21.03 sunday

Hello, how is the weekend going for everyone? Yesterday was a washout here with both awful weather and illness; not quite how I envisaged spending my day off, but at least I caught up with some sleep.
Despite being ill I still managed to fit in some retail therapy as Mum and I ventured along to Ethel Austin in search of bargains in their closing down super sale. We spent £14 and got 2 pairs of PJs, undies/tights, flats (mine) and a pair of boots (hers) with an original value of £56 total! Madness.

I’m feeling much better today and the weather also seems to be back to how it should be with sunshine and blue skies.

Today’s outfit consists of florals, nude and shoulder pads. An odd sounding combination?




And these would be my new flats. So comfy and costing the grand sum of £2


I’ve got Dad home again next week so I’m not sure what the outfit post situation will be..never say never though.
Any exciting plans for the upcoming 7 days? It is looking to be (yet another) quiet week here, but who knows!

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  1. Such a great outfit. I like your skirt.

  2. Oohh…loving your flats…and the florals. I’ve got on my new floral tights today.

    It’s kind of overcast here in London unfortunately…but hoping for it to get better.

    Hope you are feeling better. xx:)

  3. Jo

    Aww hun, soory you’ve been unwell. Good job on the retail therapy. The best medicine surely?

    Lovely outfit, would love those shoes.

    I’m on hols this week and have a friends wedding in Ireland next weekend :).

    Will look forward to you inventive posts while your Dads around.

    Hope you’re feeling better.

    Jo xx

  4. with your body you can wear whatever you want, I’m a bit (friendly) jealous!

  5. Love the outift, and awesome bargains too! You have to take advantage of closing down sales, they can be better than charity shopping!

  6. Oh I hope you’re feeling brighter now. Sucks being ill.

    EEEK! Those shoes were £2?! Wow. And that skirt is super cute. Your whole outfit is gorgeous!

    Have a fab week xoxo

  7. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh such a cute outfit!
    i know, how awful was theweather right?! yesterday i just had a lazy day with my friends and we had marmite sandwiches….i thought of you!

    lots of love

  8. That skirt is super pretty. My plans for the week are very boring, work, work and work 🙁

  9. where did u buy cheap flats like that?

  10. love the shoulders on your top!

    Last day to enter my Olivia Rubin giveaway:

  11. H

    Yep I think a depression was passing over the UK yesterday.£2 for those shoes?… good find!

  12. Ohhh lovely outfit !

  13. No one wears colored tights as well as you <3

  14. Gorgeous girl, I have missed your outfits! And this one is killer…you can never go wrong with gorgeous exaggerated shoulders me thinks.

    Love super sales too…how awesome do you feel as you walk out? 🙂

    Hope all is well, and that the weather there gets better!

  15. bargain shoes for £2 and you say you want to come shopping with me, looks like you’re doing pretty well on your own miss. Lovely skirt 😉

    No major plans for the next 7 days, home from mum’s tomorrow after a quick scout round the charity shops and then more prep for moving.

    I think you could do a shoes post next week…then a dress post..a skirt on etc showing your fave pieces and a story of each?

    Lots of love xx

  16. I love this outfit and the sleeves are just so very pretty!

  17. Wash out-yup same here.
    How do you do it hun? Put such great outfits together all the time?You have such a great eye for colour too!
    happy sunday;)
    prettyneons xXx

  18. Hey Daisy 🙂

    My yesterday was FULL…SIGH. My morning? Peaceful. That skirt looks NICE on you 🙂 Have a fashionable Sunday 🙂

  19. SO cute! Love a good deal xo

  20. Interesting combo but it really works!

  21. Cute outfit, must go to Ethel Austin soon so many great bargins!

  22. A perfect combination is more like it – absolutely adore your style today, Laura! And your shoes are fabulous!

    Happy, Happy Sunday, my love!! 🙂

  23. Love this outfit – your skirt is so pretty 🙂

    Great new shoes – £2 – crazy! Our Ethel Austin shut down a few weeks ago now, & I was a bit late for the decent sale, as half the shop was empty by the time I checked it out – very disappointing!


  24. you pull off shoulder pads so well! im jealous

  25. I had a busy weekend…not odd at all,it looks great!

  26. i really really love huge big shoulders right now. And i love yours. Pretty skirt. Of course you’re the queen of floral. I love your collection. The flats looks comfy. Am gonna resurrect all my flats now, It’s summer after all.

