19.02 casual

So, it is time for London Fashion Week once again (I am so jealous of anyone attending!) and gorgeous jewellery creators Eclectic Eccentricity got in touch with me to tell me about how they are marking the occasion.


As well as blogging from behind the scenes they have some great deals running over the next 6 days, here is what you need to know:

When: Friday 19th – Wednesday 24th February
Where: www.eclecticeccentricity.co.uk, www.facebook.com/eejewellery and

Timetable of Events:
Friday 19th: 20 for 24! 20% off discount day – just enter the code EELFW at checkout to receive
20% off your order!

Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st: Free This Weekend? Free gift with every order – just enter code
FREE in the message to seller box at Paypal checkout.

Monday 22nd: What’s In A Name? EE has designed an exclusive one off necklace which you get
to name! Whoever chooses the best name wins the piece. Exclusives sell quickly so this is a great
opportunity to snag one – just get your thinking caps on!

Tuesday 23rd: CHOOSEday! EE will be running a poll of over 15 popular pieces – whichever
receives the most votes will be discounted by 50% for one day only!

Wednesday 24th: Give Us A Clue! EE will be giving clues to lead you on a treasure hunt across
the website. Get the right answer and you’ll be entered into a prize draw to win a goodie bag worth
over £100!

Make sure you check it out and keep updated by following them on twitter and facebook and look out for their blog updates.

Outfit wise, I opted for casual again today as I am indulging in some quality relaxation time before work tomorrow…


I always forget that this top has fabulous draping detail down the sides, in fact, until the other day I had forgotten I owned this top…please tell me I’m not the only one who does this?!


Thank you for the fabulous feedback on the cakes, they were a complete success and I have a feeling I’m going to be doing more in the future.

Have a great end of the week xxx

101 comments for “19.02 casual

  1. yay to a relaxing day, and i forget about items of clothing all the time, usually only remember when i get home with something new and realise i already have something almost the same :S

  2. Their jewellery looks so adorably kitsch. I’m eyeing some rose rings and necklaces. Maybe I’ll make use of their promotion!


  3. I love when I ‘rediscover’ an item of clothing I forgot I had…it’s like having something new all over again.

    Have a great day. xx:)

  4. My university were given 10 tickets for the Burberry show on Tuesday!! and they pulled them out of a hat..oh it was devastating..the most disappointing 5 minutes of my life! x

  5. roomy black top. cool.

    I’ve never been to any fashion show.

    I am Denise Katipunera

  6. Kel

    ooh I love a bit of discount, thanks for this!

    I’m always finding things I’ve forgotten about, usually when they fall out my wardrobe or drawer. Kind of exciting when it happens though! like free shopping!

  7. Ha I do that all the time, constantly complain I have no clothes then whilst rummaging for something I wear wayyy to often I find a gem hidden at the back of my wardrobe, It always makes my day : )

    Also agreed, vehr jealous of anyone going to fashion week.



  8. Due to massive pre Christmas wardrobe declutter I have no clothes that I don’t know about. Actually it’s worse for me because I think I have something and then remember that I sold it or donated it to the Air Ambulance 🙁

    I wouldn’t have anything to wear to go to London Fashion Week anyway!


  9. Have a bright, bold, and beautiful weekend!
    xoxo Laura

  10. Enjoy your relaxing weekend.

    Yay – London fashion week!
    Boo – loads of super stunning lovelies on the tube in the morning when I look like I just rolled out of bed.


  11. I love that black top, it looks comfy but still amazing on you!

  12. i love the drapeness ^^

  13. Gem

    Wow, I love that top!
    I always forget what I own, am about to go and thoroughly rummage in my wardrobe as I have nothing to wear for LFW tomorrow. Eek!

  14. I love that top! I always forgot I have a certain pair of jeans or a top tucked away somewhere. Don’t worry 🙂 xxx

  15. You’re definitely not the only one, I love rediscovering items in the closet! I wish there was a better system to keep the closet really organized:)


  16. Great tunic!

    Have a nice weekend!♥

  17. I will be sure to check out this site and I’m ashamed to say I often find little treasures lurking in my dressing room I completely forgot I had (shameful).

