"you look kind of…Scottish"

The title of the post refers to how I was greeted upon my arrival at work on Monday. I can kind of see my colleague’s point; I was wearing a kilt and I do have Scot blood in me…I can live with that description quite happily.

I bought the kilt on ebay for a bargain price after seeing some gorgeous tartan skirts featured in Grazia magazine a few weeks ago. I’m not usually one to buy in to trends but something about this just drew me in and I’m rather delighted with my purchase.
I paired it with a simple black Primark knit and a vintage silver necklace. My Yull Chelsea boots were once again plated firmly on my feet.

I’m not quite sure why my face looks so orange in these photos, I swear I looked a lot more matching in real life! Oh cameras, you and I are destined to never get along.

Speaking along, I’d best move my ass along to work. Wednesday early starts are getting even harder now it’s dark and cold first thing. Winter has so few redeeming factors.

What was your last ebay bargain? Would you wear a kilt?


18 comments for “"you look kind of…Scottish"

  1. I do love that gorgeous skirt.

  2. Nic

    I love that skirt πŸ™‚ and I agree, it’s so hard to get moving on a morning when it’s dark outside πŸ™

  3. you KNOW how much I am loving tartan right now! This skirt looks brilliant, love how in these pictures your hair and kilt pop with colour x

  4. Love the skirt, I’m fancying a tartan midi on ASOS at the moment but it keeps being oos when I go to order it.

  5. Oh I love this tartan skirt. Pretty sure I would look like I was off to a wedding mind! x

  6. You look fantastic, I am a big fan of tartan & maybe if I had your height I would happily don your stunning kilt, alas I am not, but I would wear one if I had your style & was not so short.

    Happy Hump Day lovely bean <3 x

  7. LOVE this skirt, you are making me crave tartan!

    Maria xxx

  8. I love this outfit, I really need to get some tartan in my wardrobe! x

  9. it looks great and lovely with your hair. I love ebay though most of my best buys are film/camera related πŸ™‚

  10. Yay, tartan πŸ˜€ x

  11. loving the skirt Laura, tartan is so on trend

    x x

  12. You look amazing! Tartan is my fave thing ever, I think this might be my fave outfit of yours so far! xxx

  13. Aw I’m a sucker for kilts too, I really ought to wear mine more. My latest eBay barg was a pair of brand new Jeffrey Campbells for Β£8.50!

  14. I LOVE it, my leg wear was not dissimilar today!!x

  15. Love the tartan. My last ebay bargain was jewellery! 99p for the same sort of stuff you can get in highstreet stores for Β£10… brilliant! xx

  16. love the kilt, looks amazing cxx

  17. That kilt is fabulous, I love the length on you, you are so rocking this trend xxx

  18. This really suits you!