03.12 what I wore yesterday

Hello, how is December treating you? Good luck to those who have already entered the giveaway; and for those who haven’t, what are you waiting for? It’s open till Tuesday….go now!

Yesterday I experimented with something new-ish for me, in the form of black trousers. Borrowed from my Mum, these Zara trousers are so comfortable, I think they make a warmer change from dresses. As I didn’t have to leave the house, there was no need for thousands of layers, so I dug out a leopard print body I bought back in the Summer (oh how I miss the Summer!) and had yet to wear.





I have a busy few days coming up, with appointments, work and such, so outfit posts *might* become scarce, depending on how late I’m running and if I have time to take photos! We shall see though, I’m becoming very bored of my wardrobe lately, everything feels so…same-y. Must get more creative!

What do you do when you feel stuck in a wardrobe rut?


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  1. Luv the way u styled your trousers!! I do feel like that sometimes, then I look at street style websites and I feel better : ) Hope u well, have a lovely day : )

  2. love the jacket on you, really do.
    I know what you mean, I am bored of my wardrobe too. It’s huge but I still feel I never have enough esp for this kind of miserable weather.

    have a good day. x


  4. I wish I had an answer for the rut question. Because the other day I kind of realized I’m in one!

  5. If I am right, then the blazer is from Newlook??? Im not sure, I have one that looks exactly the same for £20!! 🙂
    Love the top on you also, you look like a model 🙂
    Hope i win the competition 🙂
    Looks amazing!!
    http://www.clashingtime.blogspot.com <3

  6. I love this experiment! :)! You look wonderful!

  7. I love this outfit! A fresh change from your usual look, and you really make it work.

  8. I accessorize :))

  9. EGS

    what a beautiful you are? this is a 1st time i drop by…and saw your beautiful face. amazing feature you have…and may god bless you!

  10. love the trousers!:)

  11. Love the leopard print top with the trouser. You look so chic!

    xo, Becs

  12. Those trousers look great, they’re a fantastic shape on you. It’s always good to experiment with clothes, and even better when the experiments work out!

  13. Trousers looks good on you too!! You remind me that I need some leopard print in the wardrobe!!

    I try to find some of the old pieces and experiment pairing them in totally different ways:P

  14. Nowadays when I dontknw what to wear, I just throw on a jacket 🙂

  15. Oh, those trousers fit you perfectly, you lucky girl! A very classy outfit there, young lady.

    If I’m in a clothes rut I’ll rifle through the wardrobe, rip something up, refashion it or just make something new from my obscenely big bad fabric stash!



  16. I love that blazer! 🙂

  17. love the blazer with it

  18. That’s a really nice look on you. I hope you will have a good rest of this week. Take care. Cheers!

  19. You look gorgeous! I love that blazer! XOXO

  20. what do i do?
    Shopping of course 🙂
    and when the wallet fails me then I revert to window shopping!



  21. gorgeous blazer dear

  22. thanks for your comment. i love your blazer and the outfit. Right now i feel like my wardrobe is kind of stupid. Maybe i’ll just pimp up some cheap pieces i don’t like.. xo

  23. Love your blazer, darling!


  24. Jen

    “What do you do when you’re stuck in a wardrobe rut?”

    Umm… buy new clothes! I’m terrible! *blush*

    Seriously though, I tend to buy one thing I know I can mix with my old stuff. Like that denim shirt – it’s so versatile and really freshens up a tired dress!

    You look so high fashion here. I love that androgynous look you do so well… the straight leg trousers really suit you. Gorgeous!

  25. i love this look – the trousers, top and blazer are great – chic as ever

    i’m bored of my wardrobe too – only one thing for it darling: SHOPPING!!!

    English Rose x

  26. i like the boxy feel of that jacket, the pants are fab on you. great cut.
    wishing you strength for busy days and appointments

  27. I’m agree with you, I must be more creative too.

  28. Jen

    you have such great style, i love that jacket with the leopard body.
    and when i’m stuck in a wardrobe rut i SHOP. actually, that’s a lie, i don’t have the money for that haha 🙂 mainly i just look around for inspiration and maybe borrow a few pieces from friends

  29. Amy

    It’s funny when I was in college, I would wear black trousers all the time. Now, I never think to wear them, but after seeing this outfit, I am asking myself why? You look wonderful.


  30. very, very cool-love that animal print xo

  31. oh nonono the same? This outfit I think is probs one of the best ones i’ve seen you wear – I always love blazers/suit styled clothes I just like the whole smartness of it!
    Oh how I miss Summer toooo 🙁 good times

  32. you inspired me!
    Love how your pants look.
    Thanks for your comment!

  33. Meg

    I love your leopard bodysuit. It looks really great tucked into those trousers. I’m in a bit of a fashion rut myself, so let me know what you find out!

  34. go op shopping and pick up something cheap and crazy to refresh my wardrobe. or just try new ways of combining old stuff. or get really crazy with some scissors and do some alterations!

    love your leotard… raaaar! xxx

  35. I have a leopard print bodysuit from TopShop that I’ve yet to wear. I was thinking of it simply as a costume piece, but you’ve given me ideas.

    Thanks for the comment! 🙂

  36. Wardrobe rut = misery. It really makes for some tough times if you ask me. I generally just make my mom come pick something for me to wear. She has great taste.

  37. E

    I’m excited to change up my wardrobe a bit lately. I love how you made these trousers look so feminine and so you!