    I am Denise Katipunera

  27. That top is amazing. Love the shoulders.

  28. like the floral skirt, ready for spring 🙂

  29. I’m loving the super huge shoulders!


  30. Those shoes are lovely – what a bargain!

  31. hey !
    I love your blog
    and your outift is grogeous!

  32. Glad you are feeling a bit better today Laura. Lovely outfit, the floral print is especially pretty. Fab little shoes for an amazing price! x

  33. Well you look beautiful! Love those shoes!

  34. What a great sale!
    And I think that floral/ shoulder pad thing really works here.

    Have a great week!

  35. Where was your top from, I love it!! x

  36. I love the puff sleeves on this shirt! Gorgeous!


  37. Love the statement top with the florals! And what a bargain you got during your shopping spree… congrats on all your purchases! Glad you’re feeling better 🙂

  38. your outfit is really beautiful!

  39. £2??!! That’s amazing, and they’re perfect! Beats our bargains @ Kate Kanzier ; )

    I love your outfit: florals, nude & shoulder pads = perfect, in my book.

    Glad you’re feeling better – I’ve had something, too, for days.. kind of a mild fever & sore throat, comes & goes.. might be gone, who knows. & please don’t feel guilty AT ALL – have barely been home & you know I’m not like that. Write if/when you have time & feel like it and feel better Laura! xox

  40. Amazing top! Looks nice 😉

  41. Such pretty shoes! Hope the sunshine’s made you better today. You look beautiful.

  42. love this outfit. the blouse is perfect.

  43. Maybe you could get him in the outfit post too!


  44. I love the floral skirt and my Dad loves The Book Thief too, I haven’t read it yet, but I think I’ll have to now! 😀 xxx

  45. Gorgeous outfit! I love the shoes..

  46. Jen

    I’m a huge fan of those shoulders. You’ve softened them with the cute floral skirt – yay for springy outfits! 🙂

  47. loving the shoulder pads, looks so cute.

  48. the shoes are so cute, especially when they’re such a bargain! i like the sort of ballerina look here 🙂

  49. beautiful flats!
    don’t you just love getting a great deal!?!

  50. You look so incredibly pretty my dear!

  51. I seriously love the outfit you’re wearing, it perfectly resembles the loveliness of Spring (which is officially here) hope you have a great week cherie!

  52. Hope you’re feeling better my dear. The floral skirt and the pink padded top is so perfect… I love this outfit on you. Seriously, this is one of my fave outfits of yours. xoxo

  53. Glad to hear you’re feeling better!

    Looking lovely in this outfit btw, the top is fantastic!

  54. MJ

    Argh, I really need to get more flats. Like these ones!

  55. Mat

    bargain huntings always best. big shame they are closing though isn’t it. another high street brand down the swanny.

  56. this outfit is so trendy and cute! it has all of the trends that are in style now put together in one outfit. i love it! 🙂

  57. the shoulder pads add instant coolness to the outfit!

  58. i hope youre feeling better now dear… 🙂 x

  59. Love the shoes!

    Couldn’t you get Dad to take pics?

  60. Anonymous

    i really enjoy all your posting taste, very charming,
    don’t give up and also keep penning mainly because it just simply very well worth to read it.
    impatient to look at even more of your current stories, cheers!

  61. I think that neutrals, florals and shoulder pads are a perfect combination and you styled this outfit very well. I LOVE your new flats. They are just perfect and I cannot believe the price.

  62. I love your flats, I’ve been looking for studded flats myself! yours is such a bargain!!

    And I think nudes, floral and shoulder pads never looked lovelier on you! Retail therapy is the best medicine:)


  63. I´m obsessed now with floral skirts, I guess I will do a post about it soon ñ_ñ


  64. Meg

    Great outfit and great deals! My upcoming week is super busy since I will be covering Alberta Fashion Week (Alberta is the province where I live). Plus the only night it’s not on is Monday, when I have my design class. I will be a busy beaver!

  65. I’m really loving your nude top and huge shoulders! Really cute

  66. love the flats!!

    xo tiffany

  67. Ohhh the shoulder pads are wonderful! And £2 for those cute flats…? *Jealous*

  68. i am so in love with that top! and you can come play dress up in my closet, whenever you want!


