Zagg- a guest post by my Dad

Not so long ago I featured a Logitech iPad case that I was kindly sent to review. Shortly after that I was given the generous offer of another case, this time by Zagg and given that my Dad was eyeing up my Logitech wonder I decided to accept and let him review the case and keep it for his iPad.
The model we received was the iPad Profolio+ which boasted backlit keys, full body protection and an ultra thin design. It costs £109.00 in black- other colours may cost more.
Dad’s review (sent from his iPad of course) are below:

For those that want to use their iPad mainly as an E-reader the Zagg Keys Profolio+ is not for them. The rigid case makes it awkward but not impossible to use in portrait. The rest is all good news.

The case is slimline, rigid and protective. The magnetic lock when you close it is secure. Setting up couldn’t be easier. Once you power up and hit the pair button you just go to iPad settings,  enable Bluetooth and it pairs instantly.

The central groove holds the iPad securely whether using it on a hard surface or on your lap. There is a choice of 7 back light colours for the keyboard which are practical and look good as well.

I’m not the fastest typist but I found the keyboard responsive. The movement on the keys give reassurance that you have typed the character you want. I’m not sure how a faster typist would get on with it but it feels like a “normal” keyboard to me.

I found the shortcut keys useful (home, search, onscreen keyboard, volume, fast forward and rewind keys).

All in all I am very happy with this keyboard which enhances the experience of using my iPad.

4 comments for “Zagg- a guest post by my Dad

  1. A guest post from your dad? I love it =) ha.

    Corinne x

  2. Since my dad wouldn’t know the front of a keyboard from the back (!), can you ask your Dad if he’d do a Guest Post on our site also – any topic, any length – he can even plug his daughter’s Blog! If he dares to refuse, can you remind him this IS the season of giving (and taking!).


    PS I will write a Guest Post in return if you wish!