Wow, well thank you for the lovely comments on my hair. Seriously!
Just a quick post today as I am freezing cold having just got in from an appointment, and I really ought to be doing some course work this morning so I can catch up with everyone’s blogs later πŸ˜‰

Yesterday I wore



and today I am wearing this, plus a couple of cardigans. Trying to get a picture early in the morning doesn’t really work in terms of lighting hence there only being one, and it being a bit dodgy!


I’m deeply saddened by the news of Alexander McQueen’s death; although I don’t have much to say on the matter, especially when other bloggers have said what I’d like to in a far better way than anything I could come up with.
I just hope he is at peace now.


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  1. The shorts-and-tights looking is starting to grow on me and you wear it perfectly.
    I absolutely adore the surprising colours in the second outfit!

  2. You look lovely hun xx

  3. I LOVE the skirt and boots!

  4. love the high boots! and i love love the coolness of the first outfit!

    have a great day gorgeous!

    I am Denise Katipunera

  5. I like your look from yesterday. You look better, I don’t know if it’s only the hair. But you look happier somehow, I hope you are!

  6. I love the blazer look, I’m so jealous you’re so tall!

    Your hair looks lovely, it really frames your face and gives your jaw great definition.

  7. 2 great outfits. Really like the nautical tshirt

  8. Love the boots πŸ™‚

  9. Luv ur outfit! Hope u have a good wknd! xx

  10. I hope he’s at peace too, it’s sobering to realise how fragile people are.

    Girlie, your boots today are insanely awesome! I adore them, huge envy.


  11. lovely tights and i hope he is in peace too πŸ™

  12. love your spotty tights from yesterday with the stripes and blazer. i also love that floral dress and how you pair it with the long jumper.

    totally feel the same way about the passing of Alexander McQueen. xx

  13. Two great outfits, Laura! Your hair looks fantastic, you seem to look a lot more confident and even more lovely.

    Hope the appointments went well.

  14. Thank you Laura! πŸ˜€ I can’t wait to see it, and the film’s good. Try Blockbuster or the library, it’s worth seeing I think and it’s on Sky every now and then. xxx

  15. Everyday you pull off an amazing outfit. You inspire me to try and do the same πŸ™‚

  16. You are so pretty in both outfits… different look yet both are fab. xoxo

  17. Both outfits look fab !

  18. Laura I cannot believe the change since you’ve gotten your haircut. You always look gorgeous in your clothes; but honestly, you look so much more grown-up and confident now. Like a model!! πŸ™‚

  19. You look lovely at the bottom picture I love how you put the plain black top over the patterned/floral dress, too chic!

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    From Dolly

  20. loving the blazer u have on! i want one as well!

    xoxo jenna

  21. Kel

    I have that blazer! I love it, so comfy yet stylish.
    Love the second outfit, those beautiful boots again.

    I’m sad to hear of Alexander McQueen’s death. So sad when someone feels that is the only way.

    X x

  22. love the first very a wang xo

  23. You look very Alexa Chung in the first outfit! Lots of love for that one.

    RIP Alexander McQueen πŸ™


  24. your outfits are great

  25. yes, perfect words ’bout this tragedy. we can only hope that he is in piece now.

    luv ur legs)))) and outfits are simple, but stylish!

  26. Gorgeous looks, darling!
    Loving that blazer!

    I am sad about McQueen too; such a tragedy.


  27. Gorgeous look hun. This hair cut really suits you- a brand new you xxx

  28. the first look is so effortlessly chic. i love it!!!!


  29. wow. love love love the hair. happy valentine’s day.

  30. I love the first outfit!
    I love that panty and blazer.

  31. love that jumper and print skirt with the boots. SO so sad about McQueen…

  32. You know I love the first outfit, I’d wear it in a heartbeat. But I ADORE the second one on you!

  33. Love the first look, youve got a such good shape for shorts and the blazer really makes the outfit.

    Love the second oufit too, those boots are fab

    Queenie x

  34. love your over the knee boots. so sad about mcqueen but you’re right so many others have already commented so well.

  35. So glad you liked the clutch! Rowena actually sent me one as a thank you too. It is stunning! Im so chuffed with it!

  36. You look great as usual,love the shorts and tights, I’m toying with the idea of shorts myself made from old jeans.
    Vicki xx

  37. You rock tights, no matter how you wear them! Gorgeous!

  38. You look lovely as always =)
    Sorry my post made you sad πŸ™ Hugs to you! Time is a great healer πŸ™‚

  39. Eva

    those boots are beautiful ! xx

  40. i love the length of them shorts!
    so hip! πŸ™‚

  41. I really love these outfits. The boots are so cute!

  42. loving both of your looks!especially the first one:x

  43. You look so casual chic in your outfits. Sad to hear about Alexander McQueen. : (

  44. love your striped top. πŸ™‚

  45. OMG, i absolutely love your hair darling! you look like a model!

  46. love the combination of the blazer, striped top, jean shorts and tights. sweetness! and i love your hair!


