Hello, mis-match of a post today with outfits, new shoes and baking to share. It was fun to read your feedback on my marmite review though I refuse to believe there are so many haters out there!

First up is my outfit from Tuesday. This dress was passed along to me by a friend and I love the polka dots. It may be black and white but it feels as cheerful as wearing colour.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Shoe wise I opted for some semi forgotten about stud detail sandals. I seem to have a habit of forgetting I own things, a sign I really need to do some sorting out!

No photo of yesterday’s outfit, I can’t even remember what I wore it was that interesting 😉
I bring you this week’s baked goods instead.

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Hobnob biscuits with the addition of white chocolate chips. I made these a lot before Christmas and got fed up of doing them, but these have been such a hit I see a lot of them in my future! I’ve shared the recipe before but if you want it again, just say!

I also had the arrival of new shoes to brighten up yesterday. These babies are from Matalan (£7 sale bargain) and were a present from my Mum

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They have of course been incorporated in to today’s outfit, which was a case of pulling things out of drawers and hoping for the best.

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I hope your all having a great week! The sun is still shining here and I shall shortly be off for a walk to enjoy it before returning to do course work and read blogs.


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  1. u look so delicate. i like the both shoe choices. but than again, everything looks good on you.

  2. love your little polka dot skirt! that is so sweet! also the shoes in that outfit look pretty awesome too! also those shoes with the zips are so cool! love it all, you are looking lovely. xx

  3. OMG!!!!! Hobnob biscuits with white chocolate chips!!!! You really should open up a shop I’d definately have a constant supply of these if I could =)
    You look lovely as always 🙂

  4. Big love for the skirt!!!!! And the shoes are cool too. And biscuits nom nom nommmm!

  5. Lovely outfits, such pretty shoes your mum got you too!

  6. pretty pretty pretty! have i ever told you your sense of style kills me? i wish i knew how to put clothes together the way you do 🙂

  7. I like both shoes. 🙂

    Did you go for your walk in heels? Only ask as I am completely useless in heels.

    Biscuits/cookies…good idea…
    I may make some honey oat biscuits later today…

    Take care. xx:)

  8. Love the super pink tights paired with those killer heels!

    And I really love the first pair of shoes too:)


  9. I really love the polka dot dress. xoxo

  10. oohhh i love both dresses!! the floral detail with lace trim is so pretty!! i really want you new matalan shoes!! they are hot! 🙂
    vicki x

  11. You’re very good at baking!

    Love the mix match and shoes are deadly!

  12. big YAY for the polka dots skirt!! 🙂 i could do some boogie in that lovely thing! hihihi… x

  13. The cookies look delicious! And I love both your outfits 🙂 Pretty skirts.

  14. oh I love the mix of patterns in the second outfit

  15. Hello Miss Gorgeous!

    Left you the Beautiful Blogger Award at my post today! Come get it please?

  16. oh i looove that black + white polka dot skirt! just my kinda thing. you look so cute in it 🙂

    hope your week is going well <3


  17. I love the polka dots…favorite outfit yet.

  18. Wow! The shoe boots look amazing, not cheap in the slightest. Love the spotty skirt and the look of those delicious cookies.
    Seriously, you should open a cutsie tea room. You’d make a fortune.

  19. I love the polka dots! And fab new shoes as well.

  20. oh i love the pop of color on the second outfit and the new shoes. love! the first outfit is ultra cute. i’m loving the black and white combo. looking fabulous as always!


    p.s. you are a sweet thing. love.

  21. Both outfits are fabulous but the polka dot skirt is so cute and the Matalan boots are fierce and I love how you teamed them with such pretty girly pieces xoxo

  22. LOVE that second outfit! That skirt with those tights is awesome!

  23. Love the bright pops of fuschia! And those boots are divine as well. Great complete outfit.

  24. The first skirt is too pretty. 🙂

    By the way – Thanks for your support comments on my previous post.♥♥♥

  25. those are lovely shoesssssssss! & that skirt is lovely too – the flowery one 🙂

  26. It’s so funny, Laura; I’ve always focused much of my attention on your tights that I never truly paid much mind to your amazing footwear. Darling you have GORGEOUS taste in shoes – especially adoring the studded sandals. And the cookies…yum!! 🙂

  27. Laura sweetie I have been totally neglecting your blog- Ive had so many problems with log on etc…sorry!

    You look amazing as usual…can you please have an off day some time so us mere mortals can catch up? lol

    Those shoes are fab too your mum is so generous xx

  28. Love the polka dots and those incredible boots!


  29. your face is so special and beautiful 🙂

  30. Love both pairs of shoes…Matalan is always a winner with bargain shoes! Good find!

  31. The famous hobnobs… look as yummy as they must have smelt.
    I love the spotty dress on you dear, you look adorable.

