08.02 more colour and an award

Good morning, Happy Monday; hope you survived the weekend! What are your plans for this week? Anything exciting on the horizon?

We’re expecting another “big freeze” later this week, so I’m making the most of the currently tolerable temperatures and embracing colour again.
Not that our big freezes are anything like those in the USA (and other countries) and this time I doubt it’ll be more than a slight flurry of snow!



This top is a Primark find, and the last thing left unworn from my shopping trip a couple of weeks ago. I’m clearly taken with the nude colour trend for spring, and added pastel tights that I had forgotten I owned.

Starting afresh with my tag and award resolution, Florrie has awarded me with this


So I have to tell you all ten things about me and then pass the award on to ten other bloggers.

1) I used to be quite a party animal and always the first to pass out drunk. Now I prefer quiet nights in and never touch alcohol. Does that make me boring? Perhaps so, but I am much more content.
2) I have a thing against vowels and even numbers, they make me feel uncomfortable for some reason.
3) I am a total bookworm and a fast reader.
4) Although I’m very girly now, a few years ago I was more in to Judo, Kayaking and all kinds of outdoors adventure things. I’d still do it now if I had the chance.
6) I’m shy, especially around new people, but once I warm to you, you’ll have trouble shutting me up.
7) I am addicted to butternut squash.
8) I find Topshop hideously expensive and way out of my budget, so I pretend I don’t like the shop so I don’t get too sad about never being able to afford anything!
9) I have an awful short term memory but can remember the most insignificant little details about past events.
10) I get utterly random and insatiable food cravings from time to time. Past oddities have included bananas with dairylea “cheese”, and pineapple chunks dipped in ketchup. A great source of amusement to my friends.

Now, I’m meant to tag 10 bloggers but truly, I cannot narrow it down. So, if you want to do this, then consider yourself loved and awarded! I look forward to reading your answers.

Haircut tomorrow. I have NO idea what I’m going to end up with!


129 comments for “08.02 more colour and an award

  1. I love your outfit! Such a nice dress, and I’ve seen this top at Primark, wanted to buy it but then remembered I had a similar one (but you can never have to many nude tops, can you?! :D)
    I don’t want another freeze!! I want the Spring to come for good please..
    Can’t wait to see your new hairstyle πŸ™‚
    bonne journΓ©e xxx

  2. Whoa more puffed sleeves, you’re on fire!

    I’m a fellow bookworm too!!

    Oh, can’t wait to see your new hair:)

  3. Yay, a haircut – you said yourself you needed it! It’ll be great, I’m sure.

  4. Those tights are such a gorgeous colour. Beautiful pattern and colours on the dress as well.

    I don’t really like big shoulders as a trend but you certainly manage to rock them πŸ˜‰

  5. You look stunningly beautiful (as always) πŸ™‚
    Have a great week!

  6. I love the tights, and sigh at a big freeze, we’ve had enough snow.



  7. I love how you combined the dress with those sleeves, it looks really good.

    Reading you tag was really enjoyable. I love butternut squash too, so much. You made me hungry now, so I’m off to make some lunch.

  8. I love this outfit πŸ™‚ The tights are fab, do you know where they were from?!! me wants :p xx

  9. did u do it this collage??? i mean is hand made or photoshop?? πŸ™‚ xx

  10. So pretty! Love the sleeves πŸ™‚

  11. great use of colors! love! i also think topshop is expensive!! i haven’t gotten one thing from there yet. but i am so eyeing these sweet platforms right now.it’s just too pricey. can’t wait to see your hair!


  12. Super pretty…I love your jersey…Muaksss and Congratulations for your wizard…

  13. Kel

    Lovely outfit, as always! love the puff shoulders, can’t believe it’s Primark.

    Good luck with the haircut, sure it’ll look fab!

    X x

  14. I feel the same about Topshop. So expensive for what it is – it breaks my heart. I buy my Topshop from Ebay now πŸ˜‰

    ps: the puff sleeves really suit you!


