17.03 trend tracking

Hello there, Happy Wednesday and Happy St. Patricks Day to those of you who celebrate it (we don’t really over here). Do you have any exciting plans for the day? Share with me!

A quick, non outfit post from me as I want to introduce you to something I’ve recently been made aware of that I think you will also enjoy; I am just too kind!

Trendstop.com – one of the world’s leading fashion trend forecasters for the industry, have developed the first fashion trend mobile app for consumers – the TrendTrackerTM. With consumers being more trend savvy and demanding than before, they can now have access years in advance to the same fashion trend information as the professionals and it’s free. As of last week, it is now available on any mobile, not just iphone, including Blackberry, Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Android and others.

You can download it for free by either going to http://mobile.trendstop.com from your phone’s browser or sending the word TREND as an SMS text message to: UK: 81148 Other countries: +447797803901
For iPhone its http://www.iTunes.com/apps/trendstoptrendtracker

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I’m genuinley excited by this, having recently become the owner of a non iphone smartphone as it is rare to find an application that works on more than just one type. I shall be downloading and testing it out myself, and I hope that some of you, at least will join me (I’d love to hear back with how you get on!)

New advanced member’s features will be added later on this year, so it really does look promising!

Outfit photos/normal posting to resume tomorrow I guess, as long as people are still okay with me posting outfits? I seem to be getting mixed reactions at the moment, and I just want you ALL to know that I am trying to get better, I hate hate hate this illness, but I really enjoy blogging and wish to continue in the way I always have done, I’m never “showing off my body”, just showing my outfits like I have for the last couple of years. BUT if my doing so is causing problems, then I will stop for the time being.

I’m sorry to have to keep raising the issue, but, well, I’m sick of getting critical e-mails sent to me when I’m not sure they represent the majority.

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  1. Hey Daisy… 🙂

    This sounds cool….Im looking over the variety….

    Don’t worry about people’s thoughts/opinions of you, because that’s all they are; thoughts & opinions not FACTS. As long as you’re helping your situation and not ignoring it, everything will work itself out. I once BATTLED roughly with the same issue 2 years ago….,I got freed from it, once I completely DEALT with what was borthering me (inside out). I’m doing wonderful now.

    And dont’ stop posting what you LOVE to post, it’s YOUR blog, and whoever isn’t happy or glad should leave. As I always say; if you’re not apart of the solution you’re apart of the problem…that would GO for anyone critizing unwisely instead of helping wisely.

    Have a lovely day 🙂

  2. Happy Wednesday to you too!
    Keep posting the outfits – I enjoy them 🙂
    I had a lovely 3 hour sushi lunch with a friend who has been living in Montreal for the last year! So much to catch up on 🙂

  3. Interesting looking application.
    Darling girl, you’re quite right the critical emails DO NOT represent the majority of your readers. We know how hard you are persevering with your struggle and and just want to see you well on the road to recovery.
    If you enjoy your outfit posts please continue (I’d miss seeing you if you stopped).

  4. I’m gonna get it too:)
    sounds great!

  5. This just makes me excited about getting my iphone!

    I love your outfit posts, and agree with Vintage Vixen: we just want to see you get well. As long as you’re still happy doing them, that’s all that matters!

  6. I can’t wait to have some money to get a new phone. I’ll be steering away from iphones though, they are so expensive and there are so many better option out there now!

  7. Keep the outfit posts 🙂

  8. I think ignore all those horrible emails or comments. And I agree with everyone else, it’s what you love most so DON’T stop posting outfit posts. Didn;t their mothers ever tell them “If you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all!”.
    It’s such a shame there was people like this in the blogging world.

  9. Laura, please don’t stop posting outfits. I love them and anyone who is a real reader of your blog knows that you working really hard with your illness xxx

  10. It looks like an awfully nice application. Too bad I don’t have an IPhone to use it.

  11. You really shouldn’t care about opinions like those who come here just to lower you down. You have an amazing blog, that reflects your personality and taste and anyone has to do with it. If they don’t like it, don’t visit. You obviously feel uncomfortable with that tipe of attitude, and you’re obviously a girl trying to get better, otherwise you wouldn’t post so many recipies or outfits, for example.

    In my opinion, for you, having this blog and posting your outfits is a good way for you to get notion of your body and respect yourself, helping you to get better. I believe this blog is a very positive help and that is really comforts you. Instead of quiting those posts, i think you have lots of courage to share them with us, facing others opinions, and in a certain way, instead of being a bad think, i believe is a hobby that helps you trhough.

