Comic Book Cool

How amazing are these shoes from Chockers? The ultimate in statement feet at a bargain price too (£35 for the heels and £39.99 for the ankle boots)

What super powers would they give you?


11 comments for “Comic Book Cool

  1. That first pair is incredible. Totally loving it.

  2. These shoes are beyond awesome, just a shame I’ll never be able to walk in them!

  3. These are amazing and I was surprised by the price they look a lot more expensive !

  4. GORGEOUS!! I love this <3
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  5. I need these!!!!!

    You a fabulous btw 😉 xxx

  6. Wow!! These pack a punch, in these I’d be invincible!

  7. Wow, these are amazing! I can see these being the one kind of heels my boyfriend approves of haha!