04.01 outfits

Good morning, Happy Monday (first one of 2010!)
Does life get back to normal for everyone today? In terms of work, school etc? It does here, parents both back in work, and I have my first doctors appointment of the year *rolls eyes*

Here are two outfits, one from yesterday (note the thermal top) and today. It’s so cold out, dressing is definatley all about staying warm, rather than looking good. Doubling up on tights, or tights under leggings, camisoles, thermals and cardigans. I’ll be so happy when this cold snap is over, though it’s meant to get worse before it gets better. Any Aussie/NZ bloggers fancy adopting me?






I decided against making formal New Years resolutions as I can’t stand the sense of failure that comes with not achieving them, but I do have some goals in mind that I’d LIKE to make happen.

– cut down on smoking (more incentive in that prices of cigarettes have risen now VAT has returned to 17.5%!)
– read more…any book recs?
– spend more time on hair, nails etc. This is something I often neglect, deeming myself un-worthy (as silly as that may sound) but something that always makes me feel good when I make the effort. I’ve made good headway with this due to re-newed nail polish addiction!

Oh, and I may regret this, but I made a formspring, so ask away!


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  1. hey beautiful,

    I love those boots. They are fab.
    you smoke? :(((( grrrrrr. No more ok? I keep telling off all my smoking friends. I know it doesn’t help but I still do it . Get yourself lots of OPI and Essie nail-polish instead πŸ˜‰

    love you x

  2. I’m going to start studying for my exams today πŸ™ guess everything is back to normal.

  3. Oh noo, I hate the fact that VAT has gone up again, I should have bought more last year haha.

    I agree, i’ve started painting my nails all the time but I might make the investment and go to a nice manicurist one day πŸ™‚

  4. Love these outfits especially the second one =)
    It is too cold I’m not liking it at all definately time for doubly up on things and extra layers πŸ™‚
    Things are definately back to ‘normal’ ha I have a lot I could stress out about right now but I’m trying to just take each day as it comes and putting as much effort as I can in to make things turn out right πŸ™‚

  5. Yep, come on down to sunny Queensland! We are sweltering. Will make a nice change for you πŸ™‚
    Enjoy your first Monday – mine’s finished now – it was a tough one!

  6. desrest I’d adopt you for sure! And I’ll take that keyring in exchange, haha. Seriously though, if you find something nice let me know, I’d be thrilled to buy something off of you!

    I’ve got a “read more” resolution as well, just finished “the lovely bones” by alice Sebold, very good.

    Nail polish addiction is good – at least it makes me feel better about mine! haha.

    these outfits are lovely too, your boots are great and that purple dress is so cute…


  7. Oh wish u fulfill your resolutions. Anyway love that rock and roll dress..So cute.

    Happy new year dear!


  8. I love the rock and roll jumper matched with the over the knee socks πŸ™‚ Gorgeous πŸ™‚
    http://www.clashingtime.blogspot.com <3

  9. love the rock and roll one.
    hmm books? i liked Lullaby by Chuck Palahniuk – or any of his books for that matter.

    Interpreter of Maladies was also good πŸ™‚

  10. LOVE that second outfit! i’m freezing! maybe it’s the only good thing about going to work – use there heating πŸ™‚

    For all things fashion:

  11. i love the rock and roll outfit. And the BOOTS! amazing.

    you always look gorgeoous.
    kudos on cutting back cig. yey for 2010!

    i read a lot. So if you’re interested get yourself some Haruki Murakami. Sputnik Sweetheart perhaps?

    I am Denise Katipunera

  12. Outfits are fab as always! What type of books do you like? I am starting to review what I read so check out my blog!
    Have a good day!
    Claire xx

  13. Oh it’s summer all year round here, I’ll adopt you but I don’t think you’ll like the heat after awhile hehe:)

    Actually I wish you’ll adopt me, so I could wear more of my tights out lol!

  14. second one is my fav and good for you for smoking less *.^

  15. I like your boots!!

  16. Love your boots, and good luck on your goals! Getting my nails done is my newest addiction! πŸ™‚

  17. This feezing weather makes it so hard to look good… and yet you manage it. Not fair!


  18. i have a couple of recommendations! IDK what knd of books you usually read, but i love “The Lovely Bones”, “The Beach”, and “The Yellow Wallpaper” (a short story, but my favorite of all time) I know the other two got made into movies good., but dont let that sour your opinion. the books are really great.

