03.03 little wishes

Hello, how’s your week going? UK lovelies…how amazing has the weather been the last couple of days? Finally a reprive from winter dullness!

Today I am sharing with you a few of the items off my current wish list. I’ve found myself veering away from clothes somewhat, having seriously run out of space and money
(we won’t talk about the bargain dress I bought yesterday in New Look’s amazing sale)
and moved towards the other essentials in life!


The one clothing items I AM desperate for is the perfect jersey maxi dress, and this one from Oasis at ASOS, £35 truly fits the bill. Perfect for layering now with tees and cardigans, and wearing bare armed with sandals all summer.



Also from ASOS are these two amazing pairs of tights, priced at £8 each they cost mroe than I normally spend on tights (mine typically come from Primark or majorly reduced in other places and rarely cost more than £2 a pair) but I WILL get these some way and some how!


Rounding off the ASOS lust is OPI nail polish in Absolutley Alice, £9.95. I own Mad as a Hatter from this collection and this is also calling my name.


Continuing on my Alice theme are these adorable earrings from loveheartsandcrosses a site I only came across the other day. Check it out…instant love. This pair costs £6.


And finally, what would a wish list be without a pair of shoes, and something from New Look? Well these cover both…one word…WANT. £35.

What are you lusting after? Any ideas for my next post? I miss posting outfits, though I’m sure you guys are glad of the reprive 😉

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  1. I have been so glad of the nice weather has really cheered me up 🙂
    I love asos and those tights are really awesome!
    I want those shoes too =)

  2. I love reading other people’s wishlists, you get to discover so many goodies in the process!

    That maxi dress is gorgeous and like you said perfect for layering! And I adore the “alice” items such as the nail polish and earrings! What colour is your “mad as a hatter”? Maybe you could show us your nail polish collection next:P

    Those tights will make a wonderful addition to your already wonderful collection!


  3. Ooo the maxi dress is gorgeous, and so are the tights. I’m lusting over what winter boots to buy…so sad we are coming into winter in a few months and youguys coming into summer. Boo you suck! ha ha joking joking. x

  4. Those tights are quite alright. I want a pair!

  5. i love that nail polish! i’m constantly lusting over lululemon clothes :). not quite fasionable street clothing, but doesn’t stop me from wearing them as if they weren’t workout clothes haha

  6. Oh how cute are the rabbits..as for my wishlist, I’m still determined to track down the heart cardi and duckling necklace from topshop..and some heart pumps from monsoon..hehe but perhaps i should try on my other new things first.

  7. that maxi dress looks so sleek, yet comfy. Also, those comic book tights have got to be the coolest tights ever!

  8. The rabbit earrings are adorable. Sort-of glad maxi dresses are back too, although you will look far more elegant than I in one! Currently wisting apple print skirts on Etsy and a jersey weight fabric for making my own infinity dress. 🙂

  9. Oh I love those tights!!

    I think Topshop had something very similar to the jersey maxi dress but in a really lovely shade of blue. Maybe a bit more summery?

    I think I’ve got everything off my wishlist, hurrah!

  10. Ahh, I went to have a look in New Look the other day and I couldn’t find anything I wanted! But those shoes are gorgeous!!

    Also I agree, get the maxi dress. I think it’d really suit you.


  11. Kel

    I got a jersey maxi skirt from ASOS and can honestly say it’s the comfiest thing I’ve ever worn. Flattering and can even be worn as a dress come summer.
    I love all your wish list, those earrings are so cute!

    X x

  12. the weather has been awesome hasnt it eeeek 🙂 OMG love them shoes, i need some new heels aswell for when i got out this weekend!
    Might check the new look sale ut thanks!
    And sorry not been commenting lately S

  13. Great wish list, makes me want to go shopping!
    New Look have a similar jersey maxi for £15, might help save the pennies a little!

    P.S. How cute are those earrings!

  14. love that first dress! i am definitely after something similar. also that nail polish is so great. looks like something i would have loved when i was like 11. very cool.

    yes, the weather has been so glorious! no sun today in oxford… but i’m still living off the high the sun gave me the last two days! xx

  15. Th comic book thights are so wild ^^ love them

  16. I may be in love with those earrings.

  17. those earrings…OMG perfection

  18. The earrings are beautiful!! And I love the dress on the first picture, it looks so comfortable.

  19. I love the tights and the dresses! I never get tired of your outfits. Fashionable people amaze me.

  20. A wishlist is a great thing, I often make these and sometimes they become reality. That maxi dress is gorgeous, very Halston. Sorry not to have been by recently I’ve been a little under the weather, all well now though x

  21. Loving the Roy Lichtenstein-inspired pop art tights.

    PS Baking, interiors, Super-kitty Flash are all stuff I love reading about.