  15. love that top babe! i might be coming to london in two weeks if everything goes as planned. πŸ™‚


  16. β™₯ the puffy sleeves! perfection.

    enjoyed reading your 10 things – I’m with you on #1 (except I was never a party animal – just the last part heh heh), #2, #6, #7, #9, #10. LOL is that like almost every one ?

    happy monday <3

  17. Purple is a really good colour on you, and you’re lucky to be able to rock pastels like you do. Are the tights really the minty green colour I’m seeing them as? Because they’re super cute. πŸ™‚

  18. you always find the best things from Primark! That pink top with the lovely shoulder detailing is divine. Love!

  19. Loved your 10 things! I am too a bookworm! Check out my giveaway – it is book orientated!
    Outfit rocks once again!
    Claire xx

  20. Luved reading all of these interesting things about you and I luv the shoulders on ur outfit!!! Hope u had a good wknd xx

  21. Oh those really cool sleeves again! Love them! Loved to learn those random facts about you. I’m a fellow book addict.

  22. Jo

    Love the outfit, wish it was spring already.

    I’m also a book worm and a v fast reader, just love getting lost in the story πŸ™‚

    Also agree wholeheartedly about Topshop, they have some fab stuff, but it’s just sooo expensive πŸ™

    Looking forward to seeing your new haircut.

    Jo xx

  23. Beautiful as always.
    I am the same for #3,6,9 and 10!
    That top is amazing, I LOVE Primark!
    Vicki xxx
    P.S. Am sure whatevr you have done to your hair will look amazing.

  24. pineapple in ketchup?!?! that is hilarious. i would never have thought to eat that together! loving your colours! we’ve been having snow/rain all day over here… not fun! xx

  25. love the puffed sleeves beneath that printed piece! really liked resding these tid bits about you honey!
    i am a bookworm too! Books are just brilliant.

    oh i cant wait to see what you end doing hair cut wise!
    big kiss

  26. wasn’t topshop affordable like way back when? it is sooo depressing now. i lovelovelove your pink top!

  27. aawwww…..you look soo sweet in your outfit dear. πŸ™‚

    YAY to kayaking and all outdoor thingys!

  28. i really want those tights ^^

  29. hi nice floral designs looks cute
    fashion looks great

  30. Love the puffy sleeves and pastel tights! You the opposite of me, I have a fear of odd numbers!

  31. That pink top looks adorable, I love the puffy sleeves! Topshop is not so great anymore. I used to love it but it is waaaay too expensive for all it is…Β£60 for dresses which are no better quality than Primark, etc? No thanks! xx

  32. Beautiful outfit as always. And I am very much like you, hardly drink any alcohol and very rarely venture outside πŸ˜€ We’re not boring I’d just like to think of myself as a homebody. And I wanted to ask, how did you make the necklaces? xxx

  33. What an incredibly gorgeous blouse lady! Wow. Congrats on your award!

  34. Love that outfit and congrats on the award!

  35. I love that dress!! Apart from black and white, purple is pretty much the only other colour in my wardrobe.

    Pineapple and tomato ketchup isn’t that bad – think hawaiian pizza. I used to eat banana and cottage cheese sandwiches all the time at uni.

    I can relate to being a fast reader. When I was little no-one ever believed that I read things. My parents and teachers used to do spot tests!!!


  36. Love your girly outfit… girly suits you well sweetie! xoxo Happy Monday!

  37. That strong-shouldered dress is just fantastic! You look so pretty, as usual.

    I am NOT looking forward to the ‘big freeze’… I like snow, but not being cold!

  38. Love the outfit.
    Claudia xxx

  39. Amy

    I love learning all these facts about you almost as much as I LOVE this outfit of yours. You have totally made me want to get a puffed up shoulder top and pastel tights ASAP.

    Also, I am totally the same way as you: shy when I first meet people, but afterwards I won’t stop talking to you. LOL



  40. love those seafoam tights!!

  41. You should change the title of your post to “Pretty In Pink” ‘cos you are!
    Can’t wait to see the new hair style!

  42. pineapple in ketchup??? haha i thought i had some weird food cravings but i think that takes the cake (so to speak.) i used to be a party animal too but am now much more content to have quiet evenings. maybe we just grew up a bit? πŸ™‚

  43. those sleeves!
    wow πŸ™‚

  44. OMG this is so perfect!!! This might the best outfit for me! you look fabulous!!!

  45. Hiya hun, I just saw your email from like a week ago- I’m so bad at checking my inbox, so, so sorry.I am replying right now πŸ™‚

    By the way what a wonderful whimsical outfit!Gorgeous colourway too—you snazzy thing you!

    peace & hugs XxXx

  46. I love how your paired the two dresses together! You look great! I’m a bookworm too πŸ™‚

  47. thanks! your dress is sooooo hot! i like it!!!!Hope u visit & follow me.