    I’m glad i found your blog and i hope you keep beeing who you are, and posting as you like and as you’ve always done**


  12. I don’t think my ancient phone could cope with that but it sounds very interesting.

    And I totally agree with what everyone else has said about continuing with the outfit posts 🙂

  13. if you want to post outfits and its something that makes you happy, then you should!
    st patricks day on wednesday is bad news…no partying because of work!
    hope you have a lovely day 🙂

  14. Daisy the emails you must receive certainly DO NOT represent the majority = as i’m sure you know.
    Don’t let the minority stop you from doing something you love. I for one love to see your outfits, and can’t wait to see you get better, which you are doing – slowly but surely every day..
    much love xxx

  15. Laura, You are beautiful and very stylish and I would love to continue seeing your outfit photos. All of your loyal readers are hoping you get better soon, and we want to help you in any way we can! xxx

  16. Jo

    Hey hun,

    I think the majority of your readers know that you’re trying to get better and that your posting the outfits, not something else. I really enjoy looking at your style and DO NOT want you to stop posting your outfits.

    If people are upset/uncomfortable/whatever by your blog then they can stop reading it! You are not forcing them to read the blog! Sorry if that sounds harsh but you deserve things in your life that make you happy, even more so while you are struggling to get well.

    Love and hugs Jo xx

  17. Oh I love a bit of trend stop ’tis addictive stuff, I like reading about trends I just don’t like wearing them much-I’m such a contradiction!

    Anywho’s whats this about nasty emails etc? Some people have nothing better to do with their time do they eh?Quite tragic really.

    I adore everything about your blog that includes your darling outfits too…if others don’t like it then like jo said they can bloody well sod off (I must stop being so blunt), can’t they?!

    peace & big hugs
    Moi <3

  18. i love your outfit posts. this is your blog, and you should be able to post about the things you love! of course we all worry about what our readers think of us… it is one thing for someone to be concerned about our health, quite another for someone to make you feel ashamed.

    some of us have been where you are… and if someone is feeling trg’d by your photos, then they have a choice to not follow your blog. this is your space, do what you want with it 🙂

    please continue doing what you love. for every rude comment you might get, there are 100 of us rooting for you.

    you have amazing taste in fashion and your outfit posts make me smile, as they do for so many others! you inspire me.

    have a happy day!

  19. please do not stop posting outfts darling! you are great at it and we like all to take inspiration from them! 🙂

    that sure looks like a nice app! must try it on my phone too!
    happy day 🙂

  20. E

    I’m hoping to get an iphone soon so I might have to get one of these…

  21. I”m so sorry to hear that you are getting such critical messages, no one deserves that, least of all you!

    I think your outfit posts are great, and i hope that you won’t let the voices of a nasty few stop you – You’re fabulous!

  22. It’s your blog. Post what you want to post. I think that’s why the majority of us read 🙂

  23. Doh! It’s not even an iPhone app, so I can get it!! Weee…

  24. Have you been approached and threatened to promote this smart-phone thingy?

  25. Hm. Part of taking care of yourself is by clothing yourself in a way that you like, I would say. The majority of us know that you are battling a pernicious condition with all your might and will support you 100% – we just want you to be well again. If you enjoy blogging your outfits, continue doing it, because we enjoy reading about them. xx

  26. Seriously hun, It’s YOUR blog at the end of the day and it really doesn’t matter what a few haters think. Your health and happiness is more important than the small minded insensitive opinions of a few and I would concentrate on that.

    Keep the outfit posts coming.
    We love them xx

  27. Don’t stop doing your outfit posts… don’t worry about what others say… it’s your blog and if they don’t want to see you doing your outfit posts, then it’s their option not to visit right? Just enjoy what you’re doing and I know you do love posting outfits. Have a great day! xoxo

  28. As long as you’re recovering and you want to post your outfits I don’t see a problem?
    Hate nosy people who make rude assumptions!
    Keep doing what you’re doing, love your blog.

  29. Anyone who is criticizing you has no grounds to do so, Laura. You are a healthy individual, and that’s all there is to it. Everyone’s body type is different – yours is perfect as is; and a beautiful canvas for displaying your gorgeous outfits. Please do not stop the outfit posts!

    And this application sounds amazing. I too own a non-iPhone Smartphone (a BlackBerry), and am unable to ever find applications for it – perhaps this one will work for me!! 🙂

  30. Hello Daisy, I’m Daisy too haha 🙂 Though I’m known as Kate usually! This post is amazing, I’m getting it on my blackberry now! if you get a chance, check out my blog at http://www.dazedyoungmess.blogspot.com Thank you 🙂

  31. Your outfits are so cute. Please don’t stop posting them because hateful people say rude things. They’re only brave because they’re behind a computer screen. Bastards.