  47. yup your hair looks amazing! so sad about alexander mcqueen πŸ™

  48. i really like the nautical look, its so chic!


  49. I am totally in love with the third outfit. You are so pretty in those bright colors. I love how you paired the colorful skirt with the black sweater. Very chic! πŸ™‚

  50. i’m loving you hair so much!!
    and those boots. and i’ve wanted a boyfriend blazer for ever! too cute!

  51. ooh stripes and blazer- so classic! I think I need some stripeys too!

  52. I really love how you have styled your blazer!

    Yeah McQueen will be missed very dearly…he was always creative and innovative and NEVER boring.

  53. love ur stripy top…d loose jacket is fab too :oD

  54. The print on that dress is delicious!

  55. waagghhhhjkfhalsekrhuirhesjkfbdasjlbdf I love both outfits but esp the second!!! Idk why that was the perfect exclamation for my interest in the outfits but it was. :] CUUUTTEE!!! And if somehow we ever meet, were having a photoshoot in the supermarket! bahaha :] Have a great weekend


  56. Wow, I absolutely adore your haircut and color!! Is it a new color or does it just look different because of teh shorter hair? Love it regardless! So fresh, perfect for spring… Which I hope comes soon enough for you πŸ™‚ Love the realxed look of this outfit and how the blazer add polish to it!

  57. love both outfits, the first one is really cool with the denim!

    it’s really sad with A mQ


  58. Hey Lauara, the necklace arrived today and it’s lovely πŸ™‚ And thanks for the cute little card and the bag it came in and the two heart chocolates πŸ˜€ I just wanted to ask, where do you go to buy the parts for crafting the necklaces? It’s something I’m beginning to get interested in. xxx

  59. i LOVE the blazer look on you! i’ve never seen you in an outfit like this. it really works for you!


  60. Love the blazer, you always have such great style πŸ™‚ And RIP Alexander Mcqueen :'(

  61. What pretty choices, I do hope they are keeping you warm though xx

  62. Great hair! Looks good on you!

    I love your shorts and tights combo. Great cut and length of shorts, fun tights, and nice blazer.

  63. love your new do babe! πŸ™‚


  64. I like that first outfit so much!
    The shirt and the jacket just look so great on you πŸ™‚

  65. u loook fab! love to you.

  66. Cute outfits and love the hair cut too. It is perfect for the shape of your face and chic.

  67. Nice outfit!xo xo.

  68. Oh yeah. Alexander McQueen…I just don’t know what so say about that matter. I’m sure he is now in a peaceful place with his mother.

  69. Love the outfits but, you have to be freezing.

  70. adorable blazer and your tights are the prettiest color. πŸ™‚

  71. I love the striped shirt + blazer! Such a great look!

  72. you are one of the very few people who do the shorts+tights thing and it looks awesome. great haircut!!!

  73. I love your first look, perfect for the everyday πŸ™‚

  74. I love the way over the knee boots are so sexy but so presentable at the same time, espcially when paired w pretty florals.

  75. OMG!Love those pens, although there is no purple in the pack πŸ™ Your baking looks delicious btw.

  76. That first outfit is perfect ! I love it !

  77. I have got to try that shorts with tights look! I really like how you made yours super-casual and paired them with polka-dots instead of basic sheers.

  78. I like the stripped shirt with the blazer, I wore something similar. πŸ™‚

  79. wishing you a relaxed weekend

  80. Great outfits! I’ve been thinking of trying out wearing shorts with tights and I LOVE your haircut! It’s very chic.


  81. love those shorts! so cute

  82. i am so jealous of that blazer. i want to make that trend work so hard, but for some reason they just look bonkers on me.
    also im with you on the news about McQueen. can you believe i actually shed some tears? IMHO, the greatest loss the fashion world has ever endured. He was like Dali to me. The greatest in his field and beyond art. There will never be another.

  83. you look like a model. love it and the outfits are fab
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  84. I love you in tights! Looks really, really good, and your hair looks great that way. I really need a haircut, but I can’t seem to find the time. -_-

  85. i love the first look

    Vi from Cali

  86. Oh, I adore the striped top, denim shorts and blazer look. It works perfectly on you.

  87. Love the blazer with the striped shirt and shorts. Just lovely!