So the majority vote yesterday was that you guys wanted to see my tights collection. Because I am nice, I have obliged and took photos of most of what I own (a few pairs are currently in the wash)
The photos aren’t the best, but you do get the idea!


These are my detailed black tights and include sheer with floral sides, and heart polka dot style ones although these details dont show up in the photos.


The block colours…I think this is the pile where some are missing!


The patterned lot…as you can see, this collection badly needs adding to!


The boring plain ones for work and dull days!

As you can see, I am neither neat, nor organised and my collection lives happily tangled in a drawer. For this reason I will NOT be showing you the inside of my clothes storage, because it truly is shameful!

I also had a request or two for a look at the content of my bag, so I’ve done that for you as well!


My current bag is this Max C one from Asos.


Wallet, coin purse, envelope “voucher holding” purse, phone (nokia x6, which will get a post of its own soon)


Diary, notebook, keys, zip case, pen, tissues and matchbox friend (a good luck charm from a darling friend)


Zip case innards.


The rest of my junk including the best snack bars ever (well, no lara bars are but the UK stopped selling them), tea, mints, gum, cigs, various meds and sweetners.


Organised 😉

I hope that somewhat satisfies your curiosity! I’d love to see what you guys carry around, or what clothing/accessories you are addicted to.

Happy Monday

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  1. woah i droll over the tights collection!
    im pretty much addicted to cute shoes, tights, or dresses

    by the way have just followed your blog through google friend connect
    mine to follow mine back?

  2. & I thought I had a lot of tights, your collection is immense hun! I love tights cause I only wear skirts and dresses.

    Your bag is gorgeous, really love it.

    Love, Amy Marie.

  3. I can’t believe the amount of stuff you carry with you -it must weigh a ton! I like those bars as they’re junk free. Used to like crunching Polos until I started to boycott Nestle.

  4. You have an amazing tights collection. And it’s always great to see what’s inside a person’s bag… you somewhat get the idea what type of personality the person has.

    I conclude that you are one girl who doesn’t want to get hungry… what with all the assortment of goodies in your bag. Hahaha! Have a great week! xoxo

  5. Wow, that’s a lot of tights! But they are all very pretty.

    I really enjoyed this post since I am very curious. Your diary is adorable by the way.

  6. Oh, I have the same cat-shaped coin purse, but in red! I’ve had it for many many years now and when my first one got destroyed I got the exact same one again!
    Love the fact that you carry along tea bags… so british of you! 😉

  7. I love seeing what’s inside people’s bags.. it makes me justify the amount of crap that I carry around.. And that voucher holding purse is amazing!

  8. Girl after my own heart. I love tights and some of those are making me jealous hehe!

    Love the post about the contents of your bag… might steal that one. The little purse is so cute… I saw a paris one the other day and nearly bought it.


  9. I love it! Looks like you carry everything in your bag with you.. as do I – I have to be prepared for whatever.. even if its only tea time 😉


  10. Wow, you sure do own a lot of tights lol!! I’m very very impressed! I have the same problem with my tights storage, I wonder what’s the best way to keep them organized:P


  11. Kel

    Love this post!

    You have a lot of tights! Love the pink shimmery ones! pretty!

    And I love a good nose round someones bag, thanks for sharing – such a cute diary and I love that matchbox friend.

    X x

  12. Wow what a tights collection! Your notebooks are adorable…

  13. You have the most fabulous tights collection EVER!! Love it. 🙂

    And with the risk of sounding creepy, I really enjoyed seeing the contents of your purse. Lol. You have a lot of fabulous items in there! xoxo

  14. Your tights collection: WOW!

  15. wow that really is a huge tights collection!!!
    I really need to add more patterned ones to my collection and more colous =)
    My stuff is so unorganised but it really it’s organised chaos I know where everything is it just appears a mess 🙂

  16. All hail the Tights Queen – you truly are, Laura! Loving your collection! And adoring the peek inside your handbag – so organized and full of fun treasures!! 🙂

  17. cigs in the UK have “smoking kills” on them? wow. i love posts like this, getting a glimpse of a blogger’s day to day life! nice! i’m so jealous of your tights collection..you could start a museum solely devoted to tights lol

  18. wow all those tights?! your bag looks a lot like mine!

    For everything about fashion:

  19. Fab post, delightful collection of tights!!

  20. Holy man I am totally jealous of your tights collection!

  21. Wow what a collection!
    curiosity satisfied indeed~ yay for green tea!

  22. What a collection!! it’s full of colors ans I love that ! Happy to have seen in your bag !!!!

  23. wow, so many fabulous tights! I am envious. cute purse as well, you seem so organized.

  24. OMG you have a lot of tights !! You will be my go to person when I need a pair 🙂 Mon Mode Blog

  25. wow! you’ve got a pretty epic collection of tights! so fun to get a little peek into what you’ve got in your bag! xx

  26. Oh my, what a lovely lot of tights!

    I love handbag posts too. You’re much more organised than I am – mine is a jumble of dead pens and old receipts.