  32. I love your outfit posts, and if doing them makes you happy then I see no reason why a few silly comments should make you stop.
    We know how hard you are trying to get better and are here to support you all the way.
    I am looking forward to seeing more of you in every sense.
    Vicki xxx

  33. trendstop sounds great. I definitely want to check it out!

    You should definitely continue the outfit posts. I’m not sure who would send your critical emails, or why. This is your place to express yourself. If, for some reason, someone has a problem with that, they should go somewhere else…

  34. I’m delurking to comment on this one. I’m not sure how many times you need to tell people that you’re not well and you’re are doing something about it before they will LISTEN but I wish they’d HURRY UP. Please keep doing what is best for you as has been said before this is your blog, your writing, your personal space, be who you are. All the best I’m rooting for you. x

  35. I’m definitely going to have to look up this app it looks really interesting.
    as for what you post, it’s most important to do what makes you happy 🙂

  36. Looks like a great app, thanks for the tip! About outfit posting, I think you do look very ill, which is obviously upsetting, but I think you should be doing what makes you happy, and I can see what you mean about wanting to keep your life as normal as possible. So I say keep going, and try and ignore other people who are critical- if they don’t want to, they don’t have to look at your blog. Good luck with your recovery and I look forward to seeing more pretty outfits xxxx

  37. I so need a new phone…my ancient, broken and cracked phone just does not cut it anymore…soon hopefully!

    Please don’t let nasty comments get to you. Your outfit posts are awesome and you are wonderful for having the courage and confidence for putting yourself out there like that.

    You are an amazingly lovely and beautiful person and you can and WILL get better from this.

    Coming from someone whose had nasty things said about their shape right to their face…I know it’s just best to ignore it and not let it get to you otherwise it will get in the way of you getting better.

    I’m rooting for you.

    Take care and lots of love. xx:)

  38. i cant beleive people would do that … i say ignoer them .. these losers are just out to get on your nerves .
    i know you are just trying to do oan outfit post nothing other. .you woul have posted them whatever body shape you had becasue you are a style blogger and thats your interest.

    by the way have you checked out any of the makeup apps .. they are pretty cool i read aboutthem in allure magazine

  39. Jen

    Do what feels comfortable and right for you. I remember you saying blogging helps you – don’t let a few misguided or small minded people change that! This is your space to do things your way. Hope you’re okay. xxx

  40. Happy St Patrick’s day! I get excited for non-iPhone apps too! Saying that, I hate trends but I’m happy for those who like to stay in the know 🙂

  41. What a cool app!

    Good luck with whatever your’e dealing with. It’s your personal life..they need to respect that.

    Enter to win a women’s Orient watch!

  42. Hi Laura,

    Thanks for popping by, in my absence, I’ve still been keeping an eye on you though Mrs!.

    Please don’t stop posting, I love your outfits and particularly your tight collection!

    You are super sweet and I do hope you start to get better soon.

    Big Kiss X

  43. i don’t think you’re showing off at all…i just think of it this way, when people leave negative comments they’re jealous. also it’s been said that when you start getting ‘controversial’ comments on your blog you’ve ‘made it’! LOL!
    get better soon.
    xoxo alison

  44. Great tip! Too bad I don’t have a smartphone!

  45. thanks for the info!!! Awesome! xoxo

  46. This is awesome! Thanks for the info!

  47. I have an iphone and have found some amazing fashion apps another good one is style.com

    Dont stop posting outfits if it makes you feel good doing so that is the main thing just ignore those emails you know who your true followers are. I am new to your blog and I have enjoyed evreyone of your outfits so far and want to see more xoxo

  48. Kim

    this is amazing !

  49. downloading this app asap.

    on another note: i have never suffered from this horrible illness, but i have known people that have and read up on it a lot. i am so sorry that you are subject to such a cruel disease. i think it’s a beautiful thing that you post your outfits. it is a creative outlet for you and i’m sure helps in healing you. if other people have a problem with it, honestly they can fuck off and go somewhere else. you are absolutely beautiful, and i don’t want to see you stop posting your gorgeous self. as you have been here for me i am here for you too if you need to talk. my e-mail address is on my blog. sending lots of healing energy and love to you sweet thing.


  50. I love reading your blog and I love your outfit posts. As long as you enjoy it you should carry on with whatever you want. If someone doesn’t like your blog they don’t have to read it. You’re doing all you can to get better and you will =) xx

  51. Continue to get better darling!
    remember it’s your blog & stay fabulous always! XO*

  52. I love seeing your outfits and I don’t want to miss your colourful tights which make me always smile (and want more coloured tights).

