yellow legs

Good morning and Happy Monday, lets hope it’s a better week all round eh?!
The weather is stunning today which I’m taking as a good omen, but only time will tell…

Kicking off the week with this weekend’s Strictly results for those of you who are interested:

As always, see the official BBC website for more details!
Who caught Amy Winehouse’s god daughter’s performance? She is SO talented. Loved it.

Outfit wise I decided to break out one of my many new pairs of tights. One opened, 12 more packs to debut *rolls eyes*…yes, I really do have a problem I think.

(sorry I look so miserable!)



Better photo of the boots


I’ve also started putting together some gift guides on Cant Help but Be and kicked off today with part one, introducing the delicious sounding Chocolateque so please check it out, there is a link to their website on the post.

And on the subject of gifts, what guides would you like to see? Anyone you need ideas for? Always find your best friend hard to buy for? Let me know and I’ll see what I can do in the way of a post.


58 comments for “yellow legs

  1. In love with your dress! x

  2. Oooh, adoooore. Those boots? Wanna hand em over? πŸ˜‰

    And love how you use coloured tights…..I’m usually wary of the more out-there colours but you’ve proven that they look phenom if done right.

    Sweet….here’s to the other 10 packets haha πŸ˜€

  3. Oh I think I’m in love with your tights collection too:) You seem to have every colours of the rainbow!!

  4. lovely boots and dress

  5. So pretty darling (:

    bisous, xx

  6. A girl can never have too many pairs of tights!

  7. Sooo loving the mustard yellow tights. Too pretty

    I think I might have to hunt some down for myself. Your blog always makes me want to purcahse new things, this is not good for my bank balance…(but oh-so good for my soul haha)

  8. Your dress and tights made me think of the caribbean and pineapples:) Love the ‘exotic’ look πŸ˜€

    12 more pairs…am waiting!

    Love ya xoxo

  9. You rock those tights, they look awesome!
    Love the boots too!
    Have a great day!

  10. I find that a splash of yellow in my outfit always manages to lift my spirits. Hope it works the same for you too.

  11. Ahh the injection went ok? and you have to have blood tests a lot!! Sounds painful, I have had about 3/4 in the last two years and they were a real pain -in both senses.

    the HPV injection was ok, but my arm is still aching…

  12. such a fun look-it’s Monday everyone is a little mis but at least you look great! xx

  13. I’ve wanted a pair of yellow tights for ages, but I’m not sure how to style them. Perhaps I should just invest in a pair and cross that bridge once I come to it. πŸ™‚

  14. The boots are just lovely with the yellow tights! I’m really awful at buying gifts in general, so I can’t wait to see your guides!

  15. Kb

    Tights addicts unite! I had two pairs come today, can’t wait to debut them too. I agree about the Strictly performance, depresses me how all these young people are so talented!

  16. daaarrrling, i love your boots!

  17. I absoulutely love the dress, its so pretty!

  18. love the boots! look great for autumn πŸ™‚

  19. oh your outfit is so cute. you don’t look miserable! lol. love it.

  20. the boots r great πŸ˜‰

  21. I really like the tights ! They are one of my mose fave things ! They look fab with the dress and boots!

  22. LOVE the boots and the mustard legs!

  23. Gorgeous dress. Love the lux fabrics and relaxed shapes, magical!

  24. Great tights. I haven’t tried yellow yet but feel like I should now!!

    Gift guides, um one for boyfriends and one for grandads!!! they are really hard to buy for…

  25. You make the yellow tights and purple skirt work, Good job I sayyy!
    and good job on your blog, it’s tres biennn’!
    Have a look at mine sometime if you wish.

    Faye @

  26. I love your boots and tights. What a beautiful outfit!

  27. I love your boots and tights. What a beautiful outfit!

  28. I love your boots and tights. What a beautiful outfit!

  29. I love your boots and tights. What a beautiful outfit!

  30. I love your boots and tights. What a beautiful outfit!

  31. My mum is RUBBISH to buy for because she’s allergic to most cosmetics, doesn’t wear perfume, has tooooo much jewellery, is always on a diet (no chocolates) and is way too fussy with clothes. My poor dad usually gets socks or a World War film. Any advice is welcome over here!!

    nicola xx

  32. omggg
    amazing boots
    and i love that skirt
    the satin bottom is really nice

  33. you have lots of colorful tights, how many colors do you have ?


  34. that is a cute purple floral dress, and nice combination with the over sized blazer and boots, i wonder how it looks like if you lay off the tights πŸ˜€

    I love Amy Winehouse and her remix of the Specials’ songs ;P

  35. je adore ur floral dress is so sweet with awesome blazer.
    cool ur boots .,raawwrr :DDDDD

  36. MJ

    Awesome tights. If you’ve got so many coloured pairs, you should go for wearing one leg of each just for kicks! πŸ™‚

  37. Oh, I love your yellow tights. And pairing them with purple = perfection.


  38. Love the print on your dress… and the boots! I’m really needing some colored tights myself. I think it’s the perfect way to spice up an outfit!

  39. Great jacket and boots, and I adore the dress from your last post πŸ™‚

  40. Very unique outfit! The print of the skirt is beautiful and the yellow tights really pop.

  41. loving those yellow tights on you. Makes me want to wear mine!

  42. your outfit is so suited for fall! and that dionne is SO good. i love her.

  43. I love this outfit! The colours compliment each other so nicely! Cute blog my dear πŸ™‚

  44. hi!! πŸ™‚ ok many questions to ask, firstly wear did you get your tights? are they a heavy denier or thickness as i need yellow/mustard thick ones for halloween costume but cant seem to find any. Also can you a gift ideas for dads cos i never know what to get my dad bar dvds and books.. thank you so much!! πŸ™‚ xx

  45. the floral dress and yellow tights are a winning combo!!

    -Simply Cheap Chic

  46. hope you feel better sweetie.

  47. feel better sweetie! love that print with the blazer!

  48. omgggg, i totally die at those boots with those tights!!

    how about a gift guide for, a 21 year old sister who is having a baby 4 weeks before christmas? hehe, or just sister gift guides πŸ™‚ Or an “all handmade” gift guide!

    Hope things are well!

    xox, mavi

  49. I love that blazer! just perfectly oversized. I have musturd tights too, they are my favorites, they seem so versatile.

  50. I have two pairs of yellow tights, and the one time i wore them everyone told me i looked like a bird…probably has to do with the fact i’m like mostly legs….but you’ve given me inspo to try again!

    thanks for the comment!

    ChloΓ© Mae.

  51. loving the skirt and your yellow tights! so cute.

  52. That dress and those tights are perfect!

  53. hahahha.. you do love leggings dont you???? Keep it up and you can be the QUEEN OF LEGGINGS! I will give you that title!!!

  54. i love mustard coloured tights! i need to start wearing mine again now i think πŸ™‚

  55. nice yellow “legs” and nice skirt! love it!

  56. wow i never even thought of wearing yellow tights, they look lovely!
    chocolateque pictures made me crave dark chocolate!

  57. I have been looking for a mustard tights myself! great look!

  58. Anonymous

    Wow, wear are you finding all the colorful tights?!-Feather