Marmite XO review

Long time readers of my blog will probably by now have noticed that I have a real addiction to a brown gooey substance called Marmite.
A couple of weeks ago I was flicking through a newspaper when I came across something that literally made me squeal;
Marmite were releasing a new, “extra old” variety of my true love. This new version, Marmite XO was officially released yesterday, but I was lucky enough to have a jar delivered to my door on Friday for review purposes.

Before I start my review, I’ll give you the basics, as I know not everyone will be familiar with the wonder of this stuff.

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(left is the original marmite, right is new, marmite xo)

– “Marmite is dark brown-colored savory spread made from the yeast that is a by-product of the brewing industry. It has a very strong, slightly salty flavor. It is definitely a love-it-or-hate-it type of food.” (definition from

– The love it or loathe it nature of marmite is something which divides Britain.

– The most common ways of eating marmite are; spread on buttered toast or crumpets, in a sandwich either with or without cheese; or on crackers.

– My favourite way to eat the original version is as a dip for raw vegetables, or with cream cheese on ryvita crackers.

– As a child my favourite party food was cheese and marmite pinwheels which are swirls of pastry spread with marmite and sprinkled with cheddar cheese. I can provide a recipe if you wish!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

As I mentioned above, yesterday marked the launch of Marmite XO in supermarkets (priced Β£3.99) and it is also available, with worldwide shipping from the official marmite website shop at Β£4.99

Described as “Using four specially selected yeast sources, our master blender has crafted the secret Marmite recipe and matured it for four times longer to create a Marmite so strong and full-bodied it can only be for the most devoted of lovers” could it really be better than the original? Or would it be too much for this devoted fan to handle?

As I’ve only had the jar since Friday I’ve not yet worked my way through all the ways I want to test this, but so far…SO IN LOVE
I first tried this straight off a spoon for the full effect. The familiar, addictive taste is there, but it is somehow more mature and perhaps a little less salty than it’s milder companion.
Next up was the dip test. It fared well with my beloved vegetables, particually carrot sticks. I do love the sweet crunch mixed with the salty goodness.
Rice cakes, and ryvita and cream cheese were vastly improved by XO, as the stronger taste blended beautiful with the cool smoothness of the cheese and crunchy cracker.
I also, in a moment of pure genius, drizzled some on top of roasted butternut squash yesterday…JUST DO IT. NOW.

My list of things yet to do are:

– A tofu marinade (this works well with the original, so I’m hoping it’ll be even better now)

– In a cheese and marmite toasted sandwich.

– Baked goods…cheese and marmite muffins, and a re-make of the old favourite pinwheels.

– Marmite and cucumber sandwich (another must try)

– I also plan to stir a spoonfull through some mashed potato, a childhood favourite with an adult kick.

I think it goes without saying that I have just made a new best friend

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Are you a lover or a hater?

Never tried marmite, would you like to, and do you think you’d like it?

Have you got your hands on this new wonder yet, or do you plan to, like NOW?

I want to hear all your crazy marmite stories guys. Mad combinations, recipe ideas and memories.
Or, if you must, share your hatred..just don’t expect me to agree!


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  1. I hate the stuff with a passion…just the smell of it alone is enough to make me gag! Sorry…it truly is a love hate thing.

    Sending you lots of love and support. xx:)

  2. I’ve always been curious about this and vegemite.

  3. Eeeewwww Marmite! In aus we have Vegemite… I think they are nearly the same but slightly different taste. Is aus your not a real aussie if you don’t like vegemite. I crave it when I’m sick for some ODD reason. I’m a peanut butter and honey girl. Great review too by the way πŸ˜›

  4. Definitely love it, I’ll be looking out for this next time I go shopping ! Thanks for the review Daisy, some great ideas in there too ! Can’t wait to try some :0)

  5. Kim

    great review. might have to go buy a jar x

  6. I’ve never tried marmite! I’ve been a bit scared to be honest… but maybe it’s time for a taste test!

  7. I’m yeast intolerant so that’s my excuse for not eating it! (Secretly I just can’t bear the stuff)

  8. I only had it for the first time last year. One of my friends was shocked that I’d never had it and was convinced that I would become a convert. His housemates disagreed, and bets were made.
    Marmite is the greatest thing to happen to toast since peanut butter and bananas. The end.