  27. You are the tight Queen!

  28. Holy jesus you have a lot of tights!! I dont think I have one pair. I actually went to a store over the weekend that had them, I thought I should really buy some of those, and then I got sidetracked and ended up at starbucks. I must say your purse is very organized!

  29. This post made me smile a lot. Love the tights collection, especially the purple tarten ones! x

  30. Love the tights…especially the brown floral ones and the maroon dotty ones next to them.

    Uni Qlo had lovely coloured tights for cheap too…shame they put the price again though…just as I was going to stock up on various shades of purple ones!

    Hope you are doing well. xx:)

  31. tehe i have a simliar cat purse and i lvoe the contents of ur bag :3

    love ur tight collection too i wish mine was as big as urs tehe :3

  32. woow,you have a lot of tights!!!

  33. LOL, you’re so english! you even carry tea bags in your purse 🙂 made me laugh. Love the bag and the tartan tights, I want some!

  34. Jo

    Great post, ur tights are amazing! JEALOUS! I love tights, bags, jewelery and hair decorations.

    I love to see inside someone else’s bag, so cool. I love your little purse, my bag is much the same but I usually have a hairbrush and a book or magazine in there as well!

    Have a great week.

    Jo xx

  35. Amy

    I am jealous!!

  36. Love all of the tights…

    I always find it interesting to have a peek into other peoples bags…love that you carry around sooo much with you.

    Love Jojo xx

  37. Oh I love this post. I love seeing what people have in their bags….curious me.

    My favourite tights of yours are the blue ones with pink flowers, I adore them.

    Hope you had a lovely day gorgeous.


  38. Oh I love this post. I love seeing what people have in their bags….curious me.

    My favourite tights of yours are the blue ones with pink flowers, I adore them.

    Hope you had a lovely day gorgeous.


  39. Jen

    So many pretty pairs of tights! I love the florals. Mine are also happily tangled in a drawer! Isn’t that how they’re supposed to be stored? 😉 x

  40. So many colours!!!
    i’ll be happy to follow and you’ll follow back?? 🙂
    http://lcbkaba.blogspot.com/ xox

  41. Iva

    fab tights!!!

  42. This is a lovely post! Thanks for sharing 🙂
    Hope you have a lovely Monday!

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  44. i am so jealous! what a fabulous collection of tights!

  45. Wow thats one impressive collection! And your bag is so organised! Mine is ful of junk lol

  46. two words …blog award, go collect hun (over on prettyneons;)
    peace & hugs

  47. I love the cherry blossom pink blue tights!! these are amazing! ps your whole tights collection is seriously impressive! 🙂
    vicki x

  48. i do love in your bag posts. i’m a tights addict too.

  49. The patterned ones are so beautiful!

  50. You have even more tights than me!
    I have the owl version of the cat purse, a charity shop buy from a few weeks ago.
    I LOVE ‘what’s in your bag’ posts, must do one myself soon!


  51. OMG did you get sent that phone too?!?!?

  52. Oooooo lovely tights. I should so do a post on mine! I try to keep mine neat but they end up tangled in the drawer too! xx

  53. the bag is FAB, so jealous! and wow you carry a lot around, isnt it heavy?! xxx

  54. you are nice! hehe And I love the pink tights in first picture. kisses

  55. I love your floral tights!

  56. wow, i love all of those tights!

  57. Ha ha ha, thanks for sharing!

  58. Oh wow! I’m loving those patterned tights! Everything you own is so cute and so you, hehe. 😀

  59. wow you have lot of tights collection, I like all of them esp the florals, Im very like know your bag!

    have a nice monday!


  60. Holy tights heaven! What an amazing collection!

  61. I love your floral tights!! xo


  63. Thanks!!! Your tights are fabulous! Have a lovely week!!

  64. i love when people share what’s in their purses & drawers! i am impressed by your tights collection…i have maybe 3 pairs!
    xoxo alison

  65. Got the idea! You own quite an extensive amount of tights my dear! Love the patterned ones! 😉

  66. Pia

    love wearing tights!! love your pattern collection 🙂

  67. amazing tights ciollection!
    really puts mine to shame…

  68. Your collection puts mine to shame! Very enviable. Tights are possibly the best type of clothing ever.


  69. holy moley! thats a lot of tights!

  70. WOW! That is an impressive tight collection, I have way too many black tights. Need some mroe colours… you’re a smoking! naughty naughty.. joking joking. My partners smokes but has started taking a speial drug to stop him smoking, so far so good. x

  71. Great post! Your bag is beautiful! 🙂

  72. Great collection of tights! And I love the contents of your bag , especially the diary and the notebook!

  73. Great patterned tights! Haha, mine are all tangled inside my drawer though.

  74. I have the same leather cat purse! What a huge amount of tights and what an organised bag – mine’s always overflowing with scribbled lists, charity shop receipts and general crap.

  75. i am in need of all of your tights! love!

    i need to do that purse thing it will be hysterical!