  48. congrats on the award dear!love your dress!

  49. Jen

    Oh, do something wild with your hair! I think you’d look gorgeous with a bob and blunt fringe.

    Love the exaggerated shoulders of your top. So pretty!

  50. Pastel tights… hmmmm. I think I may have to do some of these….

  51. I LOVE your dress!

    Thursday the husband and I are going to dinner at an elegant restaurant. No idea what to wear–any suggestions?

  52. oh i love your wonderful list!! so great getting to know those things about you!

    and i love the puff sleeves! you’re so tiny so its such a great contrast! beautiful!

  53. I love those shoulders! πŸ™‚
    have a lovely week, xoxo

  54. Jen

    i love how you layered this dress over that pink top (the shoulders are so intense, i love it) πŸ™‚

    i’m the opposite of you in terms of numbers. i have a love for even numbers since everything is paired off…if that makes any sense…haha

  55. Love this outfit!! cant wait to see ur new hair do! πŸ™‚
    magpie-girl.blogspot.com xo

  56. Pastel tights… yum yum! x

  57. Hello! Mmmm… Butternut Squash, my tummy is all a rumbly! My sister has your top and it’s utterly lovely, looks fab with with jeggings. Pinapple chunks and ketchup, you know, it actually sounds good!!!

    Have a fab week girlie! Thanks for the comment about my ring, it’s a silver fairy which I bought in Paris a few years ago. But…. she looks uh… on close inspection like she’s uh, touching herself! Quite bizzare! I didn’t realise at the time!


  58. Still loving the puff sleeved dress! I also think Topshop is overpriced, and have a terrible short term memory but crazy accurate long term!

  59. Loving the outfit. Those tights are absolutely adorable. You look like a breath of fresh air

  60. Loving the outfit. Those tights are absolutely adorable. You look like a breath of fresh air

  61. such a fun look! xo

  62. I love the print dress!! So cute over the nude top!! I’m also a bookworm but sadly I haven’t read anything in a while. xxoxoxoo

  63. The top is gorgeous!

  64. hehe love the minty green tights and awesome sleeves!

    oooh cant wait to see your new haircut!

  65. i love the springy colors and the way you’ve layered the dress to become a jumper.
    and those mint (is that the color they are?) tights are just awesome. i keep hoping to find light-colored tights in my drawers in the morning, but alas, they have not materialized yet…

  66. I love your Pink top… especially the details on the shoulders ! πŸ™‚ Mon Mode Blog

  67. Don’t you look darling as usual! Looking forward to seeing the new “do”!


  68. good luck with your haircut. you must be nervous. πŸ™‚

    i really like the pruple dress. the color is stunning.

  69. great list, and great outfit, I love u combine all of them I really fall in love with ur puffy shoulder top and the pattern on ur dress, very great colors, congars for the award!

    ps would you like to exchange link ?


  70. great list, and great outfit, I love u combine all of them I really fall in love with ur puffy shoulder top and the pattern on ur dress, very great colors, congars for the award!

    ps would you like to exchange link ?


  71. Your blouse is so cute! Γ±_Γ±

  72. I love the shoulders on this shirt you are wearing!

  73. The puff sleeves are amazing! I really like your blog.


  74. Pia

    congrats on the award! and i don’t think you are boring because i too prefer staying inside now. i think i partied too hard a few years ago… hehe.

  75. I love the colors you put together, and love the shoulders!

  76. Wow… Great outfit… So chic..

  77. i love your outfit, so pretty!

  78. Congrats darling! You look soo pretty with this outfit!

  79. My weekend was quite, with not so much action… but this upcoming weekend I’m going to see Biffy Clyro on concert!

    Congrats for the award, dear!

  80. That nude blouse is perfect for spring, but I’m glad you’re already wearing colors now. It’s so depressing it’s gotten colder this week again!

