A Beauty Blast from the Past

I fell in love with a makeup around the age of twelve, my best friend’s Mum was an Avon Lady and there were always samples available for pre-teen experimentation (with some rather interesting results!). Living in a small town the choice of brands available to me was, and still is quite limited but one that really sticks in my mind is Miners.
Miners seemed to dissapear off of the radar for a few years and then I slowly saw them filter back through on some of my favourite beauty blogs. I was desperate to try out my once staple brand but clearly, being a small town girl I couldn’t get hold of it (and I refuse to pay high postage charges online, cheap!).
I recently had my cravings satisfied by Fragrance Expert who not only sell perfume but a whole host of makeup and beauty products too, including Miners of course (as well as Elizabeth Arden, Tigi, Crabtree & Evelyn and Fake Bake to name but a few).
I clearly fail as a beauty blogger as I have NO photos of my wearing any of the products, bar my random instagram selfies but when I do have a day where I don’t hate my face then you can (maybe) expect a FOTD. Pictured above is: Define and Line eyeliner (from £5.40), Lip Colour Lipstick in Icon (£7.20), nail polish in Marshmellow (£5.40), Dip and Define eyeshadow in Khaki Gold (£6.30) and Complete Base FoundatION (£9.00).
I was a bit surprised at how much prices had risen, before realising that it was a good decade since I last purchased a Miners product and Fragrance Expert have some pretty discounted prices. I was especially impressed with the nail polish which was the most perfect pastel pink and lasted a good five days, but everything was higher quality than I expected and the only product I didn’t get along with was the eyeliner through my own incompetancy!
Fragrance Expert also have a pretty awesome blog, which I’ve contributed to and it’s worth checking out for hints, tips and just a bit of fun really.
What brands do you associate with your youth? Are there any other Miners products I need to give another go?


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  1. How great that you were able to get all these! Love the sounds of those prices 🙂

    x Michelle | thefeatherden.net

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