  22. Those heart tights are amazing. I couldn’t pull them off, but you so totally could.

  23. OMG…That maxi dress is heaven on Earth. I WANT!!

  24. Happy lists are always fun, I’d love reading yours!

  25. that is infact the most perfect shaped maxi dress and the price is fab i need it in my life ha ha xxxxxxxxx

  26. Pretty earrings!

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  27. love those heart tights.. and those shoesss… AMAZING!

  28. LA

    Thanks a lot for passing way sweetie!

    Love the comic tights HA!


  29. you’d look great in all of those!

    i definitely. definitely. want every opi alice in wonderland polish.

    i’m seeing the movie at the nicest theater in town, balcony seating on sunday and i cannot WAIT!! : D i’ve always loved tim burton’s stuff. and johnny depp. lol

    will you see the movie? xo

  30. I know what you mean, I really have wanted those comic tights for ages now my profile picture is even of those tights!
    I am on a major shopping ban at the moment which lasts til April which you already know, eurrrgghh it is eating me up inside!
    From Dolly

  31. Lovely selections, darling, especially those shoes! And naturally you have impeccable taste in legwear as well!


  32. i like the maxi jersey and the bunny earrings are so sweet

  33. i love these shoes! besides, according to your last post, you have impressive collection of tights!

  34. I’m intrigued by your New Look sale purchase – I posted about the order I made on their website last night – v.naughty of me!


  35. I adore the maxi dress. Think it would look amazing on you.

    We had such brilliant weather in London. Went walking by Holland Park today. had brunch in a nice little place nearby. I feel so positive and bf is smiling 🙂

    I will email net a porter to ask about the £1 per month situation 😉 x


    A while back i saw some comic book print mens pjs in matalan.. Im kicking myself for not buying them cos i can’t them ANYwhere :'(

  37. oh, wow, some gorgeous items! you would totally rock those tights, those earrings and the booties, too! 🙂
    have a lovely day, darling Laura- I hope you feel better.

  38. heart the heart tights!

    and YES! the weather has been so amazing.. though it’s supposed to take a turn for the worst this sunday… 🙁

    But it’s SPRING now, so I’m hoping it’ll be lovely weather again next week. It’s been a long while since I last woke up Monday morning feeling happy because the sky was a clear blue… 🙂

  39. Jen

    those bunny earrings are absolutely adorable! i can’t wait until alice in wonderland finally comes out!! 🙂

  40. love that first dress!

    For everything about fashion:

  41. im lusting after a closet full of t by a.wang tees

  42. Oh, that shoes are just adorable! <3


  43. I’ve had my eye on those bunny earrings for agesss

  44. Oh such a lovely finds!
    I especially love the tights!

  45. those tights are amazing, the weather made me so happy i can’t even tell you but now its gone again!!

    Thanks so much for stopping by darling =]

    Stay safe and chic ma chérie,
    English Rose x

  46. i MUST have a pair of those comic print tights!
    & those rabbit earrings are soooo cute.

  47. Those tights are so fun and cheerful! I love them.

  48. Its so nice being able to see the sunshine for once and a semi blue sky. Love the cartoon tights, i’d never be able to pull the look off but they are great!

  49. Jen

    LOVE the jersey maxi, LOVE the black and white heart print tights, LOVE the shoes! WANT them all!!

  50. They’re all great picks! You have no idea how much money ASOS has robbed me in the past year :-). Those shoes are gorgeous! xoxoxoxoxo

  51. Oh my goodness, those tights are lovely! I’m in California, so I’ve never heard of ASOS until now. I am definitely putting their flowered tights on my wishlist, though.

  52. OHMYGOD I seriously love those boots and earrings, so so cute. I have the heart tights but mine are white with black tights, i might give them an airing this weekend xx

  53. i need those tights!!!

  54. Hi :o)

    I forever lust after luminous pinks, unique ruffles that are free-flowing, and the colour brown which reminds me of chocolate! So, How about featuring unique designer jeans…like ones with buttons, rhinestones (i design a few rhinestone jeans) clutches with assorted jewerly and other objects, cute notebooks that are so fetish even the designer themselve didn’t want the stores to have them aha…….it’s just endless!

    But whatever you pick will be just as nice 🙂 I use to own a pair of pop art tights, where I also wore blue lipstick and 3 necklaces at a time. I was discovering my ‘flamboyant side’..now? I’m the simple chic chick that adores rain, lip gloss & simple FUN adventures.