    P.S. Topshop is hideously expensive for what it is, so don’t worry. I can afford their stuff and still don’t shop there πŸ˜‰

  81. loving all the colours you got going on ehere xoxox

  82. Very bold outfit. The puff sleeves add on so much more element to the outfit. I also have the gold fish memory (short term memory) for current happening, but exceptionally not for past events too. How ironic, huh. πŸ™‚

  83. I’m really into sleeves and shoulders now, so I love this. Not to mention the color is great, so gentle.

  84. Your tights are adorable! Loving the pastel outfit.

    I am not looking forward to the big freeze. There was some hail today!

    And I’m so glad the flapjacks were a hit. I think I’ll be making some more soon, they’re so easy to make!


  85. Oh Dear this is sooo pretty ! You look absolutely adorable

  86. hey, hope the haircut goes well. somehow whenever I go I never end up with what I wanted. Perhaps thats me not explaining it right tho! Look forward to seeing your new hair! x

  87. I absolutely love the blouse πŸ™‚ so cute and whimsical!

  88. Hi! It’s been a while! Your outfits still look lovely as usual, I do hope that you are well!

    Best wishes,


  89. lol at 8. Although I have to agree, some of tehri items are overpriced considering the quality of some of them…

    Good luck with teh haircut!! πŸ™‚

  90. lovely dress. love the puffed sleeves!


  91. Beyond amazing…especially love that colour of your top…well primark rulz πŸ™‚ They really make some nic stuff!!!

  92. Totally love this missy. Love the colours all together. Be adventerous with your hair. Can’t wait to see it.

    Love Jojo


  93. CONGRATULATIONS! I gave you an award on my blog. Come check it out.

    -The Trendy Fashionista

  94. pineapple chunks dipped in ketchup ooh that made me pull a funny face omg what does that taste like intense i would imagine.

    new haircut thats always exciting cant wait to see.

  95. congrats on the award, you have an amazing blog! love your style

    can we link exchange??



  96. I love your outfit! Especially how the pink brings out the lighter pastel colors in the dress.



  97. u have such a nice floral collection

  98. Love your shirt!!!


  99. I find Topshop a bit expensive for their kind of style too, I seldom go there. I’d rather go to my all time fave All Saints and BT2, quite expensive but the material is quite worth it… Or I forgot to mention about River Island too!

  100. ADORE the top… You look gorgeous! πŸ˜€ Xxxc

  101. what cute sleeves! love this πŸ™‚

  102. Love this look, especially the blouse!
    Congrats on your award!
    I love butternut squash too!


  103. love ur pastel leggingssss

    Do stop by my blog and show some love too :o]

  104. That nude top looks REALLY pretty. Nude with black is my favorite look, but it looks great here with color!

  105. THOSE SLEEVES! EEEEK! absolutely amazing!

  106. Looks faboosh on you! I could never wear that. I love it.

  107. Heh, I know exactly what you mean with no.1. I’m a horrible stick-in-the-mud now, but I’ve had quite enough with the drinking.

    You look absolutely wonderful in the dress, and the pastel tights bring to mind spring time and all things lovely.

  108. love that puffy sleeve top!

  109. love the sleeves! good luck with the haircut πŸ™‚

  110. Lovely color pallet of clothing!
    Can’t wait to see your hair!

  111. You look so cute! All I ever do when it’s cold and snowy outside is wear jeans and huge sweaters!

  112. if you don’t drink, that doesn’t mean you are boring…oh…and as a secret, I also don’t drink but I smile often…so it doesn’t matter at all ^.*

  113. Love your outfit,amazing sleeves!

  114. I too love staying in!!!! Oh gosh, there’s just nothing better than not having to go out in that freezing cold, into the sweaty gross club.. dont get me wrong, I love dancing, but I hate clubbing! Sometimes I feel like such a boring dork for it, but I guess I’m not alone :)And I’m so jealous for you being fast reader, that was always my dream! πŸ™‚

  115. The shoulders are looking awesome, great colours too
    Rianna Bethany xxxxxxxxx

  116. love the shirt underneath! the shoulders are awesome!

    Patty Ann
    AlphaBetaChic Blog

  117. You pull off puffy sleeves so well, Laura! I love this look on you!! πŸ™‚

  118. I do rally really like those arms ! Must get one of those tops i feel!

  119. I LOVE this outfit! It looks fantastic! The shirt is unreal. Fabulous!

  120. I love that top!

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