  9. You made me hungry!

    I’m gonna get lucnh right now, do you reckon it’ll taste good on a pancake? I’ll go and find out I guess.

  10. I am eating it right now and it’s GOOD on a pancake!
    Try it some time.

    Have a great day!

  11. tehe cute photo i hate the sutff T_T :p

  12. hmmmm I have always been a hater of this stuff, but I haven’t actually tried it since being a ‘grown up’ so perhaps I shall give it a second chance =)

  13. thats so funny, the aussie version vegemite just released a new version called isnack2.0, later re-named vegemite Cheesybite! It is a bit of a joke but I’m not sure anyone buys it!

  14. Can’t stand Marmite. Or Vegemite. I think I’ll give this one a miss, and go indulge in my one of my favourite weird food combos – a condensed milk and cheese sandwich. πŸ˜‰

  15. Oh, yum yum! Not only is the packaging superb but it sounds divine. I’m off to get some of this to be sure.
    My favourite are banana and marmite sandwiches on crusty wholemeal bread…perfection.
    Thanks for a wonderful review, I’m salivating.

  16. Rashna

    Yum yum!
    I love it when you talk about food.
    Excuse my indiscretion but how can you be such a great cook, eat a lot (from what you write here) and yet be so skinny?

  17. I’m a lover πŸ™‚ but I don’t eat it anymore because yeast doesn’t agree with me boo πŸ™

    Loved the review πŸ™‚ xx

  18. i’m a definite hater… li dislike its taste and i was always wondering what makes it so popular in uk! (in poland you can buy it only in special stores). to be frank, i prefer something that is sweet (i taste like sugar )

  19. Oh, I LOVE Marmite!! I used to eat it with porridge and plain bread a child:)


  20. This is but a legend here…I mean I’m sure I could find it if I looked very very hard, but I think it tastes weird. To each her own!

  21. Oooh, must try!I’m a massive marmite addict – I like it spread on poppy seed bagels!

  22. I love you so much for your addiction, Marmite and cheese sandwhich = best hangover cure ever!


  23. I’m an enthusiastic Marmite fan (though Vegemite is even better, have you tried that? Mmmmm…), yet to try Marmite XO. What I really wanted to say though was that a) I’m a big fan of your blog and read it almost every day, b) I really like the lacy top you’re wearing in the last photo, very pretty and c) hope everything works itself out soon. Look after yourself, thinking of you. πŸ™‚

  24. I’ve never even heard of it…so American of me. Shall I make it a goal next time I’m overseas? I think so πŸ™‚

  25. I tried it once… might have been Vegemite, actually… my neighbors were Australian, (I’m American), and they made me try some spread on crackers… I remember it being really strong and salty… I didn’t *hate* it, but it’s not something I’d eat on a regular basis… More power to you, though!

  26. i have never tried it :S not sure if i’m brave enough to lol..xx

  27. Yummi! It looks delicious! I’ve never tried or seen it on the market. I guess it’s not a easy product to find in my country. I hope when i visit UK the next time i’ll taste it ^^
    By the way, you look adorable in the photo with the jar **

  28. I am certainly a vegemite girl! For some reason I cannot stand marmite!

  29. Love how you posed with it. You are too cute lady!

  30. hahaha and I thought it’s perfume…
    and because we don’t have it here I thought it’s chocolate…silly me…
    sounds delicious:s

    and about the other post,don’t take account for all of the mean comments(if that’s was the thing..)

    love your blog&style!

  31. Hmmm, this little jar can cause such controversy. Living in Greece, I have never tasted the stuff (I’m not even sure the supermarkets stock it here) but I’m a fan of all things salty and I like strong tastes, so I think I’ll probably be a marmite-lover.