    I am sorry to hear that you get critical emails. But I really hope you don’t let these people stop you from what you love doing!!


  53. Honey, I’m sure you’re doing your best to get better, as we all wish you to be.
    But, until then, don’t stop doing what you love!

  54. awesome! i’ll have to check it out!

    AlphaBetaChic Blog

  55. xs

    hey daisy, i think that you should post the outfits and not worry about what other people think . this is your blog and if other people have a problem with it, then they can go elsewhere. Stay strong and just keep doing what you’re doing!

  56. awww Daisy don’t worry about what those losers have to say. They’re mean, hateful and worst of all they are ignorant. Don’t let it get to you. I’m not aware of your illness but if blogging is keeping you sane and making you better then keep on doing what you love! I look forward to your outfit posts. feel better!


  57. Thanks for recommending this app! I have the one from style.com that lets me see all the collections on my iphone.

    Don’t stop posting outfit photos if it’s what you really love to do. I enjoy seeing your outfits and honestly think that it is wonderful that you are sharing pictures of yourself and your clothes to all your loving readers!


  58. This sounds so fab. I wish I had a cool phone to use this application!

  59. I sent you the questionnaire email 🙂

  60. It looks cool! I love your outfits in the post below..you look beautiful.

  61. That is SO crazy. Seriously, the iPhone is going to take over the world. Great blog! Very informative!


  62. ooh I just downloaded this app! I’m so excited to check it out.

  63. sorry about the negative comments, but this is your blog so do what you want to do! i always love your posts 🙂

  64. the app sounds awesome!
    ahh how i wish i had an iphone….

  65. oh my goodness!! how cool!!

  66. Thanks so much for posting this app, Laura. I will be d/l-ing it, for sure. I always enjoy seeing your oufit posts and if it brings *you* happiness to post them, I very much hope you will continue to do so. As they say, “Haters to the left.” 🙂




    p/s i love ur flowered print stockings the one u wore with the give awway dress u got.

  68. Keep posting the outfits! I don’t think what your showing is pro-ana at all in that you realise your weight is a issue and are taking steps to deal with it.

    People who say otherwise-here’s an idea- instead of just looking at the pics -READ THE BLOG before you pass judgement! Consistant followers of this blog know that you are resolving your ED and would only have a issue if you were ignoring it.

    Also,i think if blogging pics makes you happy in yourself then that that is the best help we as outsiders can give you,in feeling comfortable with yourself.

    Sorry for the essay-should have saved it for my blog,haha.



  69. we all need an outlet for our creativity and for what makes us happy. Keep doing outfit posts. It will keep you busy and got to admit it makes you feel good.

    Daisy so many people care for you. We’re so far away from each other but i hope the message of hope can be felt too.

    I wish you well and happiness. Stay strong.

    I am Denise Katipunera

  70. This is your blog !! You do what you want on it and you carry on doing what you want ! I for one would miss your outfit posts if you stop….so don’t ! 🙂


  71. I just read it today and I’m hoping that with time you’ll only get the positive reactions you deserve.
    You are such an amazing person and I also hope you’ll get better. And I think that makes it even more amazing that you’re doing a blog like this.

    Just wanted to let you know that I always enjoy your posts and I’m glad you’re continuing the blog!

  72. you are amazing and a good and hilarious person. there is no reason why some douchebags should critique your blog. they’re probably just jealous and if they don’t like it they don’t just to look it at!
    (but look at all the people who do love your blog!!) you’re so spunky and you don’t mind being you- that’s why you rock!

  73. I am so sorry you are getting such critical emails from people. I think people are lame when they write mean things. It says a lot about a person but not in a good way. Believe me people who take the time to write nasty things have issues and it has nothing to do with you. Keep posting outfits or what ever you what. This is your Blog and those lame people are not worth your thought power. Let them be miserable because that’s what they are.



  74. I enjoy your writing so much.
    have a sweet day, darling Laura.

  75. Keep blogging Laura, it’s something you love and when you’ve got an ED the things you love and enjoy can be very few and far between. Those who care about you and know/are getting to know you, know that you are getting help and that you want to recover.

    Life is too short not to do the things you love, so PLEASE keep blogging.

    if I thought for one second that your blog was about showcasing your illness I wouldn’t read and I wouldn’t comment. Your blog inspires me and give me the confidence to try new things, and the internet would be a much duller place without it.

    I can see that you have a love and passion for fashion, and it’s infectious.

    You rock Daisy, sending a lot of love your way xxx

  76. Anonymous

    Ditto to that. Don’t stop doing what you love to do, regardless of other’s comments. I know you’re trying hard to get better! -Becky