A different take on Toms

My love of TOMS is well documented since my obsession developed in May this year. A big fan of the traditional style, I was vaguely aware other options existed too, but hadn’t broken away from the well known and loved slip ons.
Last week I got home from work to find I had been gifted a lace up pair; well, thanks PR team for kicking off another shoe love in my life, these are fabulous and in keeping with TOMS ethos, for each pair bought a pair is donated to a child in need AND they are super comfortable.
I’m also newly intrigued by the high-top and wedge styles. Oh TOMS, damn you with your ugly/pretty comfortable cool.

I teamed this pair with my ever faithful Zara skirt which I will continue to love and wear past the point where it’s falling apart and a tee from New Look. Keeping it casual for a lazy Sunday lounging around.

I don’t want to flog a dead horse here, but I just wanted to say a major, MASSIVE thank you for the kind and insightful comments on my post yesterday. Thank you for reassuring me that wonderful people DO exist.

Do you own TOMS? Which style is your favourite?


9 comments for “A different take on Toms

  1. Ooh they’re lovely lucky you! I like the diagonal seam across the toes (it’s the little details for me!) xx

  2. I don’t own any Toms, love the colour of these ones though πŸ™‚ xx

  3. As I’m really not a fan of the shape of the traditional slip on pairs of Toms, I have to admit these are rather nice πŸ™‚

  4. oh i’ve seen those shoes in stores!really beautiful!

  5. I never really liked TOMS but I do like the laced up version!

  6. Ahhh you look LOVELY! That top I want and Zara do indeed make the best long lasting skirts. And ugly/pretty comfortable cool shoes are the best!

    Gemma x


  7. Hee heee, how funny you should post this as I’m just about to post a post with my new Toms in!!!! I’m so excited by them! I’ve wanted them for months and bided my time with the sales! These ones are lovely, I really like their shoes!

  8. These Toms look so cute – I love the colour. x

  9. Oh, I love this outfit! You look adorable, as usual! x