  32. I have never tasted it and I don’t think I will ever I don’t really like the sound of it..

    From Dolly

  33. I came to england and dicovered marmite- i love it to pieces- my favourite is with philadelpia creamcheese on white toast!

  34. You know when I was little I loved to eat chese on toast with marmite but now I gag everytime I eat or even smell it, odd!

    I’m kinda funny about my condiments, things like peanut butter somtimes I love and could eat a whole jar of and other times the smell of it just makes me feel sick, yep I’m odd about food I know XD

  35. I already declared myself a ‘hater’ on your previous entry – but do you know what I realised as I read this? I don’t actually know if I’ve ever even tried it! How silly is that!?
    BUT I still don’t think I could bring myself to. The thought is not appealing in the slightest. My mum is a ‘lover’ & she & my nephew eat it a lot, & just the smell makes me feel quite ill..

    Anyway, great entry – even if I don’t necessarily agree or approve of the subject matter πŸ™‚

  36. marmite is horrible, I do not understand it at all! I’m the only one in my family who feels like that, however, haha.

  37. OMG!!!!!!!! i LOVE Marmite!! It’s soooo yummy!! I love it on toast with slices of tomatoes. Or, on a spoon. I wonder if I’m going to be able to find the XO version? So good! I am addicted to this!


  38. Oh! I am so with you, i eat marmite a lot too, especially with crackers. Haha! I would love to get my hands on the xo one!

  39. I forgot to say this, i am so glad to have found a marmite lover! πŸ˜‰

  40. Great review. I’ve got a massive craving for some marmite now, will have to try the XO at some point. xx

  41. Thank you! Fixed it now πŸ™‚

    Sorry but I’m a hater. I used to work in a kids’ camp and we had to make packed lunches for them, and this one kid used to eat marmite and lemon curd (TOGETHER!) on sandwiches BLURGH!

    nicola xx

  42. nope…havent tried it yet….but I’d love to!! πŸ™‚

  43. MJ


  44. How funny: just saw your comment on a new blog I hadn’t seen before (via our lovely mutual blog-friend Jen the Style Crusader!) & was about to come here & say hi anyway, when a comment popped in from you!

    The other thing is, my husband asked me to pick up more Bovril after yoga class as he ran out. I can’t stand Bovril because it’s made from beef, and I’ve never tried Marmite because we always have Bovril! But I”m going to try it. I bet it’s great with tofu, and ryvita.. speaking of, have you tried their pumpkin seed version? I’m totally hooked.

    I didn’t see what people wrote about your health but you know that I am 100% behind you, Laura. You’ll get well. You know how I know? Because you’re talking about it. We’re only as sick as our secrets!

    Sending you a big hug.

  45. Kim

    never tried… I’m going to

  46. Def. LOVE!


  47. E

    Oh this sounds delicious! I wonder if I can find some here in the states!

  48. I would try it but I don’t think we have it here in the US! Looks yummy though!

  49. I’m a lover and I neeeeed some of that! xx

  50. I never tried it, but I would like to try! I like all sweet things, even if trying not to eat it a lot πŸ˜€

  51. i’ve never heard of that! haha! I’d probably be one to hate it.. im a picky eater

  52. I’ve never heard of it until now! I like trying new food so I’ll see if I can find it at my grocery store! xxoxooxoxxo

  53. hmm i’ve never really had marmite properly. i do like this packaging though

  54. I hate it with a passion, haha! But to each their own I guess! πŸ™‚

  55. Hate it!! I remember when I was younger I thought it was chocolate spread and nearly got sick when I tasted it:)!!

  56. I am so curious now. I’d read about this in books, but never knew what it was!

  57. Jen

    NO, Laura! Just, no. I cannot imagine anything WORSE! Yack! πŸ˜€

    LOVE that you reviewed Marmite on your blog! Hee hee!