  32. Pretty in florals and dots. LOVE the pink tights!


  33. hey lovely, those two outifts are great – i love today’s floral skirt! 🙂
    lots of smiles and love your way, i’m having a much more positive day today and therefore hoping it passes on xxx
    ps. post on it’s way

  34. I love the polka dot dress, so so cute! Plus your cookies look yummy, I wish I had time to bake stuff! Those shoes are awesome and look really cool with the pink tights peeping through the slits. The Select store is a new one in Cardiff’s new shopping center.

  35. Gosh, I love those shoes! I think Matalan have the best shoes/bags x

  36. Great skirts! And I love both of your shoes!


  37. Love the shoe boots. Your outfit today is so gorgeous – looks vaguely Romani, I think it’s the shape of the top over the more fitted undershirt. And of course you rock the florals as always. xx

  38. only 7 pounds???I’m so jealous,they are so pretty:x

  39. cookie monster loves cookies! 🙂 you look perfect for a spring garden party 🙂

  40. I love the polkadotted skirt, its so fun! And YUMMY those cookies look so good!

  41. Love both your outfits!

  42. Hi dear, thanks for comment 🙂 I really like your outfits and I love your new shoes! £7? Lucky girl!! 😉

  43. LOVELY floral skirt.

  44. love the outfits! too cute!
    those cookies look incredible!

  45. Hurrah for polka dots! I think you need to remember those studded sandals more often – they look amazing.

    Mmmmmmmmmmm to the hobnobs. I must give that recipe a try soon.

  46. like both looks, the top one is adorable!
    big kiss

  47. Luv ur outfit!! xxx

  48. Amy

    Those shoes NEED to be in my closet! LOL



  49. Great Polka Dot skirt – love it!

  50. Love the dress and the new shoes!
    Miss talking/writing with you, sweetie. Should def. catch up!


  51. love the polka dots!

  52. loving the polka dot dress and the shoes!

  53. The most cute and super lovely chic and cheap vintage clothes is here!


    check it now!!


  54. Jen

    Sexy shoes! Love the floral skirt as well. And the cookies look YUM!

  55. I am totally in love with those heels, matalan really do some awesome shoesies! xxx

  56. Totally in love with the first dress. Polka dots are always good.
    I can’t believe how well you pull off all of the colours in the second. Gorgeous, girl!

  57. Great shoes and shirts!!

  58. lovely polka dots!

  59. Cute, cute outfit! 🙂 Love the polka dots.

  60. Love those shoes! And thanks for the boxes comment, they were fun to design 🙂 xxx

  61. those polka dots are the best polka dots I have ever seen EVER…those shoes are very snazy…erm can I have them? Thanks very much 😉
    peace & hugs
    prettyneons xXx

    P.S…email is on the way 🙂

  62. The skirt is beyond cute. Loving the zipper shoes also.


  63. Hi Darling!
    Did you sign for my giveaway!
    Don’t miss it…2 days left to play!

    have a nice weekend!

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  65. i cant believe you forgot about those cute shoes, though if im being honest, im guilty of the same thing. And that floral skirt is the absolute cuteness. i didnt used to be a fan of lace, but lately i think it’s the prettiest thing ever.

  66. like the 1st outfit:)

  67. loving the polka dots and nice shoes :3

  68. Perfect dress, adorable shoes, yummi baking… what a nice post to cheer anyone ^^

  69. the black and white dress is excellent!

  70. “butterfly” sleeves look really good on you, I think you should go for them more often;)

  71. i want those studded shoes really nice, adds a slight edgy look to the whole outfit.

  72. love those tights and shoes from your mum!


  73. I’m on a polka dot craze right now, I sewed a very full white skirt with a black dot print, it’s very *twirl-able*. Hot shoes!!

  74. Polka dots are so cheerful.

  75. so much cuteness! I love all the dots, that is forever a favorite pattern of mine. fantastic shoes too!

  76. those cookies look amazing! and i love your outfit choices :o)

  77. Love the polka dot skirt, it’s very cute.

  78. I love the polka dots! You’re right, it is a very cheerful print.

  79. Both pairs of your shoes are fantastic!!! Love your sweet sense of style. And your baked goods look so very delicious.

    Can you give us more insight? Maybe pics as you are baking? That would be super cute. =)

  80. love polka dots!!
    oh yum, i havn’t had anzac’s fo ages!

  81. So cute! Love the polka dots. Have a great weekend!

  82. Kim

    this looks amazing and so do you!

    read your blog the other day about people commenting on your weight, and to be honest i think their the ones with problems. and if people dont have anything nice to say they shouldnt say anything at all!
    you look lovely (again)


  83. Jo

    Love your polka dot dress sooo cute. I like the other outfit too.