  76. So many tights, so little time 🙂

  77. What a great collection! Loved the simple colour ones and the tartan’s* Your purse is way too complete ^^ I always forget something, usually tissues -.-

  78. Amazing tights collection, darling! Especially loving the floral and plaid ones!


  79. I love your tights..the plaid and florals are fantastic. Great purse too..xo ava

  80. i’m that crazy with thights too…i have so many…

  81. OMG! Your tights collection is epic…there are so many block colour ones…love it!

  82. I would love to have my hands on your tights colllection I only have one pair of tights and they are black!

    From Dolly

  83. Kim

    Loving the colourful tights collection 🙂

    Just wanted to let you know that I’ve awarded you the Sunshine Award on my blog xox

  84. wow wat collection! i should really start packing snacks in my bag too

  85. You ahve SO many tights! *jealous much* And your bag is very organised, I wish mine was haha! 🙂 xxx

  86. you werent kidding whenyou said you had a lot of tights!! i love the coloured ones, where do you buy yours from dont think you said?

  87. they say that artistic souls tend to be far far from being organized 🙂 and I`m happy with this explanation 😀 love your tights collection, especially white with dotts, shiny purple ones and flower + tartan 🙂 wonderful 🙂

  88. I love your agenda. It’s really cute 🙂

    -The Trendy Fashionista

  89. i love your collection of tights. How long has that taken you to collect so many?!

  90. Love your tights collection!!


  91. Ooooh, U are a huge fan of tights as well. I have got two oversize suitcase of my tights. Haha! By the way I’m selective my black and color of pantyhoses.


  92. awesome post!
    haha it appeals to my nosy side!
    love all the cute little things in your bag (apart from the cigarattes :P) and that adorable purse especially 🙂

  93. lovely blog!

  94. vaseline ! yummy !

  95. oh I super doper ove your floral tights, and I just love how you have a green tea bag in your bag, I should deffo do that xxx

  96. sweet collection of tights! i sadly own only basic pairs. your posts are definately going to inspire me to get some more fun ones. cute bag, too!


  97. I love the floral tights. I’m inspired to buy more socks now. The envelope purse is so amazing.

    Ooo, the X6: I’m due an upgrade and was thinking of getting it. Is it any good?

  98. Anonymous

    lol. I think you’re very organized compared to me! 😮 My bag tends to fill up with sweet wrappers and other garbage in a week.
    I’ve never seen floral tights like that. Lovely. -Becky

  99. you have the BEST tights collection.

  100. Omg I luv ur tights collection hun! Its so good to be back and blogging again, hope ur well! xx

  101. Gem

    Yay I love these types of posts! I’m so nosey.
    We are phone twins, good old Nokia! 😉

  102. Waaah such a great selection of tights! love the pink/sparkly ones.
    & everything in your bag! 🙂

  103. sooo many tights! i love the pale blue, floral pair!

  104. Wow, your tights collection is MASSIVE! i love the patterned ones.

  105. Love the variety in your tights! I really, REALLY needed red ones over the last few weeks lol. I should just get them anyway, I usually wear tights well into April/May!

  106. great post! I love your tights collection and wish mine was as extensive.


  107. AWESOME! what an amazing assortment! i always love seeing the contents of blogger’s bags!

  108. YAAYYYY!! My favorite amongst all are your patterned tights….theyre just sooo FUN to look at! 🙂 love it!

  109. wow that’s a huge collection of tights! amazing.

    I am Denise Katipunera

  110. The sparkle purple tights from the first picture… are loooooooove!!!

  111. Wow…I think I have three pairs of tights. Can I borrow some of yours?

  112. very cool collection of tights!
    Mmm trident gum!

  113. GOLLY GOSH thats alot of tights !! 🙂

  114. Meg

    I’m so jealous of all your tights!

  115. Drool worthy tights collection!

  116. thanks for the peek into your life 🙂 i love your tights collection!!

  117. Kb

    Yay finally someone as obsessed as me!

  118. wow, what an amazing collection of tights! you are the only person I know who can pull off any tights! 🙂 love your whats-in-my-bag thing, too 🙂
    have a lovely day, xoxo

  119. I like your tights collection!!!

  120. I love your tights collection! Thanks for the look into your life. And you get so many hits, I appreciate that you are kind enough to visit mine despite having so many others to visit!

  121. LOL wow that’s a lot.

  122. t

    I love “what’s in your bag” posts! Also, nice tights collection. 🙂



  124. Aw, cute! I love seeing the insides of bags. Your tights collection is super! Jealous!


  125. jealous of the amazing tights collection!

  126. That envelope pouch has stolen my heart.
    My tights drawer is a mess too!

  127. I discovered Pamela Mann tights the other day while visiting Brighton. for some reason I have been unable to find any styles I like near me. I adore bold patterns but I laddered a pair within two minutes – I was so annoyed, they are the most expensive tights I’ve ever bought.

  128. I’m drooling over your postcard purse!