    PS. You are tagged on my post today
    Have a super weekend x

  18. laid back outfit i like it that top is cute

  19. 🙂
    Have a great friday and weekend dear ! =)

  20. I wish I was at London Fashion Week!

    Cute outfit 🙂

  21. lovely top!the drapping is gorgeous

  22. Totally dig causal myself too. Oh i missed your cake post. Ah my, that’s some really awesome looking cakes!

  23. i forget to wear my clothes all the time!! it’s the worst when i find them months later, with the tags still on!! have a wonderful weekend, my dear.

  24. thank you darling , love your top 🙂

  25. That top is amazing – it reminds me a bit of a cape. Love!! 🙂

  26. Heavens, I love that top! It’s really awesome and unique.


  27. Ooo that website has such stunning jewelry 🙂

  28. How I would love to be there! NYFW was amazing and now I have FW fever!

  29. that shirt is so cute! I love your blog header.. it looks amazing!

    xoxo blackngoldalamode

  30. What a great shape that top is on you.
    I’m always finding stuff I’d forgotten about, that shows I do far too much buying.
    Have a fabulous weekend, sweetie.

  31. Amy

    You have the BEST tops! I would love to have your closet… even for 1 day… it would make me so happy!:)

    P.S. I forgot to tell you, I will totally make you a yo-yo necklace if you want. I will look and see what colors I have and ask you what you would like…:)

  32. thanks for your lovely comments! have a great weekend 🙂

  33. You aren’t the only one, don’t worry! I am constantly finding things I forgot I owned. Things that I like and at one point wore regularly end up at the back of the wardrobe when new things take up the space near the front, et voila – forgotten! I try to have a good dig about every so often and unearth them though.

  34. love the top! And don’t worry I do that too! Wish I could go to the event!

  35. I like the drapey detail of your top.

  36. ooh, i want to check out that jewelry! i love your casual outfit – it looks so cozy!

  37. SO pumped for london fashion week!!

  38. I seriously love your top… great styling! Have a great weekend! xoxo

  39. I’m so excited about Fashion week 🙂 Love your outfit here!


  40. sounds amazing-great casual look xo

  41. Have fun at LFW and i love d drapy top :o]

  42. Oh that poncho is lovely! I hope you enjoyed your relaxing day!! 🙂

  43. That happens to me all the time and then when I finally clean out my closet I find things I haven’t worn in years!


  44. wish i was at london fashion week! maybe next year…
    For everything about fashion:

  45. Hi my lovely. thanks for reminding me of Fashion week.


  46. amazing pics
    your blog is great!

  47. thankyou so much for your recent comments on my blogs.. means alot 🙂 i really like your blog! and i love that top your are wearing xxx

  48. Gosh, I wish I was going to LFW too!
    Also, that top is really cute x


  49. you are so damn cute and no you aren’t the only one that does that. i forget about things to the point that they still have their tags on. it’s horrible! but it’s fun when you find them!


  50. I love batwing tops!! 🙂

  51. you are cute as ever. your posts always make me want to be in NYC or London or Milan struttin my stuff 😉

  52. haha no youre not the only one who forgets you have things, i do it all the time. I find rearranging my wardrobe a lot helps, as well as writing down all the things I own, so when I’m stuck for outfits I can browse a list 🙂

    lovely outfit as always, that second photo is so cute!!


  53. Anonymous

    Damn, I would love to go to a fashion show. 😛 I used to always find clothes I didn’t know I owned, that’s when I realized my closet was tired of expanding. >.< -Becky

  54. Hello Laura I am sorry I have been behind in commenting lately. This is the first time I have seen your haircut and I love it I think it suits you so well. I forget I have things in my wardrobe too sometimes and its always a nice surprise finding them again.

  55. ps. I’ve left you an award on my blog 🙂

  56. You look really sweet! I forget that I have things in my wardrobe sometimes as well! Every now and then, I look through my wardrobe to see what I have got. Sometimes, I discover ‘new’ pieces! I call it “Shopping in my wardrobe”!

