Morning all, Happy Monday and start of another new week! I hope its going to be a good one.
What did you get up to this weekend? UKers, I hope the weather wasn’t too awful for you, we had the worst of it Saturday, it was scary at times (or, I’m a wimp!)

Outfit today:




The top is actually a vintage dress, which I bought because I loved the detail on the front,
however, I didn’t take my height in to consideration and I feel it is far too short to be worn as a dress. Having being sat in my wardrobe for 3 months, I finally decided to pair it with the “jeggings”.

Thanks for the amazing feedback on my jewellery, all but the compass are still available, so drop me an e-mail if your interested.

Have a great day!

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  1. love the top/dress, great little feature on it – suits you really well. and the boots are very cute too!


  2. love the vintage dress so chic!! can i ask were are your leggings from? or jeggings even!
    magpie-girl.blogspot.com xx

  3. Great looking outfit. I love wearing dresses over trousers or jeans. Vix xx

  4. The front detail is indeed amazing! Doesn’t matter you won’t wear it as a dress, there’s always a way. Love your necklace too!

  5. i love this kind of shoes with skinny jeans..

  6. love the dressshirt!as long as you enjoy it doensnt matter how you ll wear it!
    ps) jeggings look really cool by the way!

  7. great outfit, darling! you look amazing.
    have a lovely week, xoxo

  8. the dress/top is amazing. the detail on the front makes it look so modern even though its vintage.

  9. Those jeggings look ace, I’m not too big a fan of them as a rule but those just look like really fitted skinny jeans. The weather scared me too! xx

  10. love it! clever way to wear a too-short dress.

  11. That’s such a nice dress/top! And I love your shoes! I got so wet this weekend with all the rain, actually that’s a lie, I got very wet on Friday and decided to spend the rest of the weekend inside to avoid it happenning again!

  12. I need to try jeggings!

  13. You look lovely !!

  14. Too bad about the icky weather over the weekend, hopefully it improves over the week for you!
    I love this outfit. It’s too bad the dress ended up too short to be worn as a dress but it looks really cute with your jeggings!
    Have a fabulous Monday!

  15. wow. you look gorgeous !
    and how you can get such as perfect body ? i want it ! hahah ;p
    btw, i really envy you for getting the boots ! xD

    have a wonderful days ! ♥


  16. i got the tights from calzedonia…
    i got them last year but i think they have them on the new collection as well…

  17. sea

    lovely outfit!
    the weather up here was not too bad at the weekend, just TOO cold! think we are getting the brunt of it now though, its just rain rain rain!

  18. That is a great outfit, you look good.

  19. I think you look really pretty in that dress, it’s strange though that you didn’t pair it with one of your tights haha:) But the jeggings looks good!

  20. That vintage dress works so well as a tunic – love the way you’ve paired it with jeggings. But even more, I’m completely obsessed with your booties – they’re heavenly! 🙂

  21. Awwww you’re too sweet!
    You look great!

  22. Ooooh, I Love the top and the boots 🙂


  23. very nice dress ^^

    tehe jeggings, i dun really like them but u pull them off so well ^^

  24. J.

    I love this look! and the necklace is awesome!

  25. Love the dress/top. Its been awful here today , it was pouring all moaning and i was soaking when i got to work 🙁

  26. loving the top/dress xo

  27. love your outfit.
    its been awful here, tomorrow we spect a storm.

    Thanks for visit my blog!

  28. Adore that dress! The bow detailing is fantastic! I think you could also get away with wearing this with thicker tights… I have the same problem with a few tunic/dresses that are too short to be worn with the naked leg.

  29. I feel your pain…all dresses are too short on me 🙁

  30. The weather really was quite bad here this weekend. I love the vintage dress.

  31. I love the vintage dress. You look so cool in black…very elegant and professional and mature. Love it!

  32. Pretty perfect, as always. I love those jeggings! Totally getting some.

    The weather here is terrible tonight – I’m praying the wind stops and the Sky signal stabilises in time for ANTM at 9pm!

    Happy Monday to you too! 🙂

  33. I actually love the whole dress over pants/jeans look. I know I’m dating myself, but it looks good to me 🙂 You look fab and comfy!

  34. Your dress is soo beautiful! It suits you so well.


  35. You look so lovely. Such a beautiful vintage piece!

  36. I love your outfit. That dress is great! Hope you’re doing well.

  37. The dress looks lovely with such a modern twist!

  38. “Jeggings” hehe love it never heard of that word combo before.
    The weather sure was freakish! To make matters worse I only watched that film about the end of the world—‘Knowing’
    Why? Why did I go and do that for!?

    peace & hugs*
    prettyneons XxX

  39. I think it looks really cute!

  40. ahhhhhhhhh….lovely booties! 🙂

  41. Loving the dress/top! Very pretty!

  42. Saturday really was scary times
    the weather was like AHHHHHH!x

  43. Love this outfit! Have a great week 🙂

  44. So the thing tied around is part of it? i love the black with the dark jeans.

  45. As usual a great find and you wear it well!

  46. Where did you get your jeggings? I saw some at Target, but they were very cheap and tacky looking.

  47. Oh my, I love your boots!!

  48. The drape of that top is lovely!

  49. Love that tie in the front, beautiful 🙂

  50. your shoes are awesome, i love black 😀

  51. really love those boots. amazing that it’s not that high.

    I Am Denise Katipunera

  52. Hey, that’s ok, it’s understandable. I keep seeing people putting things up on Etsy and so when I saw your things I thought you might’ve already made a store haha. I really like that charcoal grey jumper/top though, lovely. xxx

  53. A very stylish look. I love the shoes!

  54. love love this outfit ! nice dress combined with the jeggings . those really look like real jeans haha . and great shoes ! have a nice day !

  55. so chic…love the shoes!
    Lovely new week darling~

  56. Great outfit! Especially love the long double necklace!

  57. Lovely outfit! You always look so nice.. have a wonderful week! 🙂

  58. You look lovely Sweetie and you’re so tiny!!! I love your figure!

    Have a great day and actually we have an amazing weather today, but on Saturday we had a huge storm! that was scary!

  59. It looks very nice the way you wear it 😉


  60. you always look lovely. i like the vinatge black dress as top!
    the weather was ferocious over the weekend wasnt it?!

  61. love your outfit and the necklace is perfect!

    For all things fashion:

  62. Jeggings = Jeans/Leggings. HA! I love it. You look great in this post.

  63. Just came across your blog, looks nice! will make sure to pop back in again later.

  64. Hey,

    thanks for your lovely comment. I keep wondering how you are too?

    I have to say I love this dress that you’re wearing.

    Love Jojo xx

  65. The top is really cool!! I love this outfit.

  66. hun I seriously like those jeggings. Good choice.
    we had wonderful 2 days in London, sunshine.

  67. that dress is amazing. i love how it has a smock-like quality to it.

  68. you look amazing..as usual, of course!

  69. I love the front detail of that dress/shirt. I make that same mistake too with tops. But for me its the other way around. I buy shirts that are too long for me and I am forced to wear as a dress or a really long shirt 🙂

    -Lara from ClosetCat

  70. Anonymous

    You’re looking lovely, I really like the outfit. Are those jeggings,lol, jeans or leggings? What’s the material? -Feather

  71. Yeah Saturday scared the life out of me! It was almost dark at like 2pm because of all the rain. I was at work at Topshop and we sold a LOT of umbrellas. x

  72. it as a dress, there’s always a way. Love your necklace too!

    Work from home India

  73. Looks great on you. Seems like an off duty model outfit!

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  75. Love this black color dress.

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  76. Tout simplement magnifique et tes bottes sont divines!!!