  69. Oh the shoulder pads are awesome! Sounds like you scored such great deals girl 🙂

  70. I didn’t understand the term ‘washout’ and thought the artist called ‘Washed Out’ did a performance in your city.


  71. your top is gorgeous! i’m in love with power shoulders so much! happy, that you feel better 🙂 and my new plan is not to plan anything!

  72. Those shoes! So cute.

  73. You look so sweet, love that strong shouldered top! Feel better.

  74. £2 shoes?? I’m quite sure you should be winning some kind of bargain-hunting award!

  75. I love the whole outfit! adorable really! and those cute flats? can’t believe how cheap they were!

  76. what fabulous bargains, and i think that outfit works really well together..
    hope you feel better soon sweetie, i’ll happily swap my stupidly busy week with you if you feel you’d like more to do lol xxx

  77. I love your outfit, the shoulders are amazing! And well done on the bargain hunting – I always think retail therapy is the best medicine! Hope you’re feeling better.

  78. Ooh, adorable new shoes!

  79. Hope you feel better soon!
    Love those fab shoulder pads. They go so well with the florals 🙂
    Oh and out of interest why can’t you do outfit posts with your Dad in the house?
    ps) Thanks for all the comments you leave on my blog, I really appreciate them!

  80. hehe, sounds weird but looks wonderful 🙂 Lovely outfit and I cannot believe the bargain price of these cute shoes

  81. LA

    wow! You’ve got a great closet full of flowers! 😉



  82. Gem

    Wow, excellent! I do love a bargain! I love the Spring-y outfit too.
    Hope you’re feeling better now, ♥

  83. hey love,
    ahh, i can’t work out how to message you privately, this website baffles me to the maxxxx, aha
    but anyways i’m ‘missing’ on ms, just wanted to drop by and say i’m thinking of you and i hope you’re okay. you are the fashion queen as ever, and yay for bargain hunting!

  84. The shoulders are gorgeous! great colors

  85. You know…I thought I didn’t like shoulder pads, then I see your outfit, and I think I’ve changed my mind. Great look!

  86. love your top!
    hope you’re okay with all of that illness!

  87. Amy

    Every time I see you wear something, I want to run right out and buy it (or something similar)- like that skirt! It is FABULOUS!!!


  88. love that top with the exaggerated shoulders sis! soo pretty!


  89. Wow, that’s a lot of good stuff for £56. Well done.

    Love the outfit…those flats are great. Hope you can keep coming with the outfit posts!

  90. Such a comfy flats! And so cheap. Really, Im jealous again! 😀


  91. I love that floral skirt and blouse! U look so pretty!


  92. Those 2 pound shoes are a grab. Nothing much going on here, suffering with a toothache!

  93. that shoulders …..are sooo amazing!

    Thanks for your comment!

  94. i’m glad you’re feeling better! I also had a bit of a cold this week. tis the season. I hope the sun shines soon where you are <3


  95. i love that skirt, jealous that you got those flats for so cheap!

  96. The outfit combination doesn’t seem odd at all. The shoulder pads puff sleeves and floral skirt all fit together well. The retro look seems to be popular but there is great variety in styles and colour this spring. Those flats are cute and look very comfortable.

  97. Oh, it seems like it’s bead for everyone’s health 🙁 but i’m glad you’re feeling better now! congrats on the bargain!! Great flats and your outfit is adorable. love that pink**

  98. lovely outfit, my dear. Those flats are so cute and such a bargain too!

  99. The whole outfit looks nice and goes well together. I like the puffy sleeves, floral skirt, and love the flats. They’re pretty and look very comfortable.

  100. Loving the puffed sleeves darling!
    Feel better soon & stay fabulousss…


  101. Great colors and combination…

  102. You always find the cutest skirts. And those shoes are adorable!

  103. I love your new flats!

  104. I suppose our weather might be warmer, but you get to play with tights and lots of layers.. kinda jealous when i see your awesome outfit! 🙂

  105. i love the soft romance going on here, and those shoulders are amazing on your small ballerina frame, are you a ballerina??

  106. Doesn’t sound like an odd combination at all! I would wear it! You look beautiful.


  107. ooo, very cute! I like it a lot.

  108. love florals & nudes- what an amazing combination!

  109. wow i love how dramatic the shoulders are!

  110. LOVE this outfit. gorgeous. like…omg im coming to your house to steal that top. mark it down. :]