  57. A girl can never have too much jewelry right? I wish I could attend FW too, but I`m not 🙁
    have a nice weekend

  58. That’s a very nice top dear. So cute!


    Hello Friend, I love love love your blog, it‘s very interesting!!! I really like your style!! i‘ll visit you many times for sure honey.


  60. I‘d like to invite you to visit my fashion blog:


    Thank you :). KISSES FROM SPAIN


  61. who woulden love an invitation!i hope you can get in somehow!

    have a great day


  62. Beautiful outfit. Simple, but stylish!

  63. Ha, I forget about some things I own too. You look like you have a bottomless wardrobe!

  64. geez, i love your style, really cool !
    xxx, zeva

  65. The shirt looks so comfy yet it has great details. You are definitly not alone with forgetting what your wardrobe consists of 🙂

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  67. You’re not the only one! Often times I buy a new shirt and want to save it for something special. Then I completely forget about it!

    Thanks for the comment, too! 🙂

  68. I love that top. You pull it off well. 🙂 I hope you have a wonderful weekend! xoxo

  69. such good tips with that website! thanks so much for sharing that.

    love that black top on you. it is very cute. wish you could be in london for fashion week! xx

  70. Fabulous blog, girl! x

  71. ahh, i love relaxing clothes and days! hope you enjoyed it, and that you will get to attend fashion week sometime:)

  72. ahh, i love relaxing clothes and days! hope you enjoyed it, and that you will get to attend fashion week sometime:)

  73. ahh, i love relaxing clothes and days! hope you enjoyed it, and that you will get to attend fashion week sometime:)

  74. ahh, i love relaxing clothes and days! hope you enjoyed it, and that you will get to attend fashion week sometime:)

  75. ahh, i love relaxing clothes and days! hope you enjoyed it, and that you will get to attend fashion week sometime:)

  76. I forget my clothes all the time, don’t worry.

  77. I love your top..you look beautiful! xo ava

  78. you look so lovely in this outfit, the side draping is gorgeous! i always forget i own certain items in my closet since they get shoved so far back haha 🙂

  79. Jen

    hey! sorry i didn’t realize my friend (robert) was logged into his google account haha 🙂

  80. forgetting that you have something fantastic is great, because when you find it again it has a new life!

  81. I adore your top! The detail in the front is very nice! Sometimes i’m surprised by an item that I have in my closet for a while but didn’t notice anything interesting. xxoxooxxoo

  82. Loving the top… you look so relaxed and beautiful in that outfit! 😀

  83. I forget about pieces all of the time!!! It is such a shame, but yet it feels like Christmas to find something “new”.
    You put together the chicest outfits.
    Thank you for your visit! I know you have many readers so thank you for stopping by.

  84. U look soo casual and super chic!! Hope ur well, I am sooo behind on blogging : ) xxx

  85. U look soo casual and super chic!! Hope ur well, I am sooo behind on blogging : ) xxx

  86. Ha ha, *Oh is this mine?!* extreme though, I found a pair, of DISGUSTING matalan joggers in the clean clothes pile. Don’t know where the hell it came from! No one’s ever seen it before.

    Thanks for the heads up and the links! Have a beautiful week xoxo

  87. You’re so perfect.
    I love the bright coloured tights you always wear, they’re so happy!



  88. Jen

    Lovely top. So laidback and casual!

  89. Gorgeous girl,

    you look fab as always. I saw the recent questions on formspring. I think it’s amazing that you share so much of yourself with us, amazing and strong.

    Your health and weight is your business. No one except for your close friends has the right to ask you about this and if they do you can chose whether to answer or not. you don’t owe us anything. Remember that. And who ever this miserable loser is that has been leaving your nasty comments- he or she is obviously seriously unhappy with him/herself else they have better things to do that trying to hurt someone they don’t even know.

    I think you are great. Your posts always make me smile.

    love you

  90. Anonymous

    Hmm that’s very interessting but honestly i have a hard time figuring it… I’m wondering what others have to say….