  19. I really like your tights collection! The colors and patterns are always so vibrant. How many do you own? Would be fun to see a post dedicated to all the tights in your wardrobe and shopping stories behind them πŸ™‚

  20. I will def. share pictures ! πŸ™‚ soon ^^
    -yepp, back to normal it is.. buuu, wish I could live in the holidays forever hihi…
    Good luck on your goals !

  21. your last comment on my blog made me literally laugh out loud! you are hilarious. i love the rock and roll sweater!! i need more sweaters… it is so freaking cold here too.

    and p.s. what is a formspring??

  22. cute rock n roll sweater, and the boots are so cool! perfect for this chilly weather… the higher the boot the better haha. definitely try give up smoking πŸ™ its so hard and you don’t exactly feel like you’ve become THAT much healthier but just tell yourself that you ARE healthier despite what you feel! and your body will return to (somewhat) normal within a few months. think of all the new clothes and shoes you could buy with the money you save too!


  23. you look so cute & those boots are a dream! I would definitely suggest you give up smoking- I did last year and it feels great.
    have a sweet day, darling.

  24. i love your boots! gorgeous xo

  25. I like today’s outfit πŸ™‚

    Do you know the “Women of the Otherworld”-books by Kelly Armstrong? I read the first and second book and I really liked them. And I think they’re way better in English, I only read them in German but I think I’ll read the other 8 books in English πŸ™‚

    Oh and I can strongly recommend all the books by Sebastian Fitzek, they’re great. I don’t know whether all the books are translated into English by now, but I think so. The german wikipedia says that he’s one of few german writers whose books are also published in the UK and the USA, so there’s a great chance that they’re available in English.

    If you read any of the books I mentionned, I’d really like to know whether you liked them or not πŸ™‚

    wow, quite long comment ^^

  26. Thanks for your comment. I am in love with that rock and roll jumper!!! It is so chic πŸ™‚

  27. You def managed to look good while staying warm!
    Really love the black outfit, very nice πŸ™‚

  28. Yes! Read more books!


    “Sex and Suits” it is an intellectual history of fashion

  29. Love these looks, especially the second one!

    Great reso’s, too ~ I am reading Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell and it is excellent!


  30. I looove the second outfit. Isn’t this cold horrible, its freezing here and i’m just layering up my clothes x

  31. I really recomend you to read Shangai Baby, by Wei Hui. I really love that book!!

    And your second outfit… yaw! Is great, love it!!

    Receive lots of kisses from Spain, dear!

  32. OHHH those boots are delicious! Love them.



  33. that purple floral dress with the maroon tights is so pretty! You have such great style. Great resolutions. You should definitely cut down (or quit) smoking πŸ™‚

  34. I love your leggings!

  35. As always thanks you for your commets.
    i was reading your side bar. i noticed your building your journalism portfolio, what type of journalistic work do you do. i ask as i’m studying journalism at uni right now and want to work on fashion magazines.

  36. LOVE your dress!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Great outfits. I love the red tights and the black boots! Hope your new year is off to a good start!

  38. Ugh I hate it when the cold weather keeps you from wearing what you want! Winter will pass quickly though, I hope.

    Your 2010 goals sound good to me! x

  39. adore that first dress and those boots are perfect. I am already SO sick of the cold and it’s just beginning. Happy New Year xo

  40. I wore tights and boots with a skirt and sweater today! You inspired me!

  41. Jen

    You don’t look like a smoker at all! I’m very surprised. Hope you managed to cut down/kick it completely! πŸ™‚

    I just love this jumper dress. I’m gutted I missed it in store – wonder if it’s on eBay anywhere?

  42. It definitely is freezing. I’m caring more about staying warm as well. I love your top in your second outfit.

  43. Good luck on your new year resolutions! Damn the VAT going back up!!

  44. I’m sure there is room for you in my hot house here in NSW! But you’ll be gald to hear in my area all xmas it was raining and cold…I think we have your weather now! But the sun is slowly starting to come out. YAY!

  45. happy new years to yooou tooo! that lilac dress is adorable πŸ™‚

  46. Love the jumper in the second outfit!!
    I’m also going to spend more time on nails in 2010, starting in approximately 2 minutes!
    Happy new year love xoxo

  47. great layering as always!! and wishing you the best in 2010!!

