La Redoute + SHOES!

It should come as no great surprise that I am once again blogging about shoes, in fact, I should probably consider re-naming my blog to something shoe related. This post today comes courtesy of the shoe collection from La Redoute, a company I have shopped with many a time before, and have nothing but good words to say!

They have a MASSIVE selection of shoes on the website, a lot of which are currently on sale…some of my top picks for the winter weather and party season are:

…perfect for parties and only £20.30!

  (I don’t know why I love these, but I do!) currently 40% off at £75

 £129.50 for these lace up loves, hefty price tag, yes? But can you put a price on boot heaven? Nope…thought not!

And no shoe post from me would be complete without glitter shoes…£49.00 and just party perfect really!

What do we think? Yay…nay…or Laurayouarefartooobsessednow?


so many tights

The downside of owning 90+ pairs of tights is that there just isn’t enough time to wear them all. The upside is that from time to time you find a pair, still in the packet just begging to be worn. That’s what happened with this pair, purchased months ago in New Look, an impulse buy, suckered in by the Daisy print.
Clearly I’m missing dressing for work this week, as I ended up looking quite smart in *that* Peacocks dress that I lusted after so badly at the start of the year…and my ever faithful Yull Chelsea boots, truly my best footwear investment
(watch me change my mind when my Sarenza delivery arrives!)

Yesterday was another of those ideal days off, if you can toss aside the awful weather. A venture in the morning to a row of boutique style shops, where a bracelet was purchased and the cobwebs were blown away. In the afternoon came an appointment, with a dietitian, because once again I am ready to face things head on and gain some weight + health back (and by mentioning it here, I am committing myself, and perhaps wondering if I’ll fully accept’s weird to be wanting to do this, from a fairly healthy point to start with, one wonders if it’s even needed), followed by a mad dash home in the pouring rain to the comfort of central heating and a steaming cup of tea.

Today is payday. And shopping day. Is there a better/more lethal combination? I have two Christmas presents left to buy…I hope to get that sorted, so I can sit smugly and watch the last minute shoppers panic (actually, that isn’t true, I just hate crowded shops and pushy people with a passion!)

How’s your Christmas preparation going? I’m feeling oddly festive already!


Sorry for once again “putting myself out there”. You people have been so wonderfully supportive, and right now I guess I need reassurance I’m doing the right thing.


This might seem like an odd post coming from me; someone who is neither a driver nor a student, however when I found out about BlablaCar I genuinley wanted to share the idea with you guys to see if it is something you could, or would think about implementing on your student journeys (or commute to work).

BlablaCar is a carpooling scheme that is just finding it’s feet in the UK after great success elsewhere in Europe. With the price of petrol going through the roof, not to mention the nightmare of parking and damage to the environment, carpooling gives you the chance to save some money and save the world and meet new people (I wonder if they’ll add carpool speed dating?)

 Combining social media and a travel site, BlablaCar is currently looking for a university town or university club with the most enthusiasm to award £3000 to! If you belong to a club on Campus  or know someone who does, then join me in spreading the word and do some good today! For more info and a competition pack, email [email protected] or visit the Campus website here. The winning club will be chosen at the end of March 2012.

I’d be really interested to hear from anyone who has ever tried carpooling in any form; how did you find it? Did it save you any money? Have any of my readers in Europe heard of BlablaCar before? On a personal level, I’d like to see this become more commonplace, both Bristol as a city, plus my tiny little town on the outskirts are a nightmare for parking spaces and so full of cars, a reduction by even a small amount would make a massive difference.


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I think the Monday of a week off is the best day, no matter what you do or don’t do, there is a smug satisfaction on not having to get up and face the ringing phones and onslaught of the weekend backlog. As it happened, it was a pretty good day anyway, my Mum also has the week off and we spent the day luxuriating in the warmth of the house, popping out to change up £100 worth of silver coins for some treats when we shop tomorrow and visiting my Grandparents for a long over-due catch up over a fresh cup of coffee (my Grandad makes the best coffee, ever).

I wore Eiffel Tower print Get Cutie skirt, Primark jumper, my ever faithful Tesco tights and Shelly’s t-bar shoes.

I think today will be another of those pottering days, making sure we have plenty of energy for a shopping spree tomorrow (another perk of being off, being able to shop on actual payday!)

I hope your weeks got off to a great start