  58. I loveeee marmite! My favourite combo is marmite and cheese on toast. YUM x

  59. Can’t remember ever trying marmite if I have. I’d be willing to give it a go, don’t know whether I’d like it although I do like salty things so who knows! :p

    The pinwheels sound delicious though.

  60. I am a marmite lover….not a hater.

    Also got to say I think you were extremely brave in your post before this.

    Sending you lots of love…

    Jojo xx

  61. As I am readig ths I amhaving a marmite (regular) and cheese toastie ! one of my mose fave meals ! I can not wat to get my hands on some of this!! Fab review!

  62. interesting, but honestly I can`t even imagine what it is like… the package looks quite nice πŸ™‚ I have to tell my friend to bring this when she visits πŸ˜€

  63. Thank you for the lovely comment, moleskine’s are my new obsession too. And I do like marmite I have to say, but bovril for me is the best thing, I’ll definitely have to try the new flavour! πŸ˜€ Amazing review. xxx

  64. I dont think ive ever tried it but I just know I’ll hate it. But hey…that means there’s more of it in the shops for you!

  65. ive never in my life had this .. i wonder if i would like it and where i could get it

  66. Have never been brave enough to try it. May have to give it a go though. x

  67. wow, what a review! πŸ™‚ I admit I have never tried Marmite- I don’t dare to πŸ™‚
    about your previous post- just take good care of yourself (in&out) and remember, everything will be okay in the end. if it’s not okay, it’s not the end. thinking of you & love you

  68. you are too cute!! i have never had marmite but i do have a brit friend that swears by it. i shall have to try it one of these days. muah!


  69. i’ve never seen/tried it, but it sounds interesting! re: your last post…giant hug!

  70. Gah I hate marmite! It tastes like mustard and fish lol


  71. ak

    i have never heard of it before…but i have an obsession with nutella.


  72. I’ve never had marmite before. Is it like vegimite? As delicious as you make i sound I still don’t think I want to try it!


  73. I’ve never heard of this spread but I understand the love of it. Have you ever had nutella? It’s like a chocolate-y spread that is put on bread, fruit, etc. It’s delicious! I’m def going to look into trying some of this marmite. Thanks for the reccomendation!


  74. How cute are you reviewing Marmite?! I’ve never had it but it does sound quite intriguing!

  75. Anonymous

    Wow, I hated the stuff when I was younger, but after reading your post, I kind of want to give it a try again! I wonder if I can get it shipped overseas…

  76. I feel really lame, as I have never even heard of the stuff. Lol. But from your description it sounds pretty good. And I am ALWAYS up to try new foods. I should probably seek some out, if I can find it…

  77. I am terrified by marmite. I don’t know why it freaks me out so much (or even why I’ve given it any thought- it’s virtually impossible to get in the US!) I’m so glad YOU got to have this special kind, though, since it doesn’t scare you!

  78. Oh, this looks so interesting, Laura. I will look for it at our local British Foods store.


  79. this sounds so cool! i hadn’t even heard of this. thanks!

  80. I’ve never tried it, but I want to! I actually quite like molasses, and it reminds me a little of that from the pictures, haha.

  81. hello honey, I like marmite but in small amounts. I like the flavour.

    I just read your interim post. Just wanted you to know that here if you ever need a friend.

    have a gorge day.

  82. Fun review, darling!
    Will have to try it!


  83. I haven’t seen this!! AMAZING. My fave thing to do with marmite is mix it in with some homemade houmous….Mmmmmmm…

    I saw adverts in London for Marmite cereal bars….wtf!

  84. Was it Paddington the bear who ate this, or did he eat Marmalade? I truly cannot remember. Though I’m thinking it was Marmalade which he loved.

    I have never so much as heard of Marmite, let alone tasted it myself. I really don’t think I’d like it – i’m the pickiest eater ever!! πŸ™‚

  85. thank you darling, ur very pretty too:) I wish my figure would be more like urs. xxx

  86. I have never tried marmite… sounds… interesting.

  87. Wow you’ve already had the cereal bars, you really are a big Marmite fan!

    It’s quite strange to hear so many people say that they’ve never heard of Marmite, but then again it was impossible to come across when travelling in Europe.