  38. love ur experimence, I thinking to buy some trouser like urs, it looks very comfort 🙂


  39. Is that a bodysuit? Love it!

  40. simple and stylish. I usually add a bright scarf to jazz up my look when all else fails.

  41. this is a great look on you! love the bodysuit. and yes, i get into wardrobe ruts, but they pass. i just check out other blogs to get more ideas. hang in there!

  42. Love this look ! Simple but so chic . Adore your top and trousers 🙂 Have a nice day !

  43. great outfit, love the troussers.
    and as for your question; buy more clothes of course!! (after getting inspiration from magazines and blogs)

  44. Beautifil outfit!
    Happy weekend!

  45. cute outfit! yes it is quite refreshing from your usual skirt/dresses


  46. i looove the classic touch to this, your top is waaay cute 😉

  47. Love the monochrome outfit! Is that an animal print on your top? If so, I like the fact it’s quite subtle and not as in-your-face as some of the ones I’ve seen.

    If I get bored with my outfit, I tend to rely on accessories (jewelry, scarves, belts etc.) to spice it up a bit. They also tend to be cheaper to buy if you’re looking for something new, rather than splurge on a dress or top.

  48. I love that outfit! It really suits you.
    I’m in a constant rut these days. I feel like I’m having an identity crisis, nothing looks right on me!

  49. Always so effortlessly stylish!
    Love your top!

  50. a comfy outfit and a very nice one *.^

  51. Those kind of trousers are so comfortable and always chic, but I love the way you rock them up with the leopard print!


  52. Amazing outfit, darling!


  53. Okay, first…the trousers are stunning on you! You so need to wear those more often!

    Second, whenever I’m in a wardrobe rut, I reorganize my closet. It helps me to see what I own, and choose new outfits to wear! 🙂

  54. wishing you a fab day!

  55. I love the look of the trousers, esp with that lovely blazer!

  56. Great, versatile trousers!zo

  57. Loving the look! Always great when you get to wear a summer thing in Winter… Strappy dresses over long sleeved tops and tights with furry coats is my current absolute favourite thing! 😀 Xxxc

  58. Love the colors and the blazer is perfection!

  59. dot

    That’s funny, I’ve been in such a black trousers mood lately. I had a few pair a few years ago & I can’t find any of them, but none of them fit what I had in mind. What I wanted was kind of Audrey Hepburn trousers/ballet flats/white or pink men’s tailored shirt, but the fit is key.

    Can you ask your mum if I can borrow them, too?

    What do I do when I feel stuck in a wardrobe rut.. I just keep wearing the same thing day after day. That’s my solution. This week I’ve worn.. well, the outfit on my post with the leopard coat. Basically, what you’re wearing, but the leopard spots on a different item.

    This is the first time I’ve not seen you in a dress! I’ve decided you’d look great in a bin liner: you’d find a way to accessorize it perfectly.

    (Hey! There’s a fashion challenge for you!)

    Have a lovely relaxing weekend, & if I don’t hear from you for a while, I won’t take it personally. Hope work etc goes smoothly.


  60. Kb

    Lovely smart outfit. I’m trying to make a concious effort to wear the numerous things that I’ve forgotten about so I guess when stuck in a rut, I challenge myself to create something new out of something old. Alternatively I end up going shopping…

  61. Jen

    I really love this look! And ugh I love anything from Zara 😉

    When I’m in a wardrobe rut I tend to just wear some of the very few pieces I have that never fail me – a favorite skirt or jacket. It usually works. If not, give up and put on a tee-shirt haha.

  62. I know exactly what you mean!! I never know what to wear, I can stand hours for my closet and then still pick something ‘safe’ or ‘boring’.. and then when I leave the door I always regret it!! (Sometimes I just go back to change haha… ) So I wish I knew what to do when you feel stuck in a wardrobe rut! But I don’t… same problem here haha…

    I do love this outfit by the way!! Those pants look really classy!

  63. I wish some one would tell me what to do in a wardrobe rut! I am in one too, it is honestly very hard to go through, and with Christmas there isn’t much room for buying clothes.

    I do how ever love the black trouser look.

  64. Hi darling, thanks for the comment, have a nice weekend!!
    I still can’t believe that HEDI SLIMANE’s new fashion line “GALT” is following Check out Maison Chaplin with blogger! yay!
    The Bible of fashion: MAISON CHAPLIN

  65. Love love love this!


  66. i’ve been looking for nice pants like that for such a long time, unfortunetly there is no zara near me. that blazer is super cool too

  67. uh… what I do?

    I go buy new stuff… yeah I know *shame*


  68. I LOVE the blazer!

  69. You look very chic! and that leopard is a killer touch.

    -N + K

  70. Amazing outfit! Androgyny looks gooooood on you girl!

  71. Nice trousers, I’m digging the slouchy pants right now!
    X, fashionnerdic.

  72. Yay, leopard print!

  73. lovely outfit – i love the trousers! when i’m in a wardrobe rut i pick the most outrageous outfit, the one that is the most glamorous and everything. i don’t know why actually.. xxx

  74. ohh, how i need a blazer as nice as that!

  75. I lOVE this look..beauty!

  76. Effortless syle…so chic!
    Lovely weekend beautiful!

  77. love this one. It’s kinda boyish. But really charming.

  78. love the pants & the blazer so much!
    have a lovely day, darling.

  79. you look so professional, i love it!

  80. Very chic outfit! I’d wear that to work.