outfit and jewellery for sale

Weekend at last! Oh man am I relieved (apart from the whole having to work tomorrow morning thing)
How’s it been for you?
A better one over here, just cold, with miserable weather and too little sleep, but I’ll live. I’m starting to get in to the Christmas spirit and caught myself humming a festive tune this morning.

Outfit today = slobby,
because I have no need to leave the house thanks to my best friend/personal shopper, Trudi.



All I have planned is lots of curling up under blankets, working my way through the stack of magazines I seem to have.

I made some new jewellery yesterday and thought I’d offer it up for sale on here,
it’s ideal for Christmas gifts for friends/family
(or for yourself)
Drop me an e-mail at adaisychaindream@googlemail.com if your interested in a piece. I ship worldwide and accept paypal.


Working compass necklace (plastic compass so won’t weigh you down). Quirky and functional! £6 UK/£7 overseas.


Vintage roundabout charm. Spins as you wear it. Due to the age of this charm it’s a little wonky, but looks great when hung around the neck. £4.50 UK/£5.50 overseas


Vintage upside down umbrella charm on gold plated chain. Super simple, super cute. £4 UK/£5 overseas


Enamel deer with crystal detail on silver plated chain £4 UK/£5 overseas.

I hope everyone has a great Friday the 13th,
and a fantastic weekend xxx

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  1. i like your cosy outfit!perfect for a lazy day around the house!

  2. you look so cute in that!!! I don’t know what is happening but this week I’m hearing only bad and sad news! Awful! Hope you feel fabulous!!!

  3. you look casually chic,yummy necklaces honey

  4. Lo

    i am really into that compass necklace. where in the uk are you located? i’d love to snag that, what a deal. feel free to e-mail me if it is still available

  5. You look so great in that stay-at-home outfit. Necklaces are really nice.

  6. I never realized it was friday the 13th! clearly ive been asleep all day! Im so glad its the weekend too!!
    what shoes have you on in these pics are they brogues?
    magpie-girl.blogspot.com xx

  7. Aaah that’s so WEIRD! I just posted about my jewellery and then came over to you and see not only have you also posted about your jewellery, but we seem to share a supplier! 🙂

    Love your stuff. Oh and you really rock those harems! xxx

  8. The compass is great. Finally a ueseful jewel.

  9. Laura, I don’t think you look “slobby” at all. Your outfit is relaxed, casual chic to me. You look great as always.


  10. Wow, you make really pretty jewelry! I love the carousel one:)

  11. How bizarre – you’ve made jewellery, Little Bird’s made jewellery and I’ve made bird jewellery, too!
    Have a lovely friday night whatever you do, Vix xx

  12. seriously u should see my stack of mags waiting to be read! it is beyond ridiculous i seem to buy them all and pile them up until i have time to read them! I should have time to read them but theres always tele that i want to watch ha ha xxxxxxxxx

  13. You still look gorgeous in your comfy outfit! And love the jewelry! Have a great weekend XOXO

  14. Hey, i like that outfit! What does that say about me?? LOL

  15. Beautiful necklaces. I like the most the Enamel deer 🙂

    I’ll come!


  16. Popped in from Cafe Fashionista’s to say hi! I love that deer!

  17. Very chic look!
    Cute necklaces!


  18. Your outfit is so good. It looks so comfortable.

  19. i’m getting in the christmas spirit too… actually, i’m itching to start shopping and baking cookies :p

  20. I love your “stay at home” outfit.. very cozy yet still stylish. 🙂 Ive gotten a bit into the Christmas spirit too.. I cant wait till its okay to put the lights in place.. xx

  21. ughhh, how can you look so gorgeous in “slobby” clothes… i swear you could make a bin bag look chic!

    lots of love xo

  22. That compass necklace is amazing!

  23. Ack the weather is horrid! Sweet cosy outfit.

  24. the jewelry is seriously fantastic

  25. Kb

    Lovely comfy outfit, I need to get my hareems out. Gutted I missed out on the compass necklace, so quirky!

  26. I love the jewelry. You’re very talented!

  27. sorry about the weather!
    You look stunning, though. I wish I could pull off those pants!

  28. Love the compass necklace!!!

  29. Woah, you have a personal shopper…are you a princess or something?

  30. Your outfit looks comfortable and nice! There are days, especially when the weather is cold, that I just want to wear comfortable and cozy pieces 🙂
    Have a lovely weekend!

  31. I love what youre wearing, thats like my default comfy outfit.


  32. Beautiful!
    I like the fact that the charm spins as you wear it…adorable~
    Great weekend!

  33. mmmm, curling up under a comforter sounds ideal right now. You still manage to nail proportions in your cozy outfits. On days that i don’t leave the house, I tend to just not get dressed and end up wearing and oversized t shirt and a blanket all day. Obviously, not as chic as you are!