    Hope you have a great weekend.

    Jo xx

  84. I can’t beieve those effing amazing shoes were 7 pounds! zippers are the best 🙂

  85. I love both your skirts especially the polka dot one its perfect. I love the way you styled the skirts.

  86. Your polka dot skirt looks gorgeous! So do your shoes. I would suggest a lighter colored top for the second set of clothes. It might look better on you.

  87. loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    your shoes!!!!!

  88. you know how much i adore you right? I love your skirt. It’s a fun fun skirt.

    I wish you a fabulous weekend. A happy happy weekend!

    I am Denise Katipunera

  89. that first skirt is adorable x

  90. Oooh lovely new shoes! I love when Matalan have a sale!

  91. I love the second outfit with those shoes I love how you matched them with the purple tights!

    From Dolly

  92. Glad you got the shoes Laura, how nice of your mum to treat you! Love the bottom outfit… gorgeous colours. x

  93. You have such unique style. I love it. Love the shoes as well.


  94. How fun are the polka dots! Love it!

  95. ak

    you look great in these outfits..definitely something i could never pull off but you do so well


  96. thanks for the comment ; cute shoes! and ur rocking htose outfits 😉

  97. shoes= to die for
    skirts= amazing
    do you do modelling? if not then you really should 🙂

  98. Anonymous

    Ahhh!!! I want those shoes! The polka dot dress suits you. 🙂 -Becky

  99. i like the first skirt!

  100. i love ur stockings!!!ur dress!! they are cut cute cute :):) and ur shoes. the cookies make me hungry!!! love ur blog alot

    do drop by i wll be grateful

  101. Aw daisy I love the first outfit, the polka dot dress is so cute and you wear it so well.

    Have you ever thought about going into business with your baking?

    Fab shoes from matalan, and good to see you wearing them. I buy shoes like that, stroke them and then stash them away with the other ones I’m not brave enough to wear xx


  103. I love the polka dots look! So classy and sophisticated 🙂 And your new shoes are gorgeous!

  104. You made me hungry!!! I want some biscuits!

  105. you would never think the boots are from matalan! fabulous!

  106. Hello lovely, you look so pretty all the time, love this print on you it’s so stylish and feminine.
    Oh I wish you could live nearer to me I’d be your chief baked goods sampler!
    Vicki xxx

  107. tnx for congratulation with my B-day)))
    lovely biscuits as well as ur outfits!! i almost can feel spring, seeing you in such cute stuff!

  108. once again, you and your amazing tights! I’m not a fan of polka dots on me but they look super cute on you!

  109. what a wonderful polka dots skirt! love the shoes too. kisses

  110. Wow those cookies look GOOD. I got hooked on hobnobs but the homemade ones look fab 🙂 Share the recipe?? BTW you look best in bright colors!

  111. the cookies look AMAZING!

  112. CL,

    both of your skirts are beautiful 🙂 you look amazing! and i have to say both pairs of shoes are gorgeous as well,

  113. i love the polka dotted skirt, its so minnie mouse!

  114. i don’t like white chocolate but i do like it in cookies for some reason!

  115. Kb

    Lovely outfit, a really cool mix of colours and patterns. Now I feel like I need that shade of tights…

  116. P.S. I tagged you for an award! 🙂

  117. Ohh both outfits are so great ! And I love those two shoes ! Aww ! Those cookies look so yum making me hungry ! Haha . Hope you’re having a nice weekend dear !

  118. Anonymous

    Good dispatch and this fill someone in on helped me alot in my college assignement. Thanks you on your information.

  119. Lovely photos, and your outfits are gorgeous, love the skirt on the second one esepsh!
    And thanks so much for you sweet comment,
    it made me smile,
    Panda xx

  120. so cute! The polka dots are adorable.


  121. those shoes are so fab. x

  122. Cute outfits!

    xx fesi-fashion

  123. loved the biscuits. I,ve been making muffins because i saw how nice yours was! the clothes look great too.

  124. God i never though of baking hobnobs myself! GENIUS IDEA! recipe please?!


  125. Awesome polka dot skirt, totally agree with them being a mood lifter!
    And lovely baked goods as ever they are making me hungry 🙂

  126. love those polka dots- I have seen a lot of these on runways lately! 🙂 I love your new shoes, too, what a great bargain!
    you look fabulous as ever.
    have a wonderful weekend, dearest Laura.

  127. those huge polka dots are AWESOME. As are those shoes. Love it.

  128. that black skirt with the white dots is so adorable!

  129. Those Matalan shoes are lovely!!

  130. Ok I’m definitely missing out on your outfit posts! OMG you rock!!

  131. Iva

    super great new shoes!