    Have a lovely day 🙂

  55. Great picks! I’m on the hunt for perfect maxi dresses too.

  56. The first dress is great!

  57. Oh my. The first tights are just amazing!!! perfect. I want them I want them!


  58. Those tights are fabulous… I can imagine you styling them already. And the shoes is awesome. Hope you get everything on your list. xoxo

  59. I love this dress!! i really want a jersey dress althou with not having a flat tum im worried it’ll be unflattering on me. Love the bunny earrings and heart tights too!!! great selection 🙂

  60. cool tights

  61. ooh love that dress and those heart tights are so fun!

  62. love the tights and nail polish. kisses

  63. MJ

    I AM BUYING THAT OASIS DRESS NOW. Also, the thing about the crunchies made me happy! 🙂

  64. Hey darling it’s me again just wanted to let you know I’m hosting an amazing giveaway, hurry up and take part.


  65. I am not sure I know anyone that can get away with those tights, you might be the only one my dear.

  66. glorious maxi dress! i love it!! i love those tights and i love all of the alice and wonderland polishes by opi right now!!
    get the dress – – it will look fabulous on you!!


  67. Those comic print tights are amazing! I need a pair!

  68. Great finds! I found two wicked maxi dresses last summer, one was from White House Black Market in the US, the other was from a local boutique around the corner from me. I lived in those dresses all summer 🙂

  69. Love that maxi dress. Wow! I could dress it up or down and it seems so timeless. Adding to wishlist!

  70. May all your wishes come true!
    Vicki xx

  71. Hi Daisychain,
    You have such a girly girl blog, i love it. Thanks for the sweet comment on my jewelleries.

  72. oh no! i see more stockings on the wishlist! but i would also totally buy them! so cute.. love the comic print 😛

  73. adore that maxi!

  74. ADORING those tights! yumyum! And I know, the weather has been ridiculously nice! 🙂 xxx

  75. I am lusting after the perfect shirt dress. It is so hard to find one that isn’t transparent, and yet bohemian enough to make you feel free-spirited! 🙂

  76. I love the nail polish collection…how fun!

  77. Oh you know, i wish i can find a perfect maxi dress for myself.

  78. Those bunny earrings are ADORABLE!

  79. Great picks, especially the shoes are awesome *sigh* There are way too many great shoes in the world!

  80. the pop art tights are awesome!want a pair too:x

  81. nice wishlist! I crave for a maxi dress as well ^3^

  82. Great items! Loving that maxi dress!

  83. I like the tights in hearts! super cute!!!

    Thank you Love for your comment:) I hope you’re doing alright and I hope those changes will be positive.

    bisous ma belle!

  84. I love those heart print tights and the boots! There are some great, stylish items in New Look and ASOS (one of my faves) and really affordable too!

  85. Those tights are so you Laura, you MUST get them! 🙂 And I really like the maxi dress too, love the simplicity 🙂

  86. aww I love the comic book tights!

  87. Love the maxi dress!!!


  88. print tights are always on my wishlist!

    *since you are on a shopping diet, how about trying to mix and match your clothes in to whole new outfits? you could also share inspiration-items with us;)

  89. xs

    i can’t get enough of fun tights!

  90. I agree, the weather’s been so nice lately. Let’s hope there’s more on the way. And yes, vintagu fur, as I said to Leah I think is a bit different, butI could never wear it. Thanks for commenting as always. xxx

  91. cute stuff!


  92. oooooh I love the tights 🙂 so pretty!

  93. i want those comic book tights!


  94. Thanks for the comment! Genuinely love your blog
    love the dress from asos! Would work great day and night! I love your writing style and that unlike many bloggers atm, you actually make use of the English language
    will definantely follow you

    lcbkaba.blogspot.com xox

  95. I have also been searching for the perfect maxi dress to wear during summer! I love the new look heels too.I really need to start making a spring/summer wishlist!


  96. i love the heart tights! i have the glitter alice in wonderland nail polishes too but they ruined my nails so i stopped wearing them 🙁 the solid colors work for me though!

  97. those comic strip tights and heart tights are rockin’ my world!! i am so loving long dresses right now too!


  98. Love the heart tights and the long dress.

  99. Those bunnies are to die for! Too cute!

    I’m also on the hunt for the perfect maxi dress! I love the one you’ve posted. I do have a wonderful brown jersey one that I adore but I’d love to have a couple this summer!


  100. I adore all of these!
    Particularly the tights and nailpolish!

  101. Amazing tights! I heart ’em all!

  102. OMG, Ive been wanting comic book strip tights for the longest time!

  103. J.

    Wow. that maxi dress is truly amazing!!!

  104. Those heart tights are so cool! As are the booties. You have the perfect figure for a maxi dress, I wish I did! There’s one coming up in a lust next week 😉

  105. Just came across your blog – I LOVE that maxi dress!!! I want it 😉


  106. Anonymous

    :-O!!! The shoes!! -Becky

  107. wow. that dress is perfect for so many occasions. i think i need one too.