  48. The best “resolutions” just happen randomly; just because. Making a goal just because of the New Year can be so in vain. We don’t need the new year to better ourselves, we can do it whenever!

  49. Love your second outfit, the boots looks great.
    Thanks for your comment!

  50. Yes, everything is back to normal my way, unfortunately…wish i was still on hols, really!
    Happy New year, babe…you look wonderful, as always!

  51. Don’t think I can help you on the adopting part.. will be -17 here on thursday…
    The cold definitely makes it harder to dress well!

  52. adore your second outfit. wishing you the best in 2010. xo

  53. having to look good during winter is quite hard but you definitely pull it off well πŸ™‚

  54. lovely colors in the first outfit, and OH MY GOD please mail me your boots immediately. They are incredible!!!


  55. E

    Those boots are incredible! And I love them with that tee!

  56. Kb

    Hope the doctor went well and good luck with cutting down on smoking, I’m sure it’ll be worth it. Loving that Rock n Roll jumper.

  57. like i said those boots are crazy! great oufits!

  58. These outfits are gorgeous! I love the textures πŸ™‚

    Resolutions are tricky, I think… Too complication, you become intimidated but too easy and it’s something you would have done anyway. I always set resolutions for myself, but I don’t really think it’s any different from the normal goals I set for myself throughout the year πŸ˜› lol!

    β™₯ Aya

  59. Laura I am so fully obsessed with your second outfit – those boots are to die for! You look fantastic!! πŸ™‚

  60. I love that rock and roll sweater dress!

  61. i can’t get enough of your burgandy tights! and good luck on those resolutions (especially the smoking since i know that i can be hard!)

  62. Jen

    i agree, putting in effort into my hair always makes me feel a little better. πŸ™‚ i’m loving both of these outfits. the tights in the first outfit are gorgeous and i love it paired with the purple dress!

  63. You wear boots really well.

  64. That second outfit is gorgeous and you look beautiful as well.
    I recommend White Oleander if you don’t mind a bit of the taboo.
    Stay warm!

  65. Both outfits are great & I really dig those boots!


  66. Im happy that you found that post inspiring, dear. I hope that the tears you mentioned were good ones and that I didnt offend you in any manner.

    Stay lovely!


  67. Just beautiful !
    Happy new year dear !

  68. it wasn’s nothing special just i wanted to show you that i thought you !
    lots of kisses !!!
    these boots are very rocking !!!

  69. Come hang with me in Australia! Although the weather where I live is crazy. Literally 4 seasons in one day, literally. Love those boots you got there!

  70. I think your great at dressing for the cold weather. I especially like your first outfit. And yes, you should come to Australia you would love the weather here.

  71. yeah yeah come to Brisbane in Aus! very warm even in winter πŸ™‚ love your rock n roll outfit with the biker boots and tights πŸ™‚

  72. Here I am again!
    I’m so glad you liked the bag!
    Happy 2010 darling!!!

  73. i love both your outfits. dresses and layered tights are much warmer than a pair of jeans any day!

  74. hi dear!
    do i love those boots or what? they look perfect on you with those tights!
    do cut down on smoking – i’m sure many people have told you that already but it is disgusting!

  75. The weather outside is frightful, but I have an underwhelming electric fire.

    This blog, however, is lovely.

    When did VAT go back up?

    trustyourtechnolust.blogspot.com (for future reference).

  76. I really like the second outfit. This shirt is sooo cool and I still want to have those boots πŸ™‚

  77. I love the second top so much!! Happy new year πŸ™‚


  78. Really cute, love the second outfit!

    With Love…

  79. Love Love Love!


  80. I love love love your rock and roll top! It’s beautiful!

    I’ve left a little something for you over on my blog…


  81. oh I really love your dress, and your tights there really cute xxx

  82. Hiya there!
    These are such cute photos, love the last one, that dress rox. πŸ™‚
    Oh and thank you so much for your comment! I really appreciate it.
    Panda xx

  83. Love your top hunny, it’s gorgeous! All is back to normal in my world, I guess snow is something I’ll just have to live with for the next few weeks!


