Guess who couldn’t come up with a post title!

Today is the end of the working week for me, 12 hours feels kind of measly, I’d be doing full time if I could!
It’s been a good week, I’ve learnt new things and challenged myself with snacks AND meals, hurrah!
Tomorrow will be a baking day in preparation for an American Supper hosted by one of the Doctor’s at work; I’m making key lime cheesecake and some malteaser cupcakes (because no-one could agree)

But back to today (or rather, yesterday as this is what I wore then)




Someone mentioned on formspring that they didn’t see how I could get away with some of my outfits for work…
Well, the only rule when it comes to workwear is NO JEANS. Pretty much anything else goes (although no boobs/bum hanging out). Everything I’ve worn to date has been met with approval and someone (er, Mum) would soon tell me if what I’d chosen wasn’t okay…so no worries there. It’s kind of nice, to be able to go smart one day (I like to feel smart for work) but on blah days to opt for something that I feel comfortable and confident in. So yeah!

Hope everyone is having a good week

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  1. Love the dress, where is it from? Anyhow, you look gorgeous as always! xxx

  2. just about to ask the same thing, i love the dress, where is if from? you have such a great collection if dresses and tights! i defintely need to stock up on dresses for spring/summer.

    ohh, maltesers cupcakes, sounds yummy πŸ™‚


  3. Aaah the print on that dress is lovely and you look lovely in it! =)
    I agree, the malteaser cupcakes sound lush!


  4. Malteaser cupcakes sound delicious πŸ™‚ Having a fairly casual dress code at work also sounds good. I’m wearing relatively long dangly earrings to work today and I’m not sure if anything will be said about them. Fun times ahead πŸ™‚

  5. I’m liking your work’s policy on workwear. Your outfit is way better than an everyday white shirt + black trousers kind of workwear πŸ™‚

  6. I assume that Formspring questioner has a very strict (aka bland) dress code for work? I’ve never seen you wear anything even verging on inappropriate. Your outfits are always colourful and interesting but surely that’s a good thing for work? Makes the day brighter!

  7. I’d agree with Alex, you always look lovely and more than appropriate for work. That dress is lovely with those tights. xxx

  8. Your outfits are always lovely and modest enough for any working environment, I think! I love that you add a splash of color and wear pretty prints πŸ™‚

    β™₯ Leia

  9. D.

    When I see your outfits, I immediately want to wear a dress!

  10. I love your work wear, it’s always so different and fun πŸ™‚ It’s pretty much the same for me (though we can wear jeans), nothing too revealing basically.
    Malteser cupcakes sound delicious! xx

  11. Thats a pretty dress! And you always look lovely for work. They probably just work somewhere that they have a very limited dress code.


  12. Love that dress, looks great with those tights. xoxo

  13. Malteasers cakes! Yummy!

    You always look gorgeous and pretty and ultra lovely for work. Boo tsk Formspring!

  14. Ooh, excited about the baking. I currently have brownies in the oven (at 10.30am – weird). x

  15. Lovely dress!!! β™₯


  16. that dress is so pretty, def on I would wear. You’re so lucky you have free rein with workwear!

  17. It must be so nice to have such freedom with workwear!
    Your baking sounds amazing, I wish I was that creative!
    Love the dress as always!

  18. People ask me that sometimes, and I’m like…well this is considered business casual but with some personality! what is an American Supper????

  19. Title? Springtime? Lovely lovely floral dress, darling Laura!


  20. love the dress, very spring time as someone mentioned!! πŸ™‚
    the things you will be baking sound yummy! xx

  21. this really is a beautiful dress. Most offices ar casual. you should see us at BBC. we wear what ever as long as theres a coat to put on when needed.

    Dena x

  22. This is such a pretty dress and it looks perfect with the purple tights.

  23. Ooh Laura, j’adore that dress – it looks positively lovely with the purple tights! πŸ™‚

  24. I love your dress, you always have the best tights!

  25. Pretty dress! Pretty girl, and gorgeous sounding food πŸ™‚

  26. Your blog is lovely! I love reading!

  27. so pretty and I love the tights. I cant wait until it gets a little cooler here so I can wear mine again. xo

  28. I would like some of your malteser cupcakes please, they sound yummy! Love the dress on you, so sweet!

    Daisy Dayz Home
    Cross-Jones-Photography Home

  29. I love you in those tights (and matching dress) woo!


  30. The dress and tights are so lovely and perfectly appropriate for work, in fact I always think your work wear is stylish and practical x

  31. with or without a title still i love the dress!!a big kiss!

  32. i love th print ^^ and thats pretty cool about ur work dress code :p

  33. I love the outfit choice, and I think it is amazing that you can wear pretty much whatever you’d like!

  34. love the dress1 where do you work?

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  35. That dress looks gorgeous. It’s a perfect outfit, I like it.

  36. I lvoe that dress – the sleeves and neckline are sp pretty, interesting and flattering!

    I love all your work outfits so far – they’ve all been fun, but totally appropriate too imo.

  37. I think your work outfits are great. I work in a creative environment so we can wear anything – I live in jeans and last week wore my leather trousers to work. I love not having to be suited and booted (boring!). xx

  38. I’m so jealous of your tights collection! & I love all of your work outfits I’ve seen πŸ™‚ xxx

  39. That colour is so good on you! Have you dyed your hair? It looks lovely xx

  40. Abi

    Cute dress. Malteaser cupcakes sound like such a treat. Hope it turns out well

  41. I really like the colours of this dress, the print is really pretty too. I would totally wear something like this to work too – have to keep it fun!