  34. love the silver top, actually all i see here.

    miss can i have that compass necklace? i love it.

    I Am Denise Katipunera

  35. love the deer necklace, so cute!
    have a lovely weekend, xoxo

  36. The vintage upside down umbrella charm is stunning.

  37. You look cute even when lounging around the house. I just slob around in pyjamas (like now), for shame!

  38. You look very nice to say your just slobbing in the housee!

  39. I don’t think you look slobby at all – I love your look. You look so chic in a casual way. Love! 🙂

  40. I absolutely adore your jewellery! How many have you made? Do you think you’ll be setting up a store maybe? xxx

  41. oops i didn’t even notice it was friday the 13th yesterday. lol all is good. love your trousers!

  42. I love that compass necklace, shame its been sold 🙁 ♥
    P.S. I’m having a contest on my blog, feel free to enter!

  43. Cute little charms.

  44. love your outfit. Your pieces are beautiful!

    For all things fashion:

  45. I like your outfit!Simple&cute!

  46. Sounds like a wonderful day! I love curling up and going through my magazines. Cute necklaces too!



  47. I love the gold necklace 🙂

  48. Enjoy your weekend, the weather is terrible isnt it?! I love the christmas atmosphere as well, its really nice to see all the lights and decorations.


  49. you look so cozy and cute!

  50. thank you for the comment 🙂 i am feeling infinitely better now after i calmed down a bit and prayed. life can just be so challenging sometimes, ya know? anyhoo, i love your blog and your sense of style! have a lovely day and thanks again!

  51. I absolutely love that enamel dear necklace! Gorgeous pieces here. I really enjoyed reading through your blog 🙂

  52. comfy outfits are sometimes the best sort! less fussy and never the danger of over-accessorising hehe. xoxo

  53. love it! cute jewellery!

  54. those necklaces are really cute. I love the one that is like an umbrella.

  55. Cute look! Those pants look really good on you. Love the carousel necklace x Sushi

  56. I bought french vanilla hot cocoa today and instantly thought of YOU.

    Those pants are a dream <3


  57. compass necklace is sweet!

  58. those pants are great, love the outfit


  59. You look simply perfect! Pretty jewelery collection too! xoxoxxo

  60. love your pants 🙂
    its good that youre getting into the holiday cheer. over here in the philippines, christmas season started wayyyy back in september. yeah so every sunday since then ive been waking up to christmas songs. quite lovely actually, im excited for christmas this year. last year was such a drag.


  61. your are very talented! excellent designer!!

  62. C

    beautiful necklaces.

    Pre-Holiday SALE

  63. Hey gorgeous girl, love the outfit and the wonderful jewellery for sale. I should probably get onto buying gifts, will contact you soonish!

    And p.s., those pants are adorable. Love!

  64. Gorgeous necklaces, love that carousel one especially 🙂
    And I know I am 15 and comparing myself to her just makes me depressed haha
    Awesome post and lovely photos as ever!

  65. Even dressed down and cozy you pull it off 🙂


  66. Hey dearie–

    I am loving loving this look on you. It’s a nice change from dresses and skirts! The slouchy pant is perfect.


  67. darling hoping you are having a fantastic sunday

  68. I love your outfit, sweatpants and booties. I need to copy this! Love your jewelry too! xoxo ava

  69. love the deer x

    For all things fashion:

  70. I love your blog! xxxx
    You have great style, love the outfit xxxx Camilla


  71. Hey hum how are you? I’m sorry I haven’t commented in soooo long.

    You carry those harems off so well.

    Love Jojo xxxx

  72. I love all of them! 🙂


  73. You are very beautiful!
    I like your look..

  74. hey hun!
    I didn’t know you make jewelry! How did I miss that?! the carrousel is cute!

    Have a great week ahead!

  75. laura how are you ?
    missed you girl!!
    lovely stuff and chic outfit!!!!!!

  76. totally & completely obsessed with that old charm :] so vintage – love your style girl!

  77. Everything is great… but I love the compass necklace, it’s so cool!
    Oh, my, I need to re-start my jewellery project!

  78. theoutfit seems so casual but yet it looks good on you! <3
    am deifitenly digging/following your blog.

    do check out/follow mine too 🙂


  79. Love how your “slobby” outfits are still chic. And I love all your necklaces, they’re too adorable. AND, I didn’t even realize it was Friday the 13th. OOooh, spooky!

    Thanks so much for stopping by!
    NOTE: new blog name, please update your links!

  80. that little dear is adorable!

  81. what shoes have you on in these pics are they brogues?

    Work from home India

  82. I love it! Very creative!That’s actually really cool