  84. That rock and roll jumper dress is brilliant! Love the boots too. And thanks for your comment, the pink trees are genius huh? I’d love to go outside and see multi-coloured plants haha. Happy 2010 Laura! xxx

  85. Oh, and book recs:

    I love Paige Toon, she’s written two good books, Chasing Daisy and Lucy in the Sky.

    If you’re not into chick lit, The Beach is a brilliant book, it’s pure escapism (much, much better than the film!)

    Or if you like crime etc Dennis Lehane is a good writer.

  86. i love the dress and thermal look–the colors are fabulous and i love the summery print in winter.

  87. I adore that rock and roll sweater dress of yours!
    I didn’t make any new year resolutions because I never fulfil them…

  88. You’ve inspired me. I did boots and a skirt again w/ tights today!

  89. Lovely boots and cool jumper!
    thanks so much for the comment πŸ™‚

  90. I hope this year brings you health and happiness, good luck at the Doc’s!

    The Brat and Suzie tops will be between Β£22 and Β£25, where did you discover them?? Great aren’t they!

    Love those boots, I love having to wrap up warm πŸ™‚

    nicola xx

  91. lovelovelove the boots!!

    Thanks so much for the lovely comment

    Happy New Year!

    Stay safe and chic darling
    English Rose x

  92. I love the boots.

  93. purple tights! love those boots!


  94. love the thermal beneath the florals!Thanks for all the support on the new site, you are amaazing. It features sections on news on beauty,fashion and culture. It will still feature my personal outfit posts which are in the style diary section accessed at the style diary tab on the menu bar at top of site.
    have a lovely day my dear

  95. Happy New Year! Said it before but I love that rock and roll jumper! I am soooo wearing more layers than you right now – how are you not freezing?! Have a fab (and cosy) 2010! x

  96. Lovely outfits!!! πŸ™‚ β™₯

  97. nice booooots!!!!!!!!!!!


  98. Amy

    Happy New Year, sweetie! Do you ever have a bad outfit? LOL I love both of these so much- that tee shirt is awesome and I LOVE your OTK boots… ooh and your tights in the first shot- adorable!

    And if you find any Aussie/NZ bloggers to adopt you, can you please put in a good word for me too? I am hating this cold!



  99. I like the 2nd outfit
    The boots looks great on you! I would like to have one like that 2 πŸ™‚

  100. And thank you for replying amid the volume of comments you receive.

    I’ll be back- I think I need a bit of sweetness to distract me from writing a generally snarky and snot nosed blog.

  101. I’m totally in love with your second outfit!

    Have a wonderful New Year darling, cheers: Evi

  102. LOVE those black boots and that look in general. It is such a different look than I am used to seeing on you and you are just as adorable as ever! I agree with your non-resolutions as well πŸ™‚ I must cut down on the smoking, increase the reading, and play with my hair even more πŸ˜‰

  103. Ugh, yes I’m tired of the cold weather. But I also think it’s only going to get worse.
    Anyway, I love those black boots!

  104. thank you for the sweet feedback on my blog! xo

  105. Hello! Happy new year. Take care and all the luck and love for your goals. =)

  106. thermals under dresses! Why didn’t I think of that! This is awfully cute for a “just keeping warm” outfit.

  107. Hello hun! I luv ur boots soo much!! Have a lovely day xx

  108. Gotta say, we’re huge fans of that rock and roll sweater. it’s just so unique! we love how you pair it up too. Great blog!

    Rebecca, Maddy,Madeline and Alec
    La SociΓ©tΓ© de Mode | The Fashion Society

  109. I quit smoking almost half a year ago and its the best decision I have ever made!

    Love your boots sweetie.. lovely x


  110. Wow ! You look fab in those boots!

  111. You look adorable but still a touch to skinny despite the layers. Congratulations on resolving to gradually quit smoking. Smoking is proven to be more addictive than heroin, makes teeth yellow and makes clothes and breath smell like an ashtray. The time on your hair and nails while quitting is a great idea. Do you like Revlon or L’Oreal or other brands? You look cute and pretty, and very young in those outfits. If you haven’t already had Assie/NZ bloggers fancying adopting you I’d be surprised. The dress is cute and your boots look perfect for this weather. Hope you keep warm and have a wonderful 2010 and happy new decade!

  112. Love that rock and roll jumper-dress!