comfort clothes

Tuesday was one of those days where nothing I put on felt right. Outfits that seemed perfect in my head, were in reality, quite dire. Desperate and on the verge of running late for work I racked my brains for something I knew would make me feel presentable (not an easy feat when it’s grey and drizzly outside) and opted for my River Island leopard print skirt. The cut of this is so flattering and the swishy nature injects a little bit of fun!




At the other end of the comfort spectrum, you can’t beat PJs! This amazing pair was made for me by the wonderful Char (at my request of long and baggy!) Girl did good!


Close up of the fabric


Someone else getting comfortable!


Other things making me cheery right now…

Mum clearly read my blog and bought me my first Valentine (haha)


She’s such a cutie.

My new favourite hair care…I won some Umbertto Gianni goodies before Christmas and loved them. I was in Boots the other day and saw the full sized products on 3 for Β£10 (they sell for around Β£5 each)


I’m especially impressed with the overnight mask. I was a bit worried it’d make a mess of my pillow but it absorbed in to my hair well, and I woke up with softer hair than I’ve had in ages!

(sorry the outfit photos are such bad quality, I’m struggling with light etc at the moment)

52 comments for “comfort clothes

  1. I love the leopard skirt print, everytime I see someone wearing ti I really want it. I want to try the umberto gianni backcomb in a bottle.

  2. Love that skirt! Really suits you!
    I also really like the overnight balm, was afraid that it was gonna make my hair greasy but it works really well!
    Ps. Your mum is such a sweetie!


  3. I love the print, colour and style of your skirt πŸ™‚

  4. i love the skirt, such a lovely oufit!! πŸ™‚

  5. That skirt’s brilliant on you and Char’s PJ’s are amazing. What do you think of Backcomb In A Bottle? I love it. xxx

  6. Oh check out those awesome pj’s! We were only in the fabric shop on Saturday – can’t believe Char made them and posted them to you so quickly!!

  7. Those PJ bottoms look soo comfy. When I get home from work I shower and get straight into PJs, can’t beat it! πŸ™‚

  8. Those pj bottoms are awesome. If only it was possible to go to work in pjs.
    Have a good day. Xx:)

  9. Firstly- love the colour of that leopard print skirt. Second, how adorable is your friend for making those pj trews?! They’re so cute, and look so soft and cosy.

    Also, your mum’s a doll.


  10. I have backcomb in a bottle and love it! It’s great stuff!

  11. Those PJs look so cute and comfy! And your mum is sooo sweet.

    β™₯ Leia

  12. A love a bit of leopard print and that skirt looks great on you, very swooshy! And once again your cat is adorable, he looks a little guilty in the photo :p xx

  13. Ahh, hello Flash!

    Laura you look so much more stylish in your so-called ‘comfort clothes’ than I would in my old baggy jeans and hoody!

  14. The leopard print skirt is a really lovely cut! I love swishing around in skirts like that.

  15. love the outfit, great to see a longer length leopard skirt πŸ™‚ those pj’s are super cute too x

  16. I think my mum must have shrunk my one in the wash, it is nowhere near the length of yours haha! The skirt is one of my to go outfits too as it can be dresses up or down!
    The print on those PJ bottoms is so cute!

  17. leopard, yes, raaaaaawwrrrrrr!!!

    I am awaiting my leopard wedges in the mail πŸ™‚

  18. The jammies are so cute!! I love the print on them and they look so comfy.

    Your leopard print skirt is lovely as well. Leopard print is definitely a print you can never go wrong with.

  19. Ahh love the leopard skirt! Sally x

  20. sexy print skirt! <3

  21. Those PJ’s are pure awesome!

  22. Excellent choice, I love that leopard print skirt. Love your kitty too and your pjs are so sweet.

  23. Those pj bottoms are so cute, Char is clever indeed.

  24. Love the leopard skirt!

  25. Adorable pjs πŸ™‚ And cat!
    I know, i didnt know much about the website till i saw some of my fav bloggers being posted on it, next thing i knew…they were emailing me πŸ˜€ <3

  26. I hate those kind of mornings but you created a perfect outfit love that skirt this style always looks so good on you and it looks fab teamed with the super cute blouse xoxo

  27. Those pjs are so cute! and i’m a sucker for leopard print!
    Claudia xxx

  28. The outfit is great! I had one of those days this morning; I changed my outfit three times! I hate that.


  29. That lepoard skirt really suits you πŸ™‚
    + n’aww, those pjs are adorable, so’s your cat! xx

  30. I love leopard print. So naturally I adore the skirt.

  31. I really do love that skirt. Those pj bottoms are fab too!
    How is the backcomb in a bottle? I’ve been tempted to try it.xx

  32. U look so lovely!


  33. The leopard skirt is so lovely, a perfect go to item. I swear by Umbertto Gianni products, and the packaging is pretty adorable too, I love the illustrations x

  34. I love that blouse with the skirt!
    Great outfit!
    The print on your pjs is so cute too!

  35. Love Umberto Giannini stuff, I got some for my birthday and then requested more for christmas. Tres good stuff!
    Pyjamas are my favourite, I saw some really comfy looking ones in Topshop but ALAS, not in my size. It was a sad, sad day.. x

  36. I’m pretty sure I’ve said this before – but I just love that skirt!

  37. I’ve been looking for a hair mask for a while now – will check that one out.
    And love the valentines present from your mum! Are they little love notes?


  38. That skirt really is incredible – I love mine too. xx

  39. so cute your um got you a valentine:) Love good hair products, i’m using the body shop at the mo

  40. Love the skirt and pjs! There is nothing better than relaxing in your fav pair of pjs!

  41. Love the Japanese character prints on those PJs! And the hair products, such a good deal I might have to check Boots!xx

  42. beautiful prints on your PJs!!! love your skirt, you look amazing! x

  43. That skirt is super cute! And I love your pj pants. They look really comfy. πŸ™‚

    Those hair products look awesome. I’m kind of a haircare nut so I’m always looking for new products. Maybe I should give these a try! xo

  44. Adore that skirt Laura looks great on with that top, oooww I love the pJ bottom they are so cute xxxx

  45. Adore that skirt Laura looks great on with that top, oooww I love the pJ bottom they are so cute xxxx

  46. Adore that skirt Laura looks great on with that top, oooww I love the pJ bottom they are so cute xxxx

  47. Adore that skirt Laura looks great on with that top, oooww I love the pJ bottom they are so cute xxxx

  48. Adore that skirt Laura looks great on with that top, oooww I love the pJ bottom they are so cute xxxx

  49. That skirt is perfect for you, it’s such a good length and the print is fab.
    And I’m very jealous of your pjs, I wish I had such creative friends πŸ™‚

  50. Those are fabulous PJs, Char is so talented!
    How sweet that your mam got you a little early valentines.

  51. Loving the leopard skirt! Too cute.

  52. i love your skirt and the pants so cute!!!!