marc Jacobs bag! I’m terrible for using a bag until it nearly breaks as I can never be bothered to keep transferring my stuff over!

    Caroline x
    Caroline’s Catwalk

  9. you bag is so full!lovely post.i really like your wallet.

  10. Your bag is far more organised than my own. Mines like a trash can for receipts and cinema tickets and whatever else the husband throws in my direction for me to carry lol.

  11. your bag is great! Such neat contents too. x

  12. this fuschia wallet is supercute!!

  13. You have a lovely bag :O! Check out my new Boots haul?


  14. That bag is very nice as are all the other receptacles inside! So pretty! Mine is a heap of junk and grotty tissues!

  15. Yay! You have very pretty bag contents. I always think it’s good to have pretty things in your bag to give you a little brightness on dull days.
    I have the bunny purse in pink, my friends know my love of bunnies well šŸ™‚

  16. I’m so nosy, I love these kind of posts!
    And I have the pancake keyring too šŸ˜€ except mine looks decidedly more battered than yours! x

  17. SJP

    I love posts like this – satisfies my nosey side : ) My bag is a mess!

  18. Ooh gorgeous, love Marc Jacobs, I have a purple one I need to dig out again. I swap my bags around quite a lot but they always have a ton of pens and tampax in them!

  19. Lovely post! I love the colour of your filo fax, I really need one!

    Megan Jane // Seek My Scribbles

  20. Lois Jane

    Oh Laura, that bag is gorgeous! I’m also loving the notebook and bunny coin purse – where did you find such a cute purse? Lois xx

  21. Zoe

    I love these posts and you have such lovely stuff in your bag. My bag is a mess.. I definitely need to do some sorting and get cute little bags to put stuff in and organise. Love the mini first aid kit!!

  22. It’s been too long since I’ve seen one of these posts, I adoooore them! Your bag is so cute, I love your Paper Plane wallet and the pancake keyring!

  23. I love this post, your bag is lovely and I adore your little coin purse it’s so cute!!


  24. we almost have the same items in the bag except that I’m a bit disorganized and lazy in cleaning out my bag, hahaha!!!I love your bag, I wish I can afford to buy one. <3