so many tights

The downside of owning 90+ pairs of tights is that there just isn’t enough time to wear them all. The upside is that from time to time you find a pair, still in the packet just begging to be worn. That’s what happened with this pair, purchased months ago in New Look, an impulse buy, suckered in by the Daisy print.
Clearly I’m missing dressing for work this week, as I ended up looking quite smart in *that* Peacocks dress that I lusted after so badly at the start of the year…and my ever faithful Yull Chelsea boots, truly my best footwear investment
(watch me change my mind when my Sarenza delivery arrives!)

Yesterday was another of those ideal days off, if you can toss aside the awful weather. A venture in the morning to a row of boutique style shops, where a bracelet was purchased and the cobwebs were blown away. In the afternoon came an appointment, with a dietitian, because once again I am ready to face things head on and gain some weight + health back (and by mentioning it here, I am committing myself, and perhaps wondering if I’ll fully accept’s weird to be wanting to do this, from a fairly healthy point to start with, one wonders if it’s even needed), followed by a mad dash home in the pouring rain to the comfort of central heating and a steaming cup of tea.

Today is payday. And shopping day. Is there a better/more lethal combination? I have two Christmas presents left to buy…I hope to get that sorted, so I can sit smugly and watch the last minute shoppers panic (actually, that isn’t true, I just hate crowded shops and pushy people with a passion!)

How’s your Christmas preparation going? I’m feeling oddly festive already!


Sorry for once again “putting myself out there”. You people have been so wonderfully supportive, and right now I guess I need reassurance I’m doing the right thing.

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  1. love ur spotted tights 🙂

  2. It is 100% the right and really only thing to do. You deserve health. Inbox me on twitter if you want/ need support or just someone to chat to. Love you xxxxxxx

  3. Love the tights! I must get a move on with the present buying!!

  4. Lovely tights & Beautiful you <3 xxx

  5. 90+ pairs of tights?! Craziness! :p I’ve bought a few presents, I too dislike the mad rush in the days leading up to Christmas. xx

  6. Cute tights! I’ve already bought all the present I have to, but staying open minded in case I find something to add. 😉

  7. These are super cute tights – I’m always envious of your collection, all of mine are black, booo! Well done on turning a corner and being pro active – I’ve read your blog for ages now and you’ve done so well, so keep going and getting better please 🙂 xx

  8. You have the best tights ever – inspired by you I have invested in several jazzy pairs! Also I wish you all the best in getting healthy, good luck and take care of your wonderful self :). xx

    Re your comment on my last post, I had a nightmare with charity shops for the longest time, and my local ones are often terrible. Prices have got so high recently that finding bargains is a nightmare!

  9. Gorgeous tights, and keep strong! You’re so inspiring and I wish you the best as always, health and weight wise 🙂 xx

  10. Those tights are so sweet, good luck with your last lot of Christmas presents X

  11. You are 100% doing the right thing, always try to keep that at the front of your mind when things get tough. Good luck health-wise, remember you and your 90 pairs of tights are a big inspiration to all us readers of your blog! xx

  12. Love the tights! I only have a few presents left to get too, i will join you in the smug-ness X

  13. Lovelovelove the daisy print!
    You’re definitely doing the right thing, good luck lovely 🙂


  14. LOVE the tights hun,i bought FIVE pairs yesterday…opps. I think you are most definitely making the right decision re your health,its a bumpy road but we can get there,i tuely believe it so sending u lots of fighting spirit and im behind u all the way xxx

  15. Those tights are so pretty! I’ve given up on buying myself fancy tights as I always manage to get ladders in them the first time I wear them, so annoying!

    Gillian x

  16. Owning a lot of tights is nice. They don’t last forever and this way yo can almost always find a pair to coordinate with your outfits. Daisies are always lovely! I can understand how it would be difficult to ever pass up a pretty pair of tights with daisies on them. Good for you, getting your Christmas shopping done! I haven’t done any nor have I even started Christmas cards. I’m almost always way tardy.

  17. Those are really cute tights, I think I need to invest in some patterned ones! I’m feeling oddly festive too, I’ve still got the majority of my shopping to do though! x

  18. I am quite familiar with the “too many tights not enough time” problem…I’m beginning to scare myself with how many I own.

    I absolutely love your daisy print tights…very nice buy, and you dressed them up perfectly!

  19. It is refreshing to pop back for a visit and read your voice and personality coming through your blog. You’ve always been SO kind and stylish and pretty, but now I can see that you’ve also grown to be more open ; )

    I love everything about this outfit, especially your tights. I need to start collecting tights like you do! They are such a great accessory. I’d also love to invest in a great pair of shoes, but there are so many awesome pairs–which do I choose?

    The weather has just been kinda cold here, gladly there’s no precipitation. I’m happy you’re reading to face things and get healthier. Thanks for mentioning it…this is hilarious because I get a new camera today and planned to make videos about my journey to fitness! LOL I figured if I post the videos I have to stick with it…….Also, when I decided to see a counselor this year, just making that decision made me feel like I’d taken a huge step forward…but it was still necessary for me to attend the sessions.

    I’m drinking green tea right now and my payday is tomorrow–wOot!! And I’ve been doing my shopping online so far, but will have to venture to the shops eventually :/

    Btw, this is Beauty and a Budget, have you followed my new blog yet?


  20. You are definitely doing the right thing and do not apologise for sharing! We are here for you!!!!!

  21. These tights are amazing! I always associate daisy print with you 🙂 Good luck with seeing the dietician I know you can do it! <3

    Maria xxx

  22. Adrienne

    We all have hurdles to get over in our lives, no need to apologize for yours. I wish you the best of luck in obtaining your goal.

  23. Those boots are awesome and seem to go with absolutely anything. I think the meeting with the dietician is a really positive move. You’ll get sound professional advice for keeping on track and healthy. ps I for one cannot wait for xmas!! xx
    We Shop Therefore We Are

  24. Angela

    You’re definitely doing the right thing. Very cool tights collection. Onwards and upwards! 🙂 x

  25. Anonymous

    glad im not the only one with so many far i have 127 pairs !! and every one are Black opaque…at least 60 denier..90 denier..120 denier..200 denier…i have them all..they are stored away in a black bin bag ..not been worn for years, as some are my old school tights