    I’ve got a Marmite screen print a friend made in my kitchen ^^

  88. I’ve never eaten Marmite before, but I have a sneaky suspicion that I’d love it…I must add it to my ‘to-do’ list in the upcoming weeks! xxx

  89. i haven’t tried it yet! but i might because of this review πŸ™‚


  90. Marmite + Cream Cheese on a bagel here the US of A. I can find Marmite (and Vegemite too) at the Indian grocers oddly enough (right beside the HP Sauce). Yummy.

    Now, XO, this simply kills me. Borrowing Cognac labelling is so right. I am not only a Marmite enthusiast, I am a marketer. This is a suberb product extension.

    Any sign of Louis XIII on the horizon?

    Cheers … Petra

  91. yuck I hate marmite:) prefer peanut butter;)

  92. Darling i’m sorry but I am the biggest marmite hater you will ever EVER find!!

    SO GROSS!!

    Stay safe and chic ma chΓ©rie,
    English Rose x

  93. I have to admit I’m a hater..never liked it! haha

  94. i hateeee it, but the packaging does look pretty πŸ™‚

  95. Heheh, this made me lol. I’ve never come across someone so passionate about marmite; the look of it makes me cringe. Maybe you should be their spokesperson? I’m sure they would love to have you!

    Cute post.


  96. LOVER!! I used to eat this when I was at UK!! Yaw!

  97. i’ve heard of vegemite but not this! i’m so curious to try it.. i live in the us though πŸ™ but i’m sure i could find it somewhere here!

  98. I am a lover on warm toast with lashings of butter and a thin spread of Marmite I do find the taste over powering with too much fab post xoxo

  99. Ahhh, I love Marmite so I’m going to have to give this a try!!

    Katie xox

  100. Oh, I am a lover for sure! I’ve never had marmite, but something very similar (or I think anyways). I mix it with a soft cheese spread and it’s delicious! It has the texture of a thick syrup and tastes a bit like molasses.

  101. I’ve never actually tried it, but ive heard it’s like Twiglets (which i really dont like) so i just neglect trying it whenever anyone asks haha!

  102. I’m a both. normally I hate Marmite but if I’m ill it makes me feel so much better.

  103. Im afraid im a hater..i tried it once last year on toast, really didnt like it..maybe with veggies it would be better??
    Vicki x

  104. hate marmite but love you <3


    ps. you are beautiful don’t forget.x

  105. HA such a lovely post…my sister is the same as you, although I am a peanut butter lover and will have it with ANYTHING πŸ˜€
    Missed your lovely blog! <3

  106. Kb

    I’m not a fan I’m afraid, but the jar looks cool!

  107. You know…I have never had Marmite. The idea of eating yeast is more than a little scary though. Thanks for sharing!

  108. omg now i really want to try this!

  109. no idea, never tried it, want to try it, will probably like it!

  110. I hadn’t seen this, my boyfriend loves it so maybe I shouldn’t show him lol. I used to hate it but now I like a little on toast… I cant eat as much as he does though.

  111. CL,

    i’ve never actually heard of marmite, but we have vegemite in australia of which i LOVE!

  112. LOVE the stuff and your blog. However can’t stand vegemite-IT DOESN’T COMPARE TO THE GREATNESS THAT IS MARMITE!!was late to the whole cheese and marmite thing however-discovered it a few months ago and am addicted. Good luck with everything- you have lots of support here. x

  113. I have always wanted to like marmite, but sadly, despite several attempts I just cannot stomach the stuff!!

  114. I don’t hate Marmite, but I don’t love it either. The XO one looks really posh! I’d give it a try but I don’t think I want to buy a whole jar!

  115. i love your sincerity in your last post. hugs from